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Vote for Cricketer of the year 2006 award

Kindly Vote here for Cricketer of the Year 2006 award. Our OWN Muhammad Yousaf is in the list.
Muhammad yousaf truly deserves the Cricketer of the year award.
Mohammad Yousuf (Pakistan)
In 2006, the batsman formerly known as Yousuf Youhana gave a new meaning to conversion rate. He abandoned the recklessness that had defined the first seven years of his career, embraced Islam and smashed his way to a world-record 1788 runs in the year, including nine hundreds in 11 matches. He took over the mantle of best batsman from Inzamam-ul-Haq and turned into a pillar who Pakistan could rely on, every single time.
The credit for suggesting this post goes to Noman Mirza

Security Measures

Islamabad security has been declared on red alert and security measures have been beefed up due to the recent bombing.The federal capital administration and the police have taken special security measures to maintain law and order and avoid any terrorist activity in the city. Armymen are helping the police maintain law and order. The army personnel have started patrolling different areas of Islamabad. Police have started a house-search campaign in all villages and Kutcha Abadis of the city, specially where Afghan refugees are dwelling. Police commandos have been deployed on the rooftops of all buildings of sensitive nature.

Police commandos, equipped with sophisticated weapons and wireless sets, have been deployed in all sensitive places. In the commercial places, plainclothes men have been deployed, who are also using sniffer dogs to prevent terrorist acts. The official said the police had stepped up patrolling in sensitive areas. The district administration has already imposed section 144 in the ICT.

Security has been tightened in the vicinity of mosques, and bus terminals. Citizens are advised to carry their identification on them. Foriegners are advised to carry a photocopy of their passport at all times.

Suicide Bombings and Pakistan

To date, Pakistan has encountered 21 such Suicide Bombing attacks with 9 of them in Karachi alone.

These attacks have caused 370+ people their lives and 800+ people got injured. The histry of suicide bombing dates back to 6th November 2000 when a woman attacker blew herself in a newspaper’s office.

This recent attack on Islamabad’s Mariott just came as a complete surprise and shock … a loud Bang and here it goes …!

Just yesterday it was Islamabad that suffered and now the suicide attack in Peshawar’s Qissa khawani Bazaar has caused 10+ deaths and 60+ injuries (with many in serious condition), including majorly police officers. This situation is just soo sooo sooo saddening … I wonder where it ends and when the practice will end?? See a post by Hassan Mubarak on Lahore MB too.

Why are we so intent on REVIVING KARBALA again and again in lives of our children …?

As, Adil Najam says here:

Sometimes one reads of yet another such news and the resolve begins to waver. We have to find a way to live together in peace. There has to be a better way of expressing and resolving our differences? Will the violence end? How?”blockquote>

What do YOU say regarding this? What’s your opinion?

Crisis and Us

Be it natural or man-made, people of the twin cities have experienced all sorts of crises. From the Ojhri camp disaster to the Leh floods, they have seen it all. But, unfortunately, these events have not made them good crisis managers.

And this weakness of theirs again became evident on Friday when a suicide bomber blew himself up near Marriott Hotel, killing himself and a security guard and injuring five others. The events that followed brought to the fore the police inability to handle such a situation, and people’s uncooperative attitude.

More Bombing scenes

This combo of three pictures shows the ugly scenes created by the uncontrolled enthusiasm of the Press corps and the police to perform their duties following the suicide bombing at the Marriot Hotel on Friday. (1) A large number of policemen roam in the area unaware of the fact that vital evidence will be spoiled. (2) A lady reporter flees from the scene following the police resorted to baton charge the mediapersons and onlookers to protect the site for the forensic experts and investigators. (3) An investigation officer collects whatever vital evidence has left at the bombing site.


More on Islamabad’s Bombing

With the Ashura (9th and 10th Muharram) just around the corner, almost everyone in Pakistan is in a state of shock at the Suicide Bombing attempt in Islamabad’s Mariott Hotel on friday at around 2:35 pm, and today in Peshawar t around 8:35 in night.

Islamabad's Bombing Scenes

Security personnel secure the area around the Marriott Hotel after the blast.


Our Own Heritage


Islamabad may not be a very Old city but we do have our heritage and some history to share too …. The city is new but the villages are old … Old enough to have heritage … This beautiful and enticing piece of pottery or earthenware is Saidpur Village’s assett … !!!

So next time you wana experinece culture within the city Saidpur and a few art shops there may cater your desires ….!

Justice Must Be Served

fauzia-speak-presser.jpgThe parents of the rape victim, Fauzia Bibi, addressing a press conference at the Islamabad press club camp office on Thursday said that the perpetrators were influential people and they were hurling threats of life. They appealed to the Pakistan government, Supreme Court and human rights organizations to provide them justice and hand down severe punishment to the accused who are still at large.

As a society it is our duty as responsible individuals to ensure such incidents don’t happen and the perpetrators are apprehended. We should nip such evils in the bud and create an atmosphere where life, honor, and dignity of the citizens are respected.

Islamabad Rocked By An Explosion

A powerful bomb blast rocked the capital city here leaving two persons dead and several others injured at this time. The powerful blast occurred in the parking area located on the backside of a five star hotel resulting in the death of two persons and several others wounded, leaving the people in the city in a state of panic and fear.

Police and security officials have cordoned off the area. My office and Asma’s were right next to the blast area, and we heard a loud thunder. As the sky is overcast we thought it was thunder from clouds, only to realise later it was a blast.

Shock rocks Islamabad

And this time its not an earthquake…

A bomb blast went off at Marriot Islamabad Parking Lot (according to current news) today, leaving two dead and several injured.

Typically a terrorist activity reserved for Karachi, bomb blasts have slowly been making headway in the capital, first as weapon of choice to assasinate the president and now spreading fear among the residents. I dont know what was the reason, or who was behind it, but im sure more details will flow once investigations start.

I’m adding an auto updating news bulletin here, which tracks the story as it develops around the world. Open complete article to view.

Our Very Own Ambulance Service

icrc.gifFirst it was Lahore. Now the Capital is not far behind to catch up. CDA will start an emergency ambulance service for the residents of the Fedral Capital today. The ambulance service, to be manned by qualified doctors and para-medical staff, would be on call round the clock for any emergency in the Capital City. 8 out of 16 ambulance services to be used have arrived in Islamabad.

I am glad.

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