Footie Trials in Jinnah Stadium

So, if everyone is reporting on whats going on, I’ll add my bit.

People who are interested in football or call it soccer should head to Jinnah Stadium at 7:30 am in the morning for a trial session being held by over the next two days. That makes 23rd and 24th, as televised on TV. This is for Islamabad region as they try to setup a league for GEO Super. The session will last till Magrib, as I learned from a source. I will try to make it there, and if you spot a Red and Black Kaka shirt, that will be me. Please don’t come out to kill me, but we’ll try to kick some balls.

Good game. And no, Kaka won’t be there!


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  1. A for [pine]apple (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2007 @ 2:41 am

    Oh so its you in here or this kaka of yours :-p

    what a desi name :P

  2. Phil (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2007 @ 2:56 am

    Yeah very desi :) Its an abbreviation of his original name, Ricardo Dos Santos Liete. So they took ‘Ca’ from Ricardo and made it Kaka`. Yeah, thats me in the shirt. Imagine that for the time being, and it will surely have overwhelmed you! :P J/K.

  3. Haibat_Khan_Pardesi (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2007 @ 3:16 pm

    You can have the best of football talent from NWFP,specially Bannu,Lukky Marwat and adjoining areas.These people are natural with football and i have seen some of them playing and the way they carry the ball and dribble is simply worldclass.Just like Gojra in punjab has flare for hockey so do the sarhadis have for football.Go find your kakas and Ronaldos there.

  4. Phil (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2007 @ 3:34 pm

    ^ Indeed, Khan saab, some of the best sportsmen are from NWFP. The are naturally built for strenuous games.

  5. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2007 @ 4:46 pm

    and their goalkeeper’s name, “DIDA” :>

  6. Phil (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2007 @ 7:48 pm

    ^ Yaar app ko kaisay maaloom? Very few people know that :D Are you a die hard Milan fan like me, or a footie appreciator (like me :p), WHAT?

  7. acid911 (unregistered) on June 25th, 2007 @ 5:16 am

    Um, yeah, Phil. I’m a die hard Milan fan like you :) Forza Maldini! Forza Milan! (For those who don’t know, Forza means Go! in Italian).

  8. Phil (unregistered) on June 26th, 2007 @ 11:30 pm

    ^ Damn, that is awesome! We just kicked ass, a favour returned to Liverpool! Forza Milan! Grazie Raggazi, biatches!

  9. Phil (unregistered) on June 26th, 2007 @ 11:32 pm

    Now that is a classic example of a bot posting a comment.

  10. acid911 (unregistered) on June 27th, 2007 @ 5:04 am

    Thanks for the compliments, Phil. I’ve been called a lots of names before, but never a bot. Is that a good thing or bad? :)

    Getting back to topic, a great match with the Fools. But it certainly doesn’t erase the Nightmare at Istanbul (Street) 2005. Maybe if we meet again with them, and then thrash them, say 6-0, or do what they did to us, only bigger, then it will erase the pain. But I must admit last month did help – A lot. Grazie Milan!

    Closing out, I visited your website, and could not find any post about the Champions League Final 2007. Oh, Shame. Slap on your wrists for this! If you get some time do write something about our 7th Title. I for one will be celebrating our title (Italian Style) on 07/07/07. That’s early next month. Hehe.

    And oh yeah, I’m not sure bots are intelligent enough to post comments with your name in it :) Peace out!

  11. acid911 (unregistered) on June 27th, 2007 @ 6:29 am

    Sorry, I was a bit busy, and didn’t look hard enough. Found your post about the Champions League Final. Sheesh, how can I miss that. :(

    Thanks, mate.

  12. Phil (unregistered) on June 29th, 2007 @ 6:47 pm

    Sorry dude, I am really sorry I called you a bot, but you can take that as a complement in more ways than one! :D

    No problem dude, Tell me or us what to write and we will do a story on that. And yeah, I did do a post on the final :P I CANNOT MISS THAT!

    Liverpool will sit quite for a while now. Thank God.

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