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A website to make you a phD!

In this website you will come across lots of stuff. Auto stuff, science stuff, health stuff, entertainment stuff, travel stuff, computer stuff, electronics stuff, home stuff, money stuff, people stuff, and shop for stuff.
There are articles on related stuff. If you go in the auto section it will provide you with articles as how hybrid cars work? Etc.
this website is not what you should buy and what not but will teach you how things work. there in’s n out’s

I bet you will like it. it is a platform where you can make yourself a PhD:)

finding coal for BBQ!

If you are planning to have a BBQ at your home with your family or friends have fun but there is always a problem when you have to find wood or coal to make do it. I have to face trouble when ever I go to get coal for it. Wander around in whole city to find a place where I can get it.

Few days back I found a place in Rawalpindi, after 2 hours drive from one shop to another, the shop where I got the coal was in commercial market. Today we were planning to have BBQ at home and there was no coal in the house. I had to go out and look for it. First I had to go to Peshawar Moore because I heard from some one that I might get it from there. When I reached there I could not find a single shop where I could get it. After a long search a restaurant cashier gave me a number of a coal storage place.

I called at the number and they told me the address. It was behind the Zari Taraqiati Bank. At the end of the road going beside the Bank there is a big storage area of wood and coal.
People there are very hospitable. They offered me with a chair and later asked me to have a cup of tea.

The rates are quite reasonable, coal per kg is 20 rupees, and wood per kg is 6 rupees. If you order large amount of it they also deliver it in their own van.

Now I hope you would not have any problem and any second thought before starting a BBQ.

Their contact number is: 051-2202133

New Year Resolution of “The Sacrifice”!

The new year resolution of the Goat/Lamb/Cow to be slaughtered this Eid.


The New Year is approaching so very fast. Interestingly, it’s coinciding with the date that I shall be slaughtered in the name of the Lord, and for the betterment of humanity.

But I think sometimes.

Yes, the baaaa that may sound like an idiotic expression of chaos to you humans is actually an encoded voice of multiple emotions. Yes, we have emotions as well.

My New Year resolution does not make sense for myself, so it is for my fellows and my fore [be] coming consumers.

Slaughtering me to keep the tradition alive, the great tradition that was the sacrifice at the order of the Lord, sacrificing what is the dearest to you, you Humans. Are you really following the tradition or are you merely cherishing the delicacy of the ever-changing gourmet recipes that you invent every now and then. Am I being the subject of hungry stomachs, for filling of lust-full-bellies or is there still any Abrahim-ic sacrificial emotion left in you, you mere humans! You, the proud representatives of your Lord, our Lord. Are you really following the real purpose, the real spirit…or are you just playing along?

My this years resolution is to shake up the sleeping beauty, the real spirit behind the festivity that is celebrated on Eid-El-Azha in you, consumers…humans.

And I remain…yours deliciously!

Let’s Rock again ;-)

I couldn't Resist :)

OK, I saw Atif Aslam’s new album’s review and couldnt resist posting the link here toooo …… I’m so so sooo much in love with his voice … not his dressing though ;)

Just saw the title song on TV … though I hate the girl who’s modelling in … But still seems like dooriw will go on for a long long time in my car’s player :> I’m yearning to grab the album … how come FM’s are not playing it :@

Oh Nightingale ….!

Chirp Chirp

This nightingale basks in the sun amid a bunch of leaves and isnt it lovely :)

The other day I saw a very beautiful white sparrow like birdy outside presidency … with a longish tail … it was Megpie or something I guess … so in Islamabad … you can still see some real nice birdies …. :)

Hi! Another Ban!

Haha, so just when you thought ‘freedom of speech’ ment anything to the enlightened moderates… they go out and ban WordPress blogs! This is not spam, go check, no blog on WordPress would open until you use Anonymouse.

Good day have fun :)

White Christmas and Eid

With many events approaching fast …. 25th would be quaid day and Christmas … 29th dec is Hajj …then 1st Jan would be Eid ul Adh’aa as well as New year … so what would be teh colour of these events This Year ???

It’s all WHITE ….!!!!!!

Here’s what MET office tells about it …!

On Christmas day, a strong system of cold, westerly winds will cause rainfall over wide areas of Pakistan and snowfall in mountainous regions, including Murree.

“A westerly system is approaching Pakistan on December 25, which will bring rain in upper Punjab, Kashmir, parts of Balochistan, Quetta division and the mountains in the north,” a forecasting officer at the Met Office told. He said the rain and snow would continue for two days, which would further lower the temperature by at least two degrees. On Thursday, a weak westerly disturbance over Rawalpindi-Islamabad and adjoining areas of Kashmir and parts of NWFP caused some rain and light snow in Murree.

“There were only traces of rain recorded in the twin cities, but Murree had one inch of snow, while major towns in Kashmir had some rain,” the Met Office said.

So grab your coats and wools and enjoy the holidays :>

Go West!

Notice how the center of the city is shifting rapidly from a more Jinnah Superish F-6ish to a more F-10 F-11ish? Two weeks ago the twin city’s first ever Mc Donalds opened up in the F-9 park! More and more people drove towards it than Jinnah Super or Abpara… Now, with in a week after that opening, Pizza Hut has also landed here in F-10. Much to the delight of us people living across the park – as Pizza Hut in JS had stopped delivering “Oven Hot” Pizzas to this side. Reason or excuse? There werent enough clients here… Bleh!

This is actually a westwards trend. Not in some political social sense but in a more geographic context. Islamabad, with the grace of God, is expand rapidly! Two 4 or 5 star hotels are being constructed, sectors beyond F-11 are being readied for construction. This city has encompassed Rawalpindi from two side already… now the third side on the south is going be covered with the Defence Housing residential areas.

So yes, the trend is westwards…

Bakra Eid ;)

Eid Ul Azha comingA vast expanse of land in Sector H-11 where people affected by last year’s earthquake camped not long ago is echoing with the ‘moos’ of bulls. The first of the sacrificial animals began arriving ahead of Eidul Azha.

Located next to the new graveyard still awaiting its formal inauguration, the market for the sale of animals was brimming with activity as cattle-owners started setting up shop about 10 days ahead of the big festival.

PIMS Tower in the Making

icrc.gifRecently, I posted about the Health Care facitilities situation in the Capital. Well it seems some one in the royal echelons has finally paid heed to this domain.

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