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President to inaugurate Hotel at Pir Sohawa

President Pervez Musharraf would inaugurate Pir Sohawa Hotel on Feb. 15th. The hotel has been constructed recently at the picnic spot of the Margalla Hills.The inauguration of the hotel was due on Jan. 15 but due to the prior engagements of President Musharraf, the date was extended to Feb.
The CDA has completed all the construction and beautification work of the hotel and it has been opened for citizens. However the formal inauguration would now be held on Feb. 15.

Go Vertical

Capital Development Authority (CDA) is planning to construct two high-rise, state of the art and environment friendly buildings with unique designs in sector F-6 and F-7 Blue Area on joint venture basis.

One of these buildings will be customized for telecom industry and the other for information technology. The companies desirous to participate in joint venture with CDA will have to be telecom companies doing business in telecommunication sector in Pakistan.

The companies have been invited to send their requests for qualification latest by February 12. CDA will call the pre-qualified companies for the second phase in which detailed proposals would be required for submission.



Relieved For A While

Procession.jpgThe 9th of Muharram procession passed off without an incident on Monday, much to the relief of security agencies. On their toes following Friday’s suicide attack outside in the Capital and the bomb blast in Peshawar a day later, the police and Rangers passed Monday’s test successfully.

Thousands of people, among them women and children, were part of the procession that began from the imambargah in G-6 and inched towards the Melody Civic Centre in almost four hours.

What are these??

Can you tell what it really is??????????

Easy guesses or Hard reality :P

Failed But Not Defeated

np%2520winter%2520group.jpgEarlier I posted about the Polish climbers attempting Nanga Parbat’s first winter ascent. However due deteriorating weather and extreme action in tough conditions made them end their quest. They reached on 20th in Islamabad in two groups. Every one was safe and sound happy to be back in civilization.

“We had hoped to ascend the mountain in a fast style but weather forecast gives us no chances to climb that way. Any further action would put our life and health in danger. For years Polish Himalayan expeditions have always returned with the summit or without it, but always with all their participants. We want to continue this tradition.”

“On January 14 all team members are back in BC,” reported the Poles. “The route above Camp 3 is not yet fixed. The expedition is thus not ready for a summit push.”

“Participants are tired both physically and mentally due to prolonged mountain action in extreme conditions. The decision concerning the fate of the expedition should be made in the coming hours or days. We need to analyze the situation, calculate our strength, chances and dangers. And most of all, we need to check the weather forecasts.”

Two days later the decision was made: It was over.

“Maybe one day we will try again,” Wilicki’s team said. “We are sure it is possible to summit Nanga Parbat in winter via the Schell route – under certain conditions.”

The team should be larger.
High altitude porters should be more experienced in climbing, ideally they should come from the Hunza region.
Climbing time should be longer.
Style should be definitely a ‘siege’ attempt. It is necessary to fix ropes almost the very summit (4mm ropes on the Diamir side).”

They might come back for Winter Nanga Parbat Expedition same route in 2008 as said by the leader.

Silence At Last

The use of loudspeakers and cassette players for making all kinds of sectarian related speeches has been prohibited. According to the orders issued the use of loudspeakers and amplifiers (except for Azaan and Juma Prayers Khutaba), cassette players for all kinds of objectionable and for sectarian sermons at any place within the limits of Islamabad have been prohibited. In another order, it has been directed that no person other than armed forces and police personnel on duty shall carry firearms within the capital’s limits. The district magistrate has also prohibited printing publications regarding the launching of housing schemes or sale of plots inviting applications to deposit fees without observing legal formalities as envisaged by the law unless prior permission is obtained from the Islamabad District Magistrate’s office. Blasting within Islamabad has been prohibited in another order. All these orders shall come into force for a two-month period with immediate effect.

I am glad.

Return of the Boar

It's no more ...!

Keep vehicle papers with you

Ashura’s just around the corner and with TIGHT security due to recent Suicide Bombings tooo …. It’s advised:

** To Drivers to essentially keep registration documents of their vehicles and their identity cards with them.
** To rest of people to keep their identities with you while roaming around – Just in case you never know when the need arises :)


Acquiring a driving licence

A few weeks back I went to the police station located between F-8 and F-9 park. My friend had to get his learner’s driving licence so I thought I would go and see how things happened( I still have to make one for myself. I haven’t even got my ID yet as I am not officially 18 right now). The whole view of the station at first sight had a bad impression on me and showed the typical ineffectiveness of a pakistani system. Due to the different ques that could be seen on different sides of station we couldn’t guess where to go first. After asking several people we finally found the booth where we had to go. My friend got hold of some forms which had to filled. After filling those we had to go to another booth where he was given another form.
When he filled that one out we came to know that one of the earlier forms had to be signed by the docter. The docter had to confirm whether the person acquiring the licence had a good I eye sight or not and to check if the person had any disability. Without checking anything he just signed the form and asked stupid questions such as, “In which school are you studying?”
To submit all the forms you also had to give a photocopy of the CNIC. Unfortunately there was no power in the station so the photocopier couldn’t copy the CNIC. After waiting for sometime for the restoration of the power supply we finally left.
My point here is that why can’t the registration process can be more simple? Why can’t the authorities make an online website where atleast a learners driving permit can be obtained? More over why can’t they buy a generator???

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