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Quenching Thirst

DuCk TaleS

When the heat becomes unbearable ….!

Courtesy: Daily Times

Karo-kari, Suo Moto Action & Jirga

Punishing the minors
Image: Daughters of Buland Ali Buzdar appear at a news conference after a jirga declared their father a “karo” and ordered him to surrender his two minor daughters to his accusers in punishment (via Dawn)

Few days back I read this tragic incident in Dawn where two minor girls were punished when their father was declared Karo by the Jirga, and as a result the jirga decided to hand these girls to the opponent party.

Karo Kari is an age long tradition in some areas of Pakistan (mostly witnessed and heard in Sindh but other provinces have their own hideous traditions to go with this one). To understand the concept of Karo kari, you can read a story narrated here on Chowk.

What happened in this very case as narrated by the karo father in a press conference that:

Buland Ali Buzdar developed personal enmity on the issue of water rotation. He owns two acres (of) land and earns his living by cultivating this tract of land. Ghaffar Buzdar accused Buland Ali Buzdar of having illicit relations with his wife, Majida Bibi, and a jirga was held to dispense justice in this connection. Waderas (landlords) Sadiq Buzdar and Ali Muhammad Buzdar and Sanjar Buzdar, through a self-styled decision, had ordered Buland Ali to give his two daughters in marriage to Allah Wasaya, in addition pay a fine of Rs200,000, in cash. In case of non-compliance of the verdict, karo Buland Ali would be executed.


Red Carpet Reception

Islamabad is looking all bloomy, beautiful, colorful, and any synonyms to these terms you can think of :-p

Mera Shahar

This is the RED RECEPTION we give everyone :)

Btw RED is talk of the town these days too ;-)

Public Demand


Lost For Words

24-04-07_0933.jpgToday on my way to office, whole of the Aga Khan road was blocked due to arrangements made for chief justice trial. Apparently that was all, but I could not understand the reason for an “elevated” traffic congestion today. Little did I know that there were preparations underway for another simultaneous procession by some other factions, not related to chief justice case in anyway

Islamabad these days seems to be in the center of everything, none of it is much positive though. Be it the construction mayhem that gives it a look of post world war torn outpost, or the daily processions, road blocks and protest rallies, or the appearance of religious vigilantes in the streets of G-6, the Islooites feel really concerned

Are these really the people of Islamabad? Who are they, and where have the come from to destroy the peace , tranquility and small town set up of this once so calm and placid town?

A Day On The Panjpeer Rockies

View%20At%20Panjpeer.JPGI was surprised this Sunday to find one of the best kept secrets of Islooite outback. I have never seen such rock formations and hills made of of huge sandstone boulders stretching for miles. And I named them the “Panjpeer Rockies”

How much PAKISTANI are you??

Arey, you are 63% Pakistani!


Shabash puut, your score puts you in the ranks of the REAL Pakistanis! Have some lassi to celebrate – maybe it’ll encourage your true character to come out more often.

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I was 63 percent *sigh* … how about rest of the gang :-)

Differences …. ?


I wanted to write something but then I came across a blog hosted on BBC by Mr. Wusat ullah Khan, and I just couldn’t have pt it in better words …. quoting him here …

پرفارمنس کے بعد جب آرٹسٹوں کا تعارف کروایا گیا تو بیک سٹیج سے حجاب میں ملبوس تین لڑکیاں بھی سامنے آئیں۔ انکا تعارف پرفارمنس کے پروڈیوسر نے یوں کرایا کہ یہ وہ بچیاں ہیں جنہوں نے اس سٹیج کی سیٹ ڈیزائینگ اور مینجمنٹ کی ہے۔۔۔ آپ دیکھ لیں کہ ان کے ہاتھ میں ڈنڈے نہیں ہیں۔ یہ اقرا یونیورسٹی میں پڑھتی ہیں اور زندگی میں وہ تمام کامیابیاں حاصل کرنا چاہتی ہیں جو سب حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔

میں تب سے سوچ رھا ہوں کہ میرے دفتر کے نچلے فلور پر قائم بینک میں کام کرنے والی ایک باحجاب خاتون، تہران کی سڑک پر ڈرائیو کرنے والی سر سے سکارف باندھی لڑکی، ایک پاکستانی چینل پر سپریم کورٹ کے باہر موجود ہجوم کی کمنٹری اور سٹوڈیو میں مہمانوں سے دبنگ سوالات کرتی ہوئی سر تا پا خود کو ڈھاپنی ہوئی میزبان، سعودی ٹیلی ویژن پر عبا یا پہن کر خبریں پڑھنے والی نیوز کاسٹر اور جامعہ حفصہ کی ڈنڈہ بردار سیاہ پوش بچیوں میں اتنی ذہنی تفریق کس نے پیدا کی۔

Do you have any answer??

Baffled Again

Government ordered PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Association) to start an investigation on the rumor spread all over the country that by receiving call from a specific number would damage your cell phone and could take your life as well(in article BLAB). Government also ordered to find the culprits and punish them as soon as possible.

Before PTA could start working on it there is another problem related to mobile phones has started. People of twin cities are now a days baffled by unknown calls on their cell phones whereby the caller tells listener that he has won a big prize, and to claim the prize he must loads five cards of Rs100 in his mobile balance and collect money from the designated bank branches in twin cities. Another caller asked the listener to give the digits of five cards and if he follows the instructions he would get a prize. After giving the digits his balanced was zero. They had in fact taken away the balance of these cards.

Some body again make fool out of our innocent citizens who lost their Rs500. I wonder what solution government will come up with in this regard.

Be careful everyone you might be the next victim.

Kalimah e Tayyaba’s script

Kalimah e Tayyaba's script on face of Presidency

Few days while looking at the presidency, I was wondering there’s something changed and I figured out the green-ness in background of Kalimah e Tayyaba. Laters, I came to know of a fresher look applied … script of Kalmah e Tayyaba adorning the face of Parliament House’s now changed.

Can’t say about the spirits inside and around though …!

Image Courtesy: Dawn

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