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No Light for Pakistan – Who cares?

Believe it or not that’s hw islamabad feels. We being the mighty islooites take an edge over rest of pakistan. When everyone is so wreckless due to load-shedding problem load management in their areas, Islamabad stays cool and lit up ….!

Since the beginning of this light hue and cry, I almost daily witness at oneplace or other street lights all ON even at day time … this is a picture I took 2 days back at around 8 am. So islooittes continue to live in light, we’re not the people of darkness. That’s you, my fellow Pakistanis.

Who cares??

I Wanna Make Fraaandship With Ya…

azizrice.jpgIslamabad is supposed to be a city home to upper echelons of power in Pakistan. Where foreign dignitaries visit and often have meetings with the higher ups. We living here are proud of that fact to be the center of all the happenings. We like to be center to all attention. But every once in a while something comes up that really can’t help us get baffled or leave us in bemusement. Some goof up by the big daddys. Like the latest update of our “stud” Prime Minister’s emotional fling by none less than Condi Rice. I mean can you imagine it appears even the Prime Minister here, seems to need some serious lessons on pick up lines. Come on Shaukee I know you can do better than this.

Read on for the whole account

High Alert

Jihad.jpgIslamabad has been set on high alert after the annoucement by Lal Masjid Clreic to wage “Holy War” against the government if the Lal Masji compound is stormed by force. These announcements were being made by loud speakers from within the Lal Masjid. Earlier thousands of police personal from Punjab were brought to the city to be housed in the quarters at G-6 on Saturday. In addition to that elevated para military movement can be spotted in G-6. The students of Jamia Hafsa have blocked the main road of the sector, and scores of students could be seen on the streets armed with canes, spears, axes and automatic weapons. From the looks of the situation it appears that a major operation is eminent. In any case Islamabad has been set on high alert and movement in the G-6 sector has been inhibbted for the people. The authorities have ordered deployment of rangers on the roof tops adjacent buildings to the masjid. While people living in the vicinity have started their exodus in fear of an expected action.

After a day of negotiation, the administration of the Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, late Saturday freed two of the four personnel who were abducted a day earlier in return for the men it said had been detained by the police on false charges.

The government agreed to release the four on Monday. Ghazi Abdul Rashid, one of two brothers who runs the mosque and two adjacent madrassas, said the other two policemen would remain in captivity until the release of seven more men also on their list.

Security forces surrounded the mosque after the officers were abducted Friday, but senior interior ministry officials decided to negotiate rather than storm the building.

Thunders – 2 days back

Islamabad after a heat wave (though not an intense as may usually experiences) was hit by a blasterous dust storm first in evening of 18th May, and then the roars of clouds, lightening never like before, and heavy heavy downpour. And with heavy downpour even the winds were high … it was achilly night :>

Later that night while I was on road encircling islamabad, almost, I was regretting not to bring my digital camera with me … Since I’d love to cature the Lightening flickers and that night they were superb (god forbid) … just that Icouldn’t catch them.

Anyways , here’s what Dawn showed on saturday in its paper ….

Thunders and Dust storms in islamabad

Cars and a lone street walker grope their way as a windstorm that hit the twin cities greatly reduced visibility in Islamabad on Friday evening. A car taking sharp turn due to low visibility overturned in front of the parliament building bringing down the lampposts it hit …!

Courtesy: Dawn

PML (Q)’s Claims Revealed

No less a tragedy

PML-Q repeatedly made claims of organizing the “Huge” rally being organized entirely on the party’s own budget and no Govt. provisions were taken.

Anyways, we all saw the falsifying of no govt. provisions taken claim that very day, yesterday I saw this in Dawn and honestly stating I had no idea – is it a laughter material or self-ridicule?? Our so-called leaders are trying to fool themselves, other parties, or the nation?? What path are we taking and what path is being straightened for us?? IS it all a catch-22 situation or any better??

Plight Of The Business Community In the Capital

ISBNights.jpgUnannounced load shedding is going on in the Capital these days. In addition to that, shops in the F, and G sectors remain open after government’s 8 PM closing deadline. In the latest round up Islamabad’s citizens and traders have rejected the government’s decision to close all shops in the capital at 8 pm.

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce has declared that shops did not consume as much electricity as government and multinational companies. That numerous people visited shops after 8pm and the decision would adversely affect the traders’ business, adding that if the government was so eager to conserve power, then it should close offices two hours earlier than usual.

Check the Czech

All puns intended! Special thanks to Inspirex for forwarding this to me. I am almost ashamed to admit that I did not notice this great gaffe and had to wait for an e-mail from Karach to take note!!

ATT00555.jpg ATT00558.jpg

Given above on the left is an image of the flag of the Czech Republic and on your right is a ‘Check’ (or, rather, checkered flag; often used in car racing. The two should never be confused. Except for the fact that ‘Czech’ is pronounced as ‘check.’

Ordinarily, this should not be a problem. But this scene dates to the state visit of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to Islamabad. Please make note of the flags adorning Zero Point to welcome the dignitaries! Checks are so much more flattering than Czechs!



Let’s hear it for the creativity bug and pray for more stringent checks to avoid such bloopers in the future!

Depression…Fashion Or Crises?

Mental_Depression.jpgIn a recent study carried out here in the capital they have found that the number of patients suffering from depression is increasing in Islamabad and a majority of them are women, About 50 to 60 patients with psychological disorders visit the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) daily. The number is higher than it was during the same period last year (January to March),

The psychiatrists observed that a majority of the depression patients were teenage girls, and said that parents did not usually take their children’s depression seriously and avoided taking them to a psychiatrist for consultation and treatment. In such a situation, the distraught children are left with no choice but to use tranquillisers, alcohol and drugs such as heroin and hashish for relief and relaxation.

It has became fashionable to call depression a disease, to medicalize it. And certainly neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine are involved in depression. But if you ask the more critical question–is biology the cause of depression?–the best data suggest that genes account for about one in five cases. The idea that a chemical imbalance causes depression, rather than reflects it, ignores the fact that the brain’s biochemistry responds to our ways of thinking–in short, to life experience.

Proteins Taken in (Forcefully) ;-)

French Patisserie is Serving Protein after all

OK don’t Freak out just yet … read the whole tale first :-p

Protein diet’s just as important as any other Carb diet and if you get both in one-go, could it be better? The other day my friend bought these muffins early in the morning from “La Boulangerie célèbre” French Patisserie (yup this is the name of the bakery not the previous frenchie one :-p) … Khair its in Kohsaar Market and is quite famous amongst the “office goers” around.

Anyways, since it was morning and what feels more good to enjoy few muffins over a cup of tea – Great – The scene was all set; we all had enjoyed muffins and tea thoroughly when almost the last byte was in our hands when my friend said, “Hey what’s this?” … I thoroughly inspected it and claimed it as ultimate protein The SuunDi and then I re-winded my thoughts and confirmed that there were many of them in the muffins and I thought they were some kind of brownish Fiber … Plain cream-coloured muffins with ‘extra fibrous protein’.

So, in short next time you eat something from any bakery or outside, make sure there are no strings attached ;-) Coz this is the most notorious season for such happenings and everyone cannot be “Lakarr Hazam Pathar Hazam” :-P

Yesterday, we went to the bakery and told them about the incident – but MY BAD, the salesman had such an innocent face; I couldn’t scold him rightly :|

BTW are sundis halal??

Ciao … nice eating out all of ya :>

Just a Comment

Regardless of what our state has seen over the course of its existence, there was always this small part inside us all that believed in the eventual rise of somebody who would actually stand for the country created in the name of Islam. With every temporary winner in this never ending game of musical chairs between political parties and the military, we cheer and we rejoice not for their victory but our own flair hopes that perhaps this person will be the one to do what is right for the motherland. Unfortunately, each time we are destined for disappointment.

It takes a nightmare like what happened in Karachi on the 12th of May to shake us out of this stupor and realize just what our lives are worth to these people who are claiming to be our guides and our leaders and saviors; at least for a while. Islamabad proved just how detached it is from the rest of the country by continuing with the spectacle that they called “Istehkaam Pakistan” rally. “Istehkaam”? What a prime joke! How was it istehkaam Pakistan when a city of Pakistan was being sprayed with bullets with blood in the streets and fear and fire in the air while in another drum beats and lights portrayed a great celebration? How was it istehkaam when except for the national television station showing the few thousand who stood in Islamabad, the rest of the nation was counting the increasing number of dead in Karachi?

Politics is a game of manipulation and coercion. Our problem stricken rulers could have ‘used’ what happened in Karachi to fool us into thinking that they do realize and understand the gravity of the events that took place. But they have become immune to the cries that rang through our country. They are drunk on their perceived notions of strength and omnipotence. They believe that because they managed to spend by a rough estimate Rs. 50 crores of the public’s money on lighting up an avenue and piling people into buses and having them stand out in the open while they stand behind a bullet proof glass, that they are what is best for the country.

And yet, in spite of all the anger and frustration boiling in all of us, it will come to nothing. And it will come to nothing because that is just what we are capable of. We scream, we cry, we rant and we rage and then we fall silent. For most of us, the echoes of the cries in Karachi are nothing more than just a noise that will die down after a while. The funerals will be over, the blood will be washed off the street and even if rangers stand on the street, we will continue to avert our eyes and walk on because that is what we do best.

For a few days, the media will show the volley of irresponsible statements thrown by political players to and fro, each blaming the other, no one willing to take responsibility neither for what happened nor to ensure that it does not happen again. In a few days, the furor will die down, and a day that shattered the illusion of calm by revealing the storm teeming below the surface will become just a memory. Till another day when a pebble thrown onto the surface will cause ripples to shudder through out the country.

May the Almighty Allah preserve us and keep us safe from the ‘shar’ that surrounds us today. May He guide us and give us strength, wisdom and faith to face our own role in bringing our country and its people to this and have the courage to try and do what is needed. May the Almighty bring us peace and serenity and true ‘Istehkaam’ to our nation and our country. (Aameen)

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