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Gandhara week

Federal Department of Archaeology and Museums is all set to celebrate the third “Gandhara week” from 26th March.
The event is being held in connection with the Destination Pakistan 2007, which I think was a flop from day one. The archaelogy department would make all-out efforts to facilitate the tourist coming to Texila. A sound and light show portrying the ancient Buddhist culture will also be held at Dharamrajika stupa and monastery during the celebrations.
The Stupa is the oldest monument in texila and comprises of a number of buildings, a monastery and a series of small chapels. Gold, Jewellery and other antiques have also been discovered at the site.

An aerial view of Dharamrajika Buddhist monastery and stupa where a soud and light will be held as a part of Gandhara week celebrations(Pic given in Dawn).

National Monument of Pakistan READY

National Monument 1
In accordance with 23rd march, Just tried to give it a GREENER look :-)

It’s the national Monument atlast completed by now.

BTW, I was wondering are NATIONAL MONUMENTS created as an after-thought or what?? (if someone can throw light on the phenomena :>)

Anyways, the monument’s being built for rs 427 million following president’s directives.

A country where 75% are living below the line of poverty – we spend 427 mn on useless artifacts — as if WE CARE!!!

President General Pervez Musharraf will inaugurate this newly constructed national monument at Shakarparian on 23rd March.

The monument has been designed to reflect the culture and civilisation of the country and also depicts the story of the Pakistan Movement.


World Trade Center?!?!?

UAE-based Al-Ghurair Giga Group, a real estate developer in the Gulf, would construct World Trade Center in Islamabad.The largest commercial centre project in Pakistan will be launched in Phase-II of Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Islamabad.

The Foreign Direct Invest by the UAE Group is expected to contribute in country’s foreign reserves and also create thousands of employment opportunities. There will be luxury residential suits, offices and shopping centers, restaurants and play areas in the World Trade Centre

Inzi Bhai’s Last Appearance

Inzi bhai returns
Last ODI of Inzi Bhai Kingston, March 21, 2007

The man famous for his coolness (apart from AALOO scandal ;-)) couldn’t help it out in his last appearance in ODI match and his last world cup appearance too. The return back to pavilion of Inzamam ul haque was a standing ovation by spectators, loud applause, Zimbabweans came pat his back and hand-shakes were witnessed, then the team came down to greet him and that was when the tears come rolling down.

We still love you and we still cherish the way you entertained Cricketing fans over years and years of time. I still remember the Inzi who smacked NZealanders and English team in 1992 with his brave shots.

Pakistanis Hail Inzi Bhai….!


Hail Inzi

iInzi Bhai's last ODI appearance Today We waited for Inzi’s resignation from captaincy and the Retirement from Cricket … it’s at last here — it happened suddenly and tragicly But HEY whatever come stoday – Shouldn’t we be all up as a nation to hail the last ODI of our very own INZI BHAI :-)

He’s no doubt a cricketng GIANT — he gave us amazing shots and innings for past 15+ yeas — we Wish you luck and best wishes ahead (though, I’m sorry you dont have much of luck in Modelling).

we’ll still love you — wins and defeats are part of game and now THAT YOUR MUSTAKBIL IS IN SAFE HANDS (as an insurance advertisement says ;-)) we wish it real;ly would be.

Go Pakistan Go … we’ll wait for you this week back with us too ;-)

Rage And Protest Continues

Lawyers%20Protest.jpgThe opposition parties on Tuesday stuck to their plans regarding protest demonstrations here against the suspension of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, despite rescheduling of the hearing of a presidential reference against the suspended judge.

The Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians also announced it would go ahead with its planned rally today.

MMA President Qazi Hussain Ahmad said the religious alliance would stage a protest against Mr Chaudhry’s suspension in Islamabad today (Wednesday). But the venue has been changed from the Constitutional Avenue to Aabpara Chowk, he added. The PML-N announced that there would be no change in the schedule of its protest in Islamabad. A PML-N spokesman said a protest demonstration would be held outside the Supreme Court. Later, they will join the MMA protest at Aabpara Chowk.

Other opposition parties will also go ahead with their protest plans. Meanwhile, SCBA President Munir Malik said there would be no change in the schedule of lawyers’ protests.

Swimming Pool For All

Interested in Swimming

Islamabad seldom looks like a swimming pool – Today it was one of those days.

This pool of brown water looks inviting, naah, OK just the colour’s a bit muddy but then do yu think all pools in Pakistan consist of Crystal Clear water, some are for sure like this.

I was thinking if such thing persists (thanks to Construction) people can start thinking to buy boats – In coming Barsaat (few months to go) We’ll be needing them – we’ll have two underpasses ready by then too :-)

Islamabad’s Buddha Tree

Islamabad's Buddha Tree

Quite some time back we mentioned the Buddha Tree’s sad demise, MQ has very nicely and in a detailed manner telling us the story of this Buddha or the Bodhi tree on All Things Pakistan.

He says:

In those woods, at the foot of the Margallas, until a few years ago, there was a very large and very old tree — some believed it to be hundreds of years old. Its gnarled branches sprawled over a very large area around the tree. Next to the tree was a small concrete kiosk with a concrete bench.

For Further Details, please read this article on Bodhi Tree in Islamabad

Construction Of G-6 Market Bears No Fruit

The slow pace of work on construction of a new Sunday market in Sector G-6 is inconveniencing shoppers and causing financial losses to stallholders.

Sunday markets are a great source of relief to the middle and lower middle classes, as they offer a variety of items, including edibles, decoratoins and clothes, at cheap rates compared to any other market in the town.

Tour De Track 3

I’m sure people (the readers) must be thinking that authors of IMB are so much obsessed with the TRACK 3 – well think if you want to :-)

In the almost half century for which I’m living in this city – believe it or not that was the first time I actually hit the track 3.

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