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Footie Trials in Jinnah Stadium

So, if everyone is reporting on whats going on, I’ll add my bit.

People who are interested in football or call it soccer should head to Jinnah Stadium at 7:30 am in the morning for a trial session being held by over the next two days. That makes 23rd and 24th, as televised on TV. This is for Islamabad region as they try to setup a league for GEO Super. The session will last till Magrib, as I learned from a source. I will try to make it there, and if you spot a Red and Black Kaka shirt, that will be me. Please don’t come out to kill me, but we’ll try to kick some balls.

Good game. And no, Kaka won’t be there!


Fête De La Musique – International Music day

So this time the happening event in town is “Fête De La Musique” or International Music Day.

Venue: Saidpur Village
Date: 23rd June ‘ 07
Participants: Underground Bands performing initially, and a fina performance by Tee-M (Tariq Mirza).
Main Organizers: Alliance Française

Alliance’s website says that the Entry will be with passes only and these will be issued from the Alliance Française after 15th June.

This event is a collaboration between the Embassy of France, Alliance Française, CDA, FM89 and ATV.

and to know more …

International Music Day is very significant in France and has been celebrated on 21st June since 1982, where musicians, amateurs and professionals all across France invade the streets, courtyards, gardens and stations to bring music out into the open. ” Fête de la Musique” now takes place in more than 100 countries of the world.

Thanks to AF for information :>

Au Revoir !!

PASHA Career Expo – Rescheduled Until “Further Notice”

Earlier we posted here about the PASHA Career Expo in Islamabad on 23rd June. Well folks the latest news here is that the event has been rescheduled until further notice and a new date will be announced later.

However, one point of concern here. This seems very strange, and to some extent quite unprofessional cancelling a mega event like this one day prior to the scheduled date.

First of all this should not have happened. And if due to some force majeur it could not be avoided (like burning down or flooding of expo center to say the least) internationally there is a rule to have a contingency planning program in place. Where you have one two three backups, or at least, you are given a new date and place, instead of cancellation “until further notice”. What more, the particpants are being informed just one day before the orignal event date.

I don’t mean to shoot down a great effort by these guys here, but a mega even in which PASHA was involved too, deserved a little more respect for professionalism, and proper event management.

State Against State

Protests.jpgWe thought when it came to escalation in the capital regarding the Lal Masjid controversy, it was the state against the masses. Ironically the tables turned yesterday bringing state against state.

A policeman died at the quarters in G-6. because of illness and that he was not granted any leave. He was brought in from Punjab as a reserve to take part in the government’s action against Lal masjid.

Yesterday the disgruntled policemen burst out into an instantaneous protest and blocked the Aabpara Chowk and ransacked the market over there. The whole area looked like a battle field and it was impossible to come towards g-6 from zero point.

Read more of that account here

Women Empowerment

Women_%20Empowerment.jpgFor all those women, who are interested about the happenings on the feminine front, here is a brief round up to keep you folks up dated. Some news is good, other is not.

Related to health, it’s seems that most of women are quite content in being put under the knife. Read on here to find out more, how certain trends are picking up in the capital when it comes newborns. On the professional front, a recent seminar here in the capital has more on producivity issues. Government has shown some commitment to recognize women’s productivity and very real economic contribution to the national economy.

And our ICT is having trouble in addressing the needs of their women’s division. Check out what’s going on with a local women’s police station. But on the other hand, seems like we are in need of more representation from the capable women officers. Two different sides of coins I guess.

And the next time you step into one of those trial rooms at your favorite boutique, you should be more careful of your privacy. Here are some more facts on what goes on behind veils, that can help you make more informed choices.

Moon & Venus – Chaand Sitaraa

Awais Yaqub took such a brilliant shot of the event that happened yesterday night in most of Pakistan and other regions. It was so beautiful, in actuality … moon and Venus so near to each other that it reminded many of Pakistan’s Chaand Sitara.

The event, called Lunar Occultation of Venus by the moon, occurs several times a year in one or another part of the earth. However, the phenomenon was seen in South Asia after several years, although most places in the Subcontinent saw only the disappearance phase of the event when Venus suddenly vanished behind the bright limb of the moon. According to Shahid Qureshi, head of the Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics of the University of Karachi, the planet and the moon travel almost in the same plane and when they come in one line of sight the moon hides the planet. The phenomenon started at 8.59pm and lasted till 9.55pm. People in the Middle East and Europe had a better view of the event. Courtesy – Dawn

Ciao … Happy Sky Viewing !!!

Aisaa tu hota hay aisay Kamon may


Few days back when rains hit Islamabad with high winds … I captured this (bad quality credits to my mob and moving vehicle) early in the morning …!

PASHA Career Expo – 20 Jun

P@SHA is holding its Landmark Human Capacity Building Event in Pakistan.

You can find more detailed information on Pasha’s website.

This time the event is scheduled on 23rd June, 2007 at Convention Center, Islamabad.

P@SHA Career Expo 2007 is P@SHA’s way of delivering a total career experience to the young professionals and fresh graduates in this country. This year, in addition to provide matchmaking facilities for the ICT sector and potential employees, we are providing day-long informational sessions on various career tracks that are available in the field of Information Technology.

The Career Expo will include workshops for young people and for company executives as well as counselling services. There will be Expert Panels comprising industry and academia representatives who will discuss various subjects including why there is such a disconnect between what the universities are producing and what is needed by the industry.

Register online to attend the Largest IT career Expo at before 20th June.


This is a unique opportunity to get a career of choice in top companies in Islamabad. Companies who have registered for the Career Expo are Cisco, Microsoft, Si3, Wateen, dprodigy, Orgoo, LMKR , Ovex Technologies, and Arwen tech.

Via The BrightSpyre E-Mail.


Garbage.jpgI remember, I met a guy an guy few years back, who told me that way before Islamabad existed, in the village of Saidpur, there lived an old man who used to walk past every door in the village and put some oil on the door hinges so that they wouldn’t squeak and disturb the neighbors. I also know about another similar old timer, who was the principal of a federal government school here, and when his own child failed in a class, wrote himself a letter in the capacity of the school principal giving the academic report of the child’s poor performance refusing to promote him to the next class, and then received the letter in the capacity of the father, signed the letter, apologized for negligence, and returned it to the principal.

Islamabad’s Setting Sun

Is anyone watching the Sun these days as it sets … for last few days the view is just enchanting and breath-taking, Subhan allah!

sun and it's hues

Each day brings an unusual view, sometimes partly hidden in clouds, at times complete RED, yesterday it was gradient like from red to orange … !

Here are few glimpses of Sun and skies of Islamabad I found on Flickr … wondering if anyone caught the sun in last 2-3 days :o

color of skies


skies yesterday ...


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