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Few days back I read an interesting point of view made in Daily Times

Location of educational institutes in the city is a major cause of traffic congestion during rush hours. Reputed private schools and colleges attended by children of well-off families are situated in middle class sectors while reputed government schools and colleges, attended by middle class children are in posh areas.

Children from sectors I and G go to public education institutions in sectors F-6, F-7, F-8 and F-10, which are counted as more upper-class sectors. The majority of major private institutions are in Sector H, attended also by children from upper-class sectors come. Hence there has been a considerable increase in cross-city traffic.


Fatima Munawar, a BSc student in F-7/2 College, one of the largest girls’ colleges in the city, said only five out of a total of eight college buses were in working order. She estimated that 75 percent of all 5,000 graduate students were from sectors I and G and Rawalpindi. So is the proportion of the students in master’s classes. The college administration has only five buses for the cross-city movement of all these students.

The assigned bus routs run through Sectors I and G, Khayaban and Pindora. Each of the bus runs in three shifts. Not a single bus takes students from sector F as only a few students from this affluent sector do not come on their cars. Misbah Ali, another student, complained that these buses are jam-packed every time and the students had to stand very close to each other.

Though I disagree a bit here, the fleet of buses college’s got may not be in 10’s of number, but through shifts they manage to serve well and its not possible at all not a single bus take students from F sectors … (the reporter added few bits on his/herself i guess) or maybe my times were good (or maybe its the hate-all phenomena the girly is suffering from ;-))

On the contrary, well-off children go to sector H in cars, increasing the flow of traffic along city roads. The city administration decided last year that public and private schools and colleges should have their own buses.

The administration proposed that laws should be formed to make it obligatory for educational institutions to have their own transport systems and that a car should not come to schools unless it carried three children to reduce traffic congestion.

The private schools strongly resisted the move and termed it unpractical. They insist that the government should put a transport system in place, but they would not adopt any such changes. Negotiations between the city administration and private schools continue over the issue.

I personally believe that Islamabad’s doing quite well in terms of the amount of college buses and related transportation facilities, most of the schhols, colleges and universities, are providing here … certain lapse exist but then that’s existent almost everywhere … see if the local authorities churn up some solutions for this ….!

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