Let’s Do The Price Hike

fruit%2520market.jpgHiking seems to be a popular sport in the Capital. So much so, that even the prices of basic consumables enjoy it. And the price hike is more than any other city in the country

The prices of basic food commodities have gone up by many folds and it is learnt that from main wholesale markets of Islamabad that basic food commodities like standard bottled water, milk and juices sugar, rice, breads, cookies, cooking oil and ghee and flour is higher than the prevailing rate in the rest of the city.

Tea and bread are probably the most popular way to start the day in the Capital. Although it is not a key economic indicator, the cost of bread is still watched by the financial markets because of its key ingredient – wheat. And from the looks of it, it’s too getting out of the reach of a commoner here in the capital.

What’s the excuse for children of the fourth largest milk producer in the world to yearn for a few drops because the prices are comparable to gasoline? The answer to this question is probably too complex for us to understand.

Watching GEO’s program “Aaj kay Baho” really left me agape on seeing the difference in prices between local and whole sale market (Mandi) of fruit and vegetables was sometimes 5 to 6 times. This means that the so called “inflation” of food items in the capital has just been created artifically due to inefficent and ineffective price control measures by the government. In case of fruits and vegetables, the traders (comonly known as aaartis) get the best deal out of it.

On the consumer’s side I would advise people not to shop for basic consumables in the posh markets. The best approach is to do whole sale grociers for the entire month one time in the whole sale market. In addition to that please do bargain with the shopkeepers as earning a profit of a few ruppees is their right but getting a margin tenfolds out of basic consumables is just plain exploitation. But who can blame them. In the absence of any price control system, or mechanism, it’s the law of the jungle.

It’s about time consumers got wild too.

Yes those beraucrats and politicians who are like parasites in the Capital and feed on poor mans hard earned cash and drive in luxury cars at public’s expense can afford shopping at inflated rates, but for a man like me who works hard to make every penny of his living sure has to look for the best price.

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