Jameya Hafsa’s side of story

Circulating around is this article by Dr. Shahid Masood printed in today’s Jang.

You can read it following this link too ..!

there are times when you can’t just take sides … mind says something else and heart tells an altogether different story …!

Will we ever learn to follow the mid-path?? the path taught by Islam??

I’m very confused … are you??

Praying that Allah keep us on straight path … and a blessed one. And praying for all those Pakistanis we lost in lal masjid finale on 10th july.

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  1. KAMI (unregistered) on July 16th, 2007 @ 11:08 pm

    @DOCTOR I was not talking to you. I know where you are coming from. You are the self righteous hardened type. I have no doubt that you are well travelled and well read. The difference between you and me is that you are an ideolog and I am not. Ironically, my ideology is to oppose any idelogy whether it be neo-con, socialist or islamist, because if you have an ideology then ultimately you will try to impose it, and thats where the conflict starts and innocents get crushed.

    @IUNKNOWN take no offense it was all in good humour.

  2. Kami (unregistered) on July 17th, 2007 @ 4:34 am

    @DOCTOR I checked back on earlier posts, I admit my remarks about your travels were un warranted, I was trying to address two guys in one post, any way I take them back. But I still stand by my last post.

  3. JayJay (unregistered) on July 17th, 2007 @ 7:44 am

    IUNKNOWN said: “@Jayjay: if u dont know any thing then please shut up. Dont spread shit abt islam. I am not sfaying that u shud agreee with me. U need to grow up.”

    The use of vulgar language and blatant demonstration of intolerance are typical of Islamists. Keep spreading the ignorance, paranoia, conspiracies and parochialism from your pulpit of self-righteousness. In fact, self-righteousness of the Islamists knows no bounds. Although your-know-all personality won’t let you, it is time you start reading objective and rational material to open up your mental horizon.

    How can the highlighting of the “achievements” of great Maulanas and their ilk tantamount to spreading of “shit abt islam”? If we have to build up the image of Islam, our mullah and Islamists, the sole thekedar of Islam, need to raise their moral standards.

    Yes, do read about the situation in Darfur (but not in Urdu press) and enlighten us with your justification for this genocide of Muslims at the hands of a Shariah government and its allies.

  4. JayJay (unregistered) on July 17th, 2007 @ 8:14 am

    IUNKNOWN: The success of Jihad in places like Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, etc, as Kami has pointed out, is a pipe dream. Unless you are trying to be naïve, go through history to get clues about the chances of success of militancy and terrorism. Three armed wars fought by Pakistan for Kashmir, besides supporting a couple of militant insurgencies; three wars fought by Arabs against Israel and countless insurgencies; and two wars in Chechnya; have shown Muslims cannot wrest these areas by force. Only Egypt was able to secure back Sinai desert it had lost to Israel in 1967 through a peace agreement, the Camp David agreement, not by the use of force. However, there is no ban on dreaming, if you want to do so, rather than learning from history.

    By the way, when you go on your “world tour” leave you suicide belt home. May I ask which countries you plan to visit just to get an idea about what does you “world” involve.

  5. IUnknown (unregistered) on July 17th, 2007 @ 12:02 pm

    @jayjay: ok i leave mullas out of the way. So ppl like u gona lead the prayers???

    Abt the wars, u mean to say is that we shud carry on using peace. duh!

    Wat musharraf has got by following Peace and enlightment after 9/11??? loss of lives?? loss of respect?? Had he would have taken stand against Us govt. I m sure USa wouldnt have done ne thing like it hasnt been able to do any thing widh Venezuela and korea.

    The more u bow, the more they gona make u bow.

    The only way to get these areas( mentioned in ur post ) is by force. As they are not willing to give u for granted.
    Yeah i know history . back to 712 AD , was sindh given to Mohammad Bin Qasim for granted by dahir??
    Was spain given to muslims using thing like Camp David ???
    Was Istanbul given for granted??????????

    Yeah but we lost spain (gernada as last territory) using Thing like camp david . Go and read the history. dont read Stenley lane pool and other racists other wise u will say that muslims killed Kafir army wid out any reason.

    >>Yes, do read about the situation in Darfur >>(but not in Urdu press) and enlighten us with >>your justification for this genocide of >> Muslims at the hands of a Shariah government >>and its allies

    Y not urdu presS? as english press is so biased against muslims that if any rat has been killed, it show Mulla and Taliban are the killers .. Lo

    @Micheal: wat happened?? y are u so quite?? Sorry if i have said some thing offensive by opening Ur history of FAthers in front of U :D

    @Kami: Nice detailed post. I will answer u after a while as it will take quite more time to do that.
    I knew u gona name that Ghamidi who dont know how to write arabic. I wish i cud send u his writting and errors picked up by scholars.

    I m only gona swim to nudest beaches to see why so called enlighted and civilized ppl do such vulgar things openly. Y dont they have modesty?

    @doctor: Have u ever been to spain???? I love that place and would like to travel there specailly Gernada and Cordoba.
    Can u cure mulla fobia??

  6. SELF (unregistered) on July 17th, 2007 @ 3:18 pm

    He,y you guys are here, JayJay specially you :)


  7. Sameer (unregistered) on July 17th, 2007 @ 4:04 pm

    I think the time is not to blame eachothers because loog ager khuch karna chaheen tou they can do everything anywhere so if we talk to finish madrassa system tou whynot khuch acha kareen as i mentioned earlier

    Specialised modern program for fresh Madrasa graduates

    Press Statement/Markazul Ma’arif

    Mumbai: Markazul Ma’arif Education & Research Centre (MMERC), Mumbai declares entrance test dates for the batch–2007-2009. The combined entrance test will be held for total 40 seats–25 in MMERC, Mumbai and 15 in Markaz-e Islami, Ankleshwar, Gujarat. The written test is to be conducted on 1st August 2007 in Public Girls’ Higher Secondary School at Deoband. Only the candidates who pass the written test will be eligible for the interview to be held on 3rd August 2007.

    MMERC, a branch of Assam based Markazul Ma’arif (NGO) was established in Delhi in 1994 and was shifted to Mumbai in 2000. Basking in the glory of success MMERC enters in the fourteenth year of its novel concept in the academia- to teach English language with other modern subjects of the age to the fresh Ulama– the madrasa graduates. The institution introduced a two-year course, ‘Diploma in English Language and Literature’ (DELL) for first time in the world to educate the Ulama in a completely new environment and equip them with subjects hitherto unknown to them such as English language, Computer & Internet, Comparative study of religions, History, basic of Geography, Mathematics, Political science and other general sciences.

    MMERC renders educational services for free. It also provides the students with basic amenities like lodging, food and medicine etc. In addition to its own trained teaching faculties the institution hires the services of the accomplished visiting faculties for the above-mentioned subjects with an aim to help the students demonstrate their skillful articulation of thoughts and presentations about their religion–Islam and to boost their confidence in order to face the challenges of the modern world and ultimately serve the nation with devotion.

    MMERC conducts a highly competitive entrance test with set of objective type questionnaires- at the end of the academic year (by the month of Rjabul Murajjab) of Darul Uloom Deoband. Out of the several hundreds who face the test for every batch only 25 students are enrolled in MMERC on merit basis. The test divides in two phases–oral and written covering five subjects as a whole–Arabic Language & Literature, Hadith, Fiqh, Tafseer and general knowledge followed by interview. Having the degree of Alimiat or Fazilat from any known madrasa of India one is entitled to sit in the combined entrance exams for DELL in MMERC, Mumbai and Markaz-e Islami, Ankleshwar, Gujarat to make it to the final list. Application form with prospectus can be found and submitted at Dept. of English and Dept. of Computer in Darul Uloom Deoband on or before 30th July and at MMERC, Mumbai and Markaz-e Islami, Gujarat on or before 27th July only.

    Following the success of Markazul Ma’arif Education & Research Centre (MMERC) there are also some other institutions in the country that have endorsed the idea and started the same course under the patronage of MMERC. Darul Uloom Markaz-e Islami Ankleshwar, Gujarat, Jamia Jalalia Hojai, Assam, Al- Ma’had-e Islami, Hyderabad, Jamia Syed Ahmad Shaheed, Lucknow are some to mention. Department of English and Department of Computer in Darul Uloom Deoband, headed by MMERC alumni, are also the visionary work of Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Al-Qasmi founder president of Markazul Ma’arif, India.

  8. IUnknown (unregistered) on July 17th, 2007 @ 5:54 pm

    according to some latest news abt lal masjid, abt 1600 students weere gunend down and abt 400 soldiers died.

    According the a ranger person posted their during operation, “there were so many dead bodies that it was hard to place the foot”.

    Another news says that soldiers even fired on those children who were surrundering.

    This has confirmed the propadanga again , which was started by media and which is supported heavily at kafirabad.metblog.com.

    More news to come

  9. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 17th, 2007 @ 9:27 pm

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamatullah,

    Hello everybody how are you ppls. Well I am new here but I’ve been reading all of your comments suggestion opinion etc etc. Yes everybody has right to say and think there is no boundary. Well to be honest I was thinking we all talk to much but how much we concentrate and try to do those. Has any one of us is Pray for those killed by their own brother. 1 out of 100. Did we dua for their relative or father who lost his son in this game. Yes it was a game. Have we ever found in wealthy or rich or business person kids in Madrasa having a class of Hifaz or trying to become a Alim. Sorry to say none non of us willing to do these. We want our kids to be a engineer or doctor. Who we find in Fajir Salah, Milk man (doodh wala), Rikshwa driver, gardner. Have we seen any so called Business man in Fajir Salah. We shouldn’t blame any Govt. How Govt get selected. By us! We should sort out ourselves first then blame other. I call myself I am a muslim but inheritance one. Because my father and grand grand dad was muslim that is why I am muslim. How many times a day we remember Allah. Ask yourself. In morning we rush to our office that we are getting late but are we ever for our Salah in Mosque? We are we ever rush for any Deene Majis? Again question mark. Yes we rush when we know there is a concert and entry fee is just 10 rupee. You people are lucky to have mosque every corner of street. But here in UK you have to drive at least 5 miles for getting any Jamat. Another question how many times we open Quran in our daily life. Yes we do open in Ramadan and if something happen in family yes we do 5 times a prayer and do some Ayatay Karima. Other than that we are very busy in our daily life. This is also another sign of day of judgement.
    We do use to have some sort of guides when we were in schools and colleges get also extra tutors for some special subject my dear all yes we do need the same thing for our life. We need to find a pious person (I am not talking about a Molvi’s hazrat) I mean a Sheikh a Sheikh like Junaid Jamshaid’s (Maulana Tariq Jameel – PAK), a Sheikh like Hazrat maulana Saleem Dhorat – UK, a Sheikh like Peer Zulfiqar Ahmed from USA, there are a big list of Sheikh to whom you can discuss how to lead your life. Yes we are muslims do we need these. I know what islam is yes 5 times a prayer, who is the last prophet, Zakah and Hajj. Is this all islam. What about your daily life routine. Are we giving proper rights to our Parents. Specially our poor wives!
    We threat them from the very first night, you have to look after my parents, they shouldn’t be un happy. And if this poor girl ask for separate house or flat which we can afford easily. But what will be our answer is I can’t leave my parents but I can leave you. I wasn’t aware of any rights of anybody. But when I read one Hadith, the brief summary is “Oh! You man, you should be careful (afraid) about your wife’s right”. We take this thing vary light. And in one occasion when one of the prophet’s Muhammad (S.A.W – sallal la ho aalay hay wasalam) companion came and ask him that he took his mother on his shoulder and performed the Hajj, is he paid his mother rights. Prophet (S.A.W) said you even didn’t pay a single night milk which she gave you. It is a very simple to understand when we’ll enough knowledge but it is difficult when we don’t. May Allah (S.T – Subhanau Tala) gives a light to understand our Deen on which we can spend our daily life. I know you people get bore reading such a big article but it was a thought to share. Assalamu alikum Wa Rahamatullah. Oh! By the way my name is Iqbal and I am from UK.

  10. Kashif (unregistered) on July 18th, 2007 @ 1:19 am

    Nice to see people debating. Better we debate and discuss than bomb and kill each other. I am a firm believer that this is the time of trials and tribulations and every one of us who claim to be a Muslim should disassociate with this mass-hypocrisy. All these political / religious-political /rightist /leftist are insincere and dishonest. Better take refuge in your homes, repent and pray for Allah’s mercy.

    Remember Hajjaj bin Yusuf. He alone executed 125,000 men. He beheaded leaders like Sa’id bin Zubair. He put prominent scholars like Abdullah bin Umar and Abdullah bin Zubair (Allah be pleased with them) to death. Before being executing, Sa’id bin Zubair told him that now you will not be able to set out for anyone. On the saying of this by Said bin Zubair, Hajjaj bin Yusuf passed away within fifteen nights. Even the learned and the peaceful men of that era looked upon Hajjaj as a calamity and curse sent down by God.

    Hadhrat Hasan Basri (Rahmatullahi Alayhi) used to say, “Hajjaj is a calamity sent by God, do not try to remove him by force but ask Allah Taa’la.” Therefore, the moment the news of the death of Hajjaj was reported Hadhrat Hasan Basri and Umar bin Abdul Aziz fell in prostration to God and exclaimed,” The pharaoh of this nation is no more!

  11. Kami (unregistered) on July 18th, 2007 @ 1:50 am

    @IUNKNOWN I dont know about your sources, these figures are news to me. All I can say is that, very well oiled propaganda machines are now in full production mode. Magazines are already out with all sorts of claims and stories.So beware, there is no dearth of people trying to take political advantage out of this tragedy. People who could have done a lot, but choosed to encourage one side and critisize the other and now they trying to reep the fruits, and their target are pp like you.

  12. Kami (unregistered) on July 18th, 2007 @ 5:13 am

    pp short for people ….sorry

  13. JayJay (unregistered) on July 18th, 2007 @ 5:18 am

    Self: Thanks for the link. It is good to know that this blog is being noticed.

  14. IUnknown (unregistered) on July 18th, 2007 @ 12:03 pm

    no jayjay, its a truth. Its not that political parties. I hate all the politicians who didnt help any thing in lal masjid op.

    These news are from unbiased sources and are true. they will not be (might not be) appearing in any sort of news paper so i cant give u any link rite now.

    @Iqbal: 100% rite. but who has the time to do so. Every one is busy in making money, importing and exporting food :) And they claim jannah as if their parents have leased the plot there.

    May ALLAH guide us to the rite path ( ameen )

  15. KAMI (unregistered) on July 18th, 2007 @ 8:54 pm

    A thought provoking article by Zafar Abbas


  16. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 18th, 2007 @ 8:57 pm

    Assalamu alaikum brother Unknown, yes you are right this Shytan has grab us very strongly by mind and now very are helpless. We can’t even think good anymore. Brother at the end world has too be an end and these all are the sign of Qiyamat. I don’t know how long i’ll live nobody know because of the current situation. Just came to know about this Islamabad bombing. Quite shocked how people brain washed other. You know what i’ve the same situation here in UK, i’ve got one good Gora police officer friend and he as asking but i must say sort of investigation when i called him for dinner, he was asking what is jihad and how ppls brain wash and do this sucide well i must say that most of the ppls specially like beard ppl like me could be in survilence any way. The time will come when muslim will be slaughter like animal. So should we not prepare ourselve everytime. Instead of driving car with songs who knows we can make our journey to that place or we’ll be die in accident. The good solution that we should start perform 5 times salah and do istagfar, our believe is so week otherwise the so called DUA, which we do but never accept simple reason we read our DUA like reading book but not with Heart.Honest i forget when i read TAHAJUD last time.I feel shame to call myself muslim. Anyway i request you all do think positive and don’t blame other. If we make things right through our house so Inshallah there will be a time we might lives in each other hearts. Think about it and before night sleep just scan yourselve what we’ve done whole day. And how many times we please Allah(SWT).Did we make hime Happy or Not? Oh! i better resume my work. By the way i’ve very very good site at the moment i beg and request kindly listen this lecture in peace and after give to our ladies(like Amma ji, sisters and wives) this is really something we need to keep in our mind. Thanks again you all lot. May Allah (S.W.T) bless us with Iman and Save us from Fire of Hell. Assalamu alaikum wa rahamatullah. Iqbal

  17. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 18th, 2007 @ 8:58 pm

    sorry me back forget to paste the link. do let me know are we do the same which we suppose to do. Luv

  18. IUnknown (unregistered) on July 18th, 2007 @ 9:03 pm

    Ah! Iqbal.. U R really Iqbal :)
    Iqbal: i need to contact u privaately for some reason. is it possible?

  19. KAMI (unregistered) on July 19th, 2007 @ 12:30 am

    Dear IQBAL you are the sort of muslim that I like. Pious, with a lot of fear of God. You don’t justify killing, on the contrary you pray for everybody. Hope you stay that way and convince others to give up their radical thoughts by embracing love and letting go of hate.

    As for me I have a belief system quite different than yours, and my view of life is also very different but one thing that I see in common with you is self criticism (apney garebaan mein dekhna), you do it from a religious point of view and I from a purely human perspective.

    Let’s hope and pray that those who have gone astray and have blood on their hands will realize their folly and will give up violence. Meantime, please continue to show them the mirror.

    On the lighter side, chill out, don’t worry about missing tahajjud or listening to an odd song once in a while, I am sure your God will understand. Also, I fully empathize with you on the fact that life has been made much more difficult for people like you, by the mad acts of a few. The long beard and the dress make you a target of ridicule and discrimination. My advice – just hang in there, be true and keep on praying.

  20. IUnknown (unregistered) on July 19th, 2007 @ 11:46 am

    @kami: This line goes for

    I dont remember the first line of this sher by Allama IQbal.

    Wa’iz ko yeh zid hay, kay peena bhee chor dey

    yeah ALLAH understands every thing thats y ALLAH has prohibited every thing like music. ( this cud start a new argumeent, but im not interested in that). This world is just an exam and we have to refrain from some things which are instructed by ALLAH. Else we gona get punishment.

    Doesnt matter wat we like , we must act on wat ALLAH likes. This makes a true muslim.

  21. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 19th, 2007 @ 2:54 pm

    Assalamu alaiku wa rahamatullah, my email add is kardamay@hotmail.com. sorry all the link i put is right but forgot to mention which one we all need to listen is “MUSIBAT PER FAWAID”. This is sort lectures i like and thats make me strong when my only first child passed away in her only 14 months. She is been through 3 open heart surgery and the first was when she was only 10 days. But because of these lectures i’ve been listend make me strong and the word we all should remember is “INA LILLAHAY WA INA ILLAHAY RAJAYON”. THAT IS IT. Once occassion i’ve been given statement that i don’t have heart because i didn’t cry. How strange but who knows i was crying in my heart but anyway i am here to give some support to other so we can learn from each other. Again Mr or Ms Iunknown let me tell you one thing or you might heard or not but here some little knowledge people said the translation of Quron should be change it is out dated now. May Allah bless him with right knowledge. Poor man didn’t had enough knowledge to understand that the only Quran will give him a success. I can bet too. Because since i start learning Quran in this old age oh by the way im only 36 not bhudda anyway and start implementing these things in a surrounding of white people Al hamdulillah i am too success. I’ve a lot of story to share and the only reason to share is make you people gives a support that this thing could be happened because some still saying these things doesn’t exit, Islam is a bit old NO No No Dear it is still same as when it was descend to the Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W). I’ll finish with this small story. I took my friend who was from karachi to show him some london places and he was shocked and saying Iqbal how come you enjoy in this situation where people knows all beard person is Al-Qaeda. Ha. ha. you know what where we went people look at me and they change their ways i could be a suci…bo…r ha.ha..so i am didn’t frightened but these gora..Anyway the more you read and listen and sit in a good gathering your IMAN will be polish and you feel more secure and stronger. But bear in mind you need to find out good so called MOLVI, not the one he just have bear and that is it. Search him and ask yourself is he the right one who is following the rules which we suppose to be. Mind it the rules one im talking is the real one which Quran says summary”Oh! you people you have the example of the Prophet’s(S.A.W) life to follow”. Assalamu alaikum wa rahamatullah. Iqbal

  22. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 19th, 2007 @ 3:06 pm

    hi me again quick one for IUNKNOWN if you send me an email pls put “ISLAMABAD BLOGG” in subject line. Thanks. Assalamu alaikum wa rahamatulla.

  23. IUnknown (unregistered) on July 19th, 2007 @ 9:57 pm

    gr8 ambitions Iqbal. Keep it up. May ALLAH be wid u.

  24. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 20th, 2007 @ 5:27 pm

    Assalamu alaikum, hey hey did anybody listen that lecture which i mentioned above. if not HHMMMMMM. Anyway I am not forcing, take your time. Do remember others in your DUA. Assalamu alaikum.Iqbal

  25. TREETOP (unregistered) on July 20th, 2007 @ 8:55 pm

    Is there anyone who has the balls to admitt that all the religions are retrogressive and against the nature. They are unappealing to the aesthatics of an intelligent man.There is a war of Ds going on between east and west for thousands of years, and right now the west has th
    e bigger one.Religion is just a tool.I was borned amuslim.

  26. Mansoor Rana (unregistered) on July 22nd, 2007 @ 2:19 am

    I am weeping as I read this article.

  27. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 23rd, 2007 @ 2:52 pm

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahamatullah, mashallah brother good view. I agree with you that religion is just a tool.I am a born muslim as well. I believe you also know that HEAVEN & HELL is a fairy tale. Can you please justify is this true or not.I am a bit confuse. Other side like Gora brother to whom which will be BOW soon in so called muslim country PAKISTAN.I am just dreaming how our country will look like. Enjoy your life. No GOD. Nobody proof that any existing of God this is all EVOLUTION. So there will be a good news for everybody where do not need to be worry about and good or bad deeds. YEAH BUT THERE IS SO MANY PROOFS WHICH EXCEPT THERE IS ONE GOD NAME ALLAH, and al hamdulillah now the sceintist except all the miracle which was written more than 1400 years ago. But we’ll only believe what the research says but we’ll not accept what Allah (S.W.T) saying in Quran. Just a one quick note who doesn’t belive in Hell. There was a research that after certain degree of burn the person then doesn’t feel any pain. WOW! what a research and now that ALLAH (S.W.T) saying in quran summary is “we’ll punished regarding our bad deeds, where our flesh will be burn and after it will be regain” did anybody understand that bit. I’ll tell according to scientist after certain degree of skin (flesh) burn there isin’t any feeling that is why Allah (S.W.T) giving skin back to that person so he can enjoy punishment. Now my dearest MR MANSOOR RANA. THERE IS A TRUE RELIGION WHICH NAME IS ISLAM. Which guides every one from the very first day till end of our life. Yeah people are true when they said Islam is difficult well difficult for only who never follow. It is very hard now a days to pray 5 times a day. But very easy and simple for muslim. Because according to the Prophet’s (S.A.W) hadith summary: “the only difference b/w muslim and kufar is NAMAZ”. But if we look around us we exactly doing the same what kufar is doing. Having a SEX before marriage, living together before marriage, do not give respect to parent, we are free to do whatever we want. Anyway choice is our to accept whether there is a religion or not. And if yes, what is heaven & hell.DO WE WANT TO SACRIFICE OUR LIVES FOR HEAVEN OR SACRIFICE OUR PARENTS FOR OUR PLEASURE. Assallamu alaikum wa rahamatullah. MAY ALLAH (S.W.T) SHOWS A RIGHT PATH TO US. AMEEN

  28. TREETOP (unregistered) on July 23rd, 2007 @ 3:14 pm

    SIR i am not well equiped to give you a pedantic dialouge about religion.The literal meaning of the word religion is to look back,if you want you discuss on this for days.
    If religion works for you and makes you a better human being,its fine by me.
    I am not going to Hell or Heavan you should be worried about it.

  29. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 23rd, 2007 @ 6:57 pm

    Dear brother, i think you got it wrong.i do apologise in front of everybone if i hurt you, but i can’t see i said diret to you that are going either hell or heaven.nobody know who will go where. Brother so far i can see some people really have wrong info about Molvi’s and other. Wonder for religion we don’t have enough to confirm that the things we heard is it right or wrong.Again here in UK too our muslims brother saying Islam is very old religion and the same thing i found here. Anyway brother i am not offense with anyone. All i am sharing my thoughts that is it.Take good care. Is it not good that we should gives good ino to each other and rectify our errors. Keep posting. Asslamu alaikum wa rahamatullah.

  30. KAMI (unregistered) on July 23rd, 2007 @ 8:30 pm

    @IQBAL as I said in my earlier post that, I like you because, you try to preach and not impose. Thats how things should be.

    As for the religion issue, a borned Muslim I am firmly in the TREETOPS camp. For me there is more physical as well as logical evidence to live without a religion than to live with it. However, that doesn’t mean that we cant co-exist and live as we choose. Nobody should be persecuted for his / her beliefs and at the same time allowed to force them by decree. It is as simple as that.

  31. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 23rd, 2007 @ 9:31 pm

    Dear Mr. Kami, Assalamu alaikum wa rahamatullah, i belive you will not mind asking me few question. it is not a debate but just want to get info from yr end.First what is TREETOPS camp.I am very very interested if you tell some logical evidence. Hope you don’t mind. Let me clear as well i did asked those sort of question with my manager and with a peoples i live around.Like what was the era of Evolution, about the jesus etc etc. Please reply. I am not offense. Like it is good to know each other. Jazakallah. Iqbal

  32. KAMI (unregistered) on July 23rd, 2007 @ 11:05 pm
  33. iqbal kardamay (unregistered) on July 24th, 2007 @ 2:45 pm

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahamatullah, dear dear my dearest brother kami, i just read the one and now i understand unfortunately something gives you a very very wrong information. Can i have your email address if you don’t mind or if you don’t want to be disclose then just send me at kardamay@hotmail.com and put ISLAMABAD BLOGG in subject field. i really realy want to discuss. The material attract me. Can i ask which country you live it will be very hard if you say you are in pakistan. It is a good discussion we can open a new blogg. Hows that. Please contact me. MAY ALLAH SHOWS US THE RIGHT PATH. AMEEN. Iqbal

  34. KAMI (unregistered) on July 25th, 2007 @ 8:51 am

    Dear Iqbal,

    You are right I am currently in North America, but thats a very recent move. My education is 100% Pakistani + all my experience as a professional is Pakistani. Consequently, all my religous / non-religous and political views were formed in Pakistan, and I am very proud of that.

    I am open to discussion and have noted your email, will write to you soon.

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