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A New Wave Of Tension In The Capital

LalMasjidWomen.jpgTensions resurfaced in Islamabad Monday when the religious students of Lal-Masjid and others took to the streets after a military helicopter performed a low-level flight over the seminary in the early morning.

The baton-wielding religious students blocked the road in front of the controversial Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in anticipation of a police or military operation against the seminary. The students apparently believed, wrongly, that the helicopters were initiating a military siege.

Stupid questions people ask in obvious situations!

1) At the movies: when you meet friends……..
Stupid question: Hey, what are you doing here?
Answer: do not you know, I sell tickets in black over here.
2) in the bus: A heavy lady wearing pointed high-heels shoes steps on your feet…..
Stupid question: Sorry, did that hurt?
Answer: No, I am on local anesthesia…..why do not you try again.
3) At a funeral: one of the teary-eyed person asks…..
Stupid question: Why, why him, of all the people.
Answer: Why? Would it rather have been you?
4) At a restaurant: When you ask the waiter…
Stupid question: Is the Butter Paneer Masala good?
Answer: No, it is terrible and made of adulterated cement. We occasionally also spit in it.
5) At a family get together…when some distant aunty meets you after years.
Stupid question: Munna, chickoo you have grown so big.
Answer: Well you have not particularly shrunk yourself.
6) When a friend announces her wedding, you ask…
Stupid question: Is the guy you are marrying good?
Answer: No, he is miserable wife-beating, insensitive lout…it is just the money.
contributed by: SARA FAROOQ


Have anyone got those weird messages today, possibly just rumors as every time the message is different?

Saying a call from 0091924319, once received can kill you, or some say can damage your brain, some even saying can blast your mobile phone. Newspapers reporting that two people have died because of these dangerous rays, may be this news sell more copies. People messaging that their cousin’s cousin has died because of this and so much more for gossiping. I do not know who has this much time to spread such stupid rumors. Do you have any idea?

Media Not a Helping Hand

It often happens that we see different hoardings, on the side of road, which say different things and left a question in our minds, especially when it comes to the women protection and education. Once I remember a hoarding, near Chaklala Base Rawalpindi, showing a woman in her office talking on her cell phone with her husband, who is at home taking care of his child. The concept really impressed me and makes me think of the reality that why no one ever did that before? It was really a great concept that any advertisement showed a working woman and a household husband, which is considered a sin in our society. I am sure this would have brought a great change in the thinking of the society or at least forced them to think about it.

Another hoarding related to bank loans. On one billboard a guy standing with his father and the writing was quoted that “now you can send your child abroad for further studies”. On another billboard, advertising the same bank loan, a bride standing with her father and the quotation was “now you can get loan for your daughters marriage” the thing I noticed there was that by looking at it, it does not seem to be any issue but if you go in deep you will notice that mostly advertisements related to females only depict an issue that is getting married and that is it. Do not girls have the right to go abroad and study? Why girls are only depicted as a great woman if she gets married soon and live her life with her husband. Our society is already committing crimes against women and what our media is doing to stop it. Is it educating the society in relation to women rights and issues?

We all have a responsibility on our shoulders to educate our nation in this regard or in any other, in which they are lacking behind. Our dramas, films, advertisements and radio can play a vital role in this regard. We say proudly that we are in 21st century but our actions are still the same stereotypical. Our women are still degraded and are living as third grade citizens. In our films, even female directors represent females in a bad way. Actresses are just there as a reward to the hero at the end, who come back home after a great fight and as a reward he gets the girl of his dream. Is this how we, as females, are playing our role in this world? There is no female who is a moral guidance to other females, who are looking for an idol. And I blame media for that. You will see news related to issues such as a gang rape or a burnt woman etc but you will never see or hear any news which shows their achievements.

It is been said that 90% of women watch television but the programs made are mostly for men. Cooking and sewing programs does not do any justice to women of Pakistan. Change your attitudes toward your mother, sister and daughter. And females have to realize that God has given them a lot of rights, which they have to fight for.

Islamabad Vs. Karachi

When I saw this today in Daily Times, I couldn’t resist to post this on IMB too …!

Wana caption the image??

islamabad vs karachi

Fast Food On The Move

Fast%20Food.jpgIslamabad is gradually seeing more food chains and more outlets to cater to the demands of residents. The capital’s residents include numerous diplomats and foreigners who love fast food.

Attention: Ladies in Islamabad

We saw first Junaid Jamshed, then Yasir waheed, then Vaneeza’s V9, and Muhammad farooq’s designer lawns in Mariott.

The last of all Mausummery’s exhibition starts today till 13th and they are the most reasonable ones … so hurry sale’s up – stock’s down :-)

ps: it’s not “woh waali” sale, gals are usually fond of :>

Plight of a Cone Eater

Ice Cream Scoops -  yum yum yum

I don’t know who invented this thing known as Cone Ice Cream buw whoever he/she was – I’m very greatful to him(er) … and NO I’m not talking about the much ooOOOooh and aaaAAAAAaaaah wali Wall’s Cornetto — the cones of our very dear cone wala — which you enjoy thoroughly while licking eating and the crunChy crunChy biscuit … that was something I was in mood of tonight …

My bad, that I was in F-10 markaz – couldn’t found one single shop of cone wala :”( Allah Allah karkay found a shop (outside Video Con) tu muhatram Cone walay sahab Ghayab … Thats how life treats at times ..!

Had it been Jinnah Super – I wouldn’t have been seeing pictures of Cones and History of Cone at the moment ….!

ps: just a meaningless mood changer post :>

First Green Field AIRPORT

Islamabad's green field airport

As already reported by backpacker that new airport is all set in making, it was inaugrated yesterday by the president – here’s a view of it as published in Dawn.

Islamabad faces suicide bomb call

The head of a radical mosque in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, has threatened to use suicide bomb attacks against the government.
Maulana Abdul Aziz made his defiant call to thousands of followers during Friday prayers.

The government is facing calls to clamp down on the activites of students in two madrassas attached to the mosque.

If the government does take action, “our last resort will be suicide bombings”, Mr Aziz declared.

He also demanded that the government close down Islamabad’s video shops and brothels within one month.

The Taleban-style activity of Mr Aziz’s followers in the capital has caused outrage among human rights activists.

Last week female students from a madrassa that is part of Mr Aziz’s Lal Masjid (red mosque) complex abducted a woman they accused of running a brothel, holding her captive for two days.

Some of the students are also staging an armed occupation of a children’s library in the capital.

The government says it hopes to resolve its differences by peaceful means.

‘Last resort’

“If the government says it will launch an operation against us as a last resort, our last resort will be suicide bombings,” Mr Aziz told his supporters

the question is who is backing up Mr Aziz? it seems like as if they were planning to do so for very long time.
Mr Aziz also said that if government tried to kill or arrest any of us the mullahs in N.W.F.P will attack with their full force. according to resources it is been said that there are 30,000 mullahs present in islamabad.

A girl has been treatened by a mullah in islamabad and forced to cover her head. same incident happened in Lahore. the issue has started from children library and is leading to impossing islam on women in pakistan.
Women are not your property! i would say that donot be afraid of these fanatics.Be strong and face them strongly.

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