Karo-kari, Suo Moto Action & Jirga

Punishing the minors
Image: Daughters of Buland Ali Buzdar appear at a news conference after a jirga declared their father a “karo” and ordered him to surrender his two minor daughters to his accusers in punishment (via Dawn)

Few days back I read this tragic incident in Dawn where two minor girls were punished when their father was declared Karo by the Jirga, and as a result the jirga decided to hand these girls to the opponent party.

Karo Kari is an age long tradition in some areas of Pakistan (mostly witnessed and heard in Sindh but other provinces have their own hideous traditions to go with this one). To understand the concept of Karo kari, you can read a story narrated here on Chowk.

What happened in this very case as narrated by the karo father in a press conference that:

Buland Ali Buzdar developed personal enmity on the issue of water rotation. He owns two acres (of) land and earns his living by cultivating this tract of land. Ghaffar Buzdar accused Buland Ali Buzdar of having illicit relations with his wife, Majida Bibi, and a jirga was held to dispense justice in this connection. Waderas (landlords) Sadiq Buzdar and Ali Muhammad Buzdar and Sanjar Buzdar, through a self-styled decision, had ordered Buland Ali to give his two daughters in marriage to Allah Wasaya, in addition pay a fine of Rs200,000, in cash. In case of non-compliance of the verdict, karo Buland Ali would be executed.

Now the head of a karo-kari affected family has asked the government and CJ to take suo-moto action to take steps for ending this tyrannical custom and demanded justice for its victims, and to arrest the accused to safeguard the lives of his minor daughters.

Meanwhile, Majida Bibi, who had been accused of the immoral act and declared a kari, testified on the Holy Quran before the jirga, saying that she had been falsely implicated in a fabricated story. Buland Ali said, also on oath, that the charge leveled against him was false. But both these testimonies were rejected by the jirga.

Not to forget, the landlord expelled Buland Ali from the village, due to non- payment of penalty and Allah Wasaya got hold of two acres of his land. Landlord Ali Murad Buzdar has also lodged a false FIR, at the Khanpur Mehr police station, against Buland Ali Buzdar and along with the other landlords, also threatened of killing him if he did not offer his daughters in marriage, in accordance with the verdict of the jirga.

It’s been notified that 115 men, 140 women, 14 minor girls and two boys had been declared karo and kari during the first three months of the current year.

Allah knows better about the accusations and all but punishing young girls for the deeds of their fathers, brothers, sons or even husbands should be dejected … I pray for these lil’ girls and the ones who are in queue for such decisions by the jirgas or panchayats… hoping suo moto action be taken against this decision and may it get implemented as well, Inshah Allah.

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  1. original-faisal (unregistered) on April 28th, 2007 @ 5:50 am

    as much as I love Pakistan and look forward to one day wrapping up things here in the States and coming back to Pakistan, reading stuff like this just sickens me to no end. Moreover, one feels so helpless not knowing how to help these people or not having any means to rectify these travesties of justice.

  2. Dr. Muhammad Umer Salim (unregistered) on April 28th, 2007 @ 3:32 pm

    Illeteracy issues engulfing the humankind…

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