World Environment Day

Its about time Pakistan realized that the Himalayan mountain ranges that serve as a natural source of fresh water for the entire country are under a severe threat from global Carbon emissions and consequent global warming. Well, fear not as the people at the Environment Ministry and it’s international affiliates do know about the importance of these reserves for a nation which has a major chunk of it’s economy depending upon it’s agricultural produce every year. Without fresh water, there is a huge chance and a threat that we might not be able to meet the demands of our agricultural lands solely through rain water.

5th June is the ‘World Environment Day’ commemorated all over the world, which was started back in 1972 when United Nations Environment Program was initiated. The theme of this year is ‘Melting Ice – A Hot Topic?‘ As the world witnesses a gradual increase in the annual temperatures all around the world, scientists, environmentalists, and activists alike a working to chalk out policies for current governments to reduce Carbon Emissions.

Carbon, a major greenhouse gas, contributes a lot to the fact that the sun-rays that are bouncing off the earth are retained by the atmosphere, and because of this unnatural entrapment of the infra-red rays the earth is experiencing an over heating of sorts. This over heating leading to drastic ecological and climatic changes. For Pakistan, this is a great issue, as said earlier we draw a huge amount of our water supply from the Himalayan Ice reserves that are melting faster every year, with lesser yield, and pose a threat to the economic system of the entire region if something with in the next 10 years is not done.

In commemoration of the same day, the Ministry of Environment and the United Nation’s office in Islamabad jointly screened Al Gore’s famous 2005 documentary on global warming called ‘The Inconvenient Truth‘ in the Islamabad Club Auditorium. Preceded by addresses by a UN representative Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez and the Minister of State of Environment the audience was educated on the severe effects of global warming all around the world and how scientists and Mr. Al Gore came to know about it. The movie also had a lot on about Al Gore’s private affairs and personal life, his political campaigns and his world renowned campaign in the shape of Kyoto Protocol.

I recommend people to watch the movie and gain a lot on how we as citizens of the planet Earth can ensure a more healthier environment for the future generations. Far fetched and exclusive as it might sound. The God gifted environmental system and water system is one of the things Pakistan should secure.

We as Islamabadis have shown the country how we can be educated about keeping our environs cleaner. Its time to show this world our spirit.

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    Entertaining you guys is my pleasure. I too am happy my return to IMB. Lets liven up this place, shall we?

    Love ♥

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    ya u should .Your highness.:P

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