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As bright as life


A view of the capital after heavy showers.

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Dare, Courage or just Women ??


Have you ever dared to do such a thing?? It may be outrageous for some, courageous for other and yet absurd for many – as in the case of this lizzie love

But a brave lady we’ve here … no matter its poisonous or not; it takes guts to do such an act. And see how at-home the snake feels in her hand :-) What a beautiful hood it makes too …!

I confess I wont ever be able to hold such a thing in my hand ever … would you or have you ???

ps: which snake is this, any ideas??

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a fashion show as a class project

Lately, a trend is going up in educational institutions around the country of having ‘live projects’ in business studies where students are put into a situation to make the most of their learning. These can be from setting up small businesses to running full scale events. Bahria University, one of the premier universities of the capital (and my alma matter as well) takes this idea to the full. Senior students from MBA are asked to run some sort of project as a ‘class project’ (not even the final project) on which they will be graded. Due to intense competition to get better grades, each student is determined to outdo not only each other, but all of their predecessors over the last couple of years with bigger, better and bolder ideas. One such project was a Fashion Show, once an event which could only be run with university/faculty involvement, captured brilliantly by Humayun Rana as a documentary. Check it out.

Any wonder why students from Bahria are slowly becoming coveted by top organizations around the country?

Color Game

Lal is lal

Woohoo ... paint it white

Is it all about the color only?? Riots can be initiated, innocents can be killed, vehicles can be burnt, public property can be damaged, police can be beaten, sign boards can be uprooted … Eeman (faith) demands a bit more or is it just me??

Tragic in the name of Islam!!

Islamabad the red zone area!

Islamabad is facing a lot of controversial statements from around the world, due to the ongoing situation of Lal Masjid and then the judicial crisis.

My friends abroad ask me what it is all about. They are scared and anxious to know about all the facts and figures, but what to tell them as we ourselves do not know what the true picture is. Who is behind the scene and what conspiracy theory is taking place.

One of my friend who is visiting Pakistan asked me, before arriving, that will we be able to hangout in Islamabad or this trip of mine will be restricted just to Pindi? I tell her that there is nothing as such the only place which is under curfew and surveillance is G-6 and the linked areas. The life in other parts is going along normally.

Now as the time passes by the situation is getting worse, no one knows where the next bomb blast take place and who could be the target.

Islamabad, once a city of peace and prosperity is now under a great threat. And it is all happening under the nose of Mr. Musharaf, President of Pakistan.

Talking about the lives of common people of Islamabad; it is not that much affected, as they are living their routine life as before but just with a little fear and eye on the current situation.

Talking to a shopkeeper in blue area I asked if the business is affected by the current scenario of Lal Masjid and he said those who buy are still coming and business is not that much affected. It shows that now people are not that much concerned about their security as they know Government do such dramas once in a while or that they can not stop living their lives, just because such threats are so common in Pakistan within the time spam of 3,4 years.

A part from that we should try to take extra precautionary steps because prevention is better than cure. Try not to indulge in such activities which keep you away from home till late night. Do not visit crowded places so often, especially concerts and etc.


“The government has decided to deploy Rangers in the federal capital permanently due to the deteriorating security situation, Online reported. The government has also decided to keep Punjab police personnel in Islamabad for an indefinite period. Senior Islamabad police officer Shahid Nadeem Baloch told AFP that the police had set up extra pickets at all entry and exit points of the capital. Scanners and video cameras were also being installed at markets and other public places, Baloch said. He said no arrest had been made so far in the ongoing investigation. He added that there was a likelihood of more suicide attacks to come”. Daily Times.july 29, 2007

frainsheep line

backpacker, recently posted about places to get hithed or ditched. Though his post was written more from a man’s perspective, it appears women are at a loss for ways to find a good guy as well. This news item brings the point home reporting that women are tying up the lines of the ‘Rescue 15’ unit to get dates.

“We are receiving approximately 600 calls daily, out of which only five to ten calls are genuine while the remaining calls have no value at all and mostly from girls seeking love and friendship,” In-Charge Rescue 15, Inspector Arshad Rauf, disclosed

So, i believe the most interesting question in the capital is ‘will you do frainsheep with me’?

Lal Masjid Opens For Friday Prayers

redmosque_ap.jpgAfter Operation Silence on 10th July 2007, this is the first time the Lal Masjid has been opened for Juma prayers.

Photo Credit : AP

Latest!-27th July 08:00 PM
According to the recent updates 13 people are so far dead in the blast. 43 injured. Mostly among dead are the police constables.

Latest!-27th July 05:15 PM

A huge bomb blast near Lal Masjid has just killed several people. Riots broke out outside Lal masjid with people throwing stones on security personal. Severe tear gas shelling in the area. Makings of another showdown in progress. More updates comming in.


Latest!-27th July 02:30 PM
People finally offered prayers on the road behind Maulana Altaf, a student of Jamia Fareedia. According to unconfirmed estimate, approximately 5000 people were present onsite

Latest!-27th July 01:30 PM

Maulana Ashfaq Madni to lead the juma prayers.Students of Maulana Gazi who was killed in action on 10th July are protesting inside the Mosque and not allowing Ashfaq to lead the prayers. They demad Ghazi’s brother Abdul Aziz to be brought to the mosque to lead prayers. Security forces have been moved out of the area and there are only civilians there at the scene. The number of people at the scene is in thousands. However people are protesting inside the mosque playing Jihadi songs, chanting slogans against the government. In an exchange of punches and kicks some people had to flee the scene, when the crowd fell out in a row. Heavy exchange of bows, shoes and chappals. Jumma prayer already delayed.

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Blast near Lal Masjid wounds 15

A blast in a restaurant near Islamabad’s Red Mosque complex on Friday wounded at least 15 people, including police.

Earlier Pakistani police had fired tear gas to disperse protesting radical Islamists who had spoiled government plans for the resumption of religious activities at the mosque complex, which had been a battleground earlier this month.

Update: Current Death toll is 13 which includes 4 cops and 4 civilians and wounded are 50, confirmed by the hospital sources so far.

Friday Furor Continues

It is past 2:30pm and Friday prayers still have not been held at the Lal Masjid. According to the various television crews on site, members of the MMA offered prayers outside the mosque whereas protesters largely composed of students and some residents of the area are still inside the compound and prayer halls of the mosque. Their demands center pressurizing the government to bring Maulana Abul Aziz to offer khutba and lead the juma prayers. News channels have shown students acting aggressively in the mosque, shouting slogans, throwing shoes and brick and climbing onto the main minaret.

Additionally, they have also been shown chalking the words ‘Lal Masjid’ on the walls of the newly painted mosque and repainting the exterior red.

All arguments relating to the rights and wrongs of Operation Silence, but is this refusal to allow prayers to take place in the mosque really the way to convince people of the way of Islam?

Harry Potter still going strong…

Those who have grown up reading the Harry Potter books truly know what the magic of these books is about. Harry Potter and the deathly hollows is the fastest selling book in the capital. The biggest bookstore in the capital has quoted.
Potterheads who had ordered the book several days before the release were seen lined up outside the door at around 7 p.m. The line was twice the size of the bookstore it self. It went all the way back and then u-turned towards the front again. These people had expected the book to release at midnight of the 21st, like the store had promised. But it coudn’t manage to fulfill the promise due to flight delays.
But sill it managed to be the first store in pakistan to release it. The book managed to sale thousand copies in the first hour of release. 5000 more in the next hours of release. It went out of stock within two days because of which it had to order additional books. In the line of Fire and MIlitary Inc were second and third in line.
But not everyone can afford the orignal book which costs around Rs. 1500. A lot of people who are fans of the Harry Potter books opted for the pirated version which only costs Rs. 295 , very cheap compared to the orignals. But those who had to read the pirated version had to wait for two further days.

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