The story of our international airport (part 2)

After what you have read about our international airport employee’s condition. Now I will tell you the rest of the story, after arriving in departure lounge. We entered the lounge at about 2am on 27th of December. We should have boarded the plan at 2:30am as flight was at 3am. We assumed the flight will be delayed as it was 3am already and no boarding call, neither any sign of anyone trying to tell us what was going on.

There was no one on the information center. Neither any one was present from Emirates airline. The information screen was showing a 9 hours delay. It means we were supposed to come back at 10am and plane would fly at 12noon. All the passengers were frustrated and anguished in fire .the reason was the delay but also the negligence of the airport and airline personals. The funny thing was that a waiter from the cafeteria was informing everyone that your flight has been delayed.

After an hour or so I saw crowd at one side of the lounge. People were shouting at someone. At that moment I knew it must be a ground agent of Emirates airline. Instead of going to the passengers and informing them, passengers were going to him to ask about the schedule. The flight was delayed because of thick fog outside. There was an airhostess on that flight too who told us that at this much fog any plane can land, it is not that bad. Anyways even if it was impossible for the plane to land they should have informed us properly and should have given us proper accommodation. Later one of the passenger asked the officer to announce their plan on the loud speakers so that everyone could know what is going on. Even then, there was no announcement from the staff members.

At 4am I went to the ground agent and asked him what his plan is? He said we have to wait for the call from the management as we cannot say anything on our own behalf. Few minutes later the phone rang one of the agent received the call after hanging up he went back to his seat without showing any interest for informing the passengers. One of the passengers went to him and asked what happened? When that man came back we asked him what he said he told us that flight is rescheduled at 6am. I went back to the agent to reconfirm and he said flight information has yet not given by the management, Jesus Christ, what a confused statement. The agent was giving different statements every time some one went to him and asked about the schedule.

Then at 6:30am he said the flight is due at 8 am. At 8am they asked us to get our handbags and start moving towards the cab, they were giving us accommodations. I asked my sister to go back home as we do not know what the heck is their plan and what type of accommodation will they provide. My sister said that if they reschedule the flight after 2 or 3 hours it would be difficult to come back to the airport from Islamabad. So we decided to accept the accommodation option.

We were accompanied by two other friends who became our friend on the airport, I think 8 hours are enough to make a friend, one was from USA and the other was from Netherlands. Both are here working with different NGO’s. Finally when we reached the bus I was shocked that the bus was from Perl continental hotel Rawalpindi. Even then I was not convinced because it was impossible for me to believe that Emirates being so lousy at their service at the airport, would give accommodation at the most expensive hotel in Rawalpindi. Well, the world is a crazy place after all.
Anyways when the bus finally stopped in front of the entrance of Perl continental I believed they were not playing another trick on us and were serious about accommodating. At the airport, there was no announcement made as to where we all were taken.
We went into our room and I jumped on the bed because eating and enjoying my self for free is something I always am great at, especially if it comes in the shape of Perl continental hotel….yahoo! Breakfast, lunch and dinner were free with swimming pool, table tennis and snooker as complimentary service. I wanted to jump in the pool but sighs… did not bring my swim suit. However I enjoyed playing snooker instead for two hours and impressed myself on my skill. It’s true we do not get everything in life we want, just better then what we want sometimes:).
In the evening I went out with my friend and had dinner in Pizza Hut and spent my own money instead of eating for free in the hotel, some times we are a bit more stupid then we should be too:). Later when I came back to the hotel my sister and two of her foreigner friends made fun of me for being such a fool as the buffet dinner was spectacular at Marco Polo restaurant. You should try it some times.

Long story short, at about 10:30pm, we were asked to pack our belongings, clear our bills from the reception and leave for the airport in the hotel bus. We again passed through the same desks. The lazy moron at boarding pass counter was still sleeping and gave boarding pass to 10 people in 45 minutes. The immigration desk let go of my sister and me in a minute or so. Finally we were again in the departure lounge praying that nothing is screwed up this time. You will be amazed to hear that this time nothing went wrong flight was at 12am on 28th December, 2006.

This was our way of saying good bye to year 2006 which will remain in my memories for ever. And I will cherish them on every New Year.

Thanks to the Emirates airline for redeeming themselves at the last hour and making it a memorable occasion for all who were neglected and abandoned at first.

With the best wishes for a great 2007 to all of you

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  1. mansoor (unregistered) on January 5th, 2007 @ 3:16 pm

    what a experience!!!

    and here i thought isb airport was better than that :P

  2. Ghalia Aymen (unregistered) on January 5th, 2007 @ 11:32 pm

    now that you know hope you will do something about it…or can anyone do anything about it?

    Being a capital city it is strange to have such an airport. i do like kharachi and lahore airports but islooo!…. you need some changes.

  3. Phil (unregistered) on January 5th, 2007 @ 11:53 pm

    You wont imagine what happened to me and my family at JFK in the Summer of 2003 :/ Anyways, a nice little adventure or yours :) LOL

  4. Nosheen (unregistered) on January 6th, 2007 @ 11:33 am

    hi All you can also read in case you havn’t teh story titled as Comedy of Errors in the following link.(Although i am still un sure was that a real account or just an anecdote)

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