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Flying saucer??

Do you think it’s funny or hazardous??At least, its better than those iron rods suzukis carry along the roads without any lights on vehicle.

Can’t you see I’m Busy, Man!!!

Can't you see I'm Busy??

This interesting image was printed, a few days back, in almost all leading papers of the city.

Can you feel the marked difference??? A poor common pakistani, already a mobile user, collecting wood standing in front of parliament (highest office of the city on maybe the most extensive roads of the country) …!

WOW … amazing colors of Pakistan!!!

Posting Better Standards

GPO_1.jpgThis GPO in F-7 has been in operation for quite some while now, and is considered to be a model GPO. Well you hardly feel you are in a GPO once you enter this facility. Clean floors, pleasent staff with crisp and neat uniforms, and music playing in the halls. The second floor houses many modern facilities and the offices are much better in terms of furniture and and interior design. check out the list of facilities that are being provided to the lucky dwellers of F-7.
GPO_Facilities.jpg However I am not really sure if the quality of postal services has improved or not. People here still rely on private postal services especially when it comes to posting important documents and items, despite the fact that they might have to pay twice or more for the service. I for one am not really comfortable with using the national postal service due to horror stories of mishandling.

emergency holiday in Bahria University!

Islamabad: students of Bahria University were sent back home from university due to the threat of suicidal attack on the university from a terrorist agency. The administration decided to close the university for a day and high security is alert around the premises of the university.

It is yet not decided for how long the university would be closed, some students are happy as they got days to enjoy the summer and many are worried as their summer course classes will be missed.

As it is obvious that government and army places is the main target of the terrorist after Lal Masjid operation, and Bahria University is one of them.

Lal Masjid gets new Khateeb: Islamic centre to replace Jamia Hafsa

The government has appointed Maulana Ashfaq as new Khateeb of Lal Masjid. Maulana Ashfaque, 55, is presently khateeb of Bilal Masjid, which is located near Covered market in the sector G-6. The new khateeb of the Lal Masjid has been appointed in basic pay scale-12 and he would be given extra perks and privileges.

Maulana Ashfaq will lead Friday prayers in the mosque which will be opened for prayers after remaining closed for over 20 days due to the operation against militants.
Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz is expected to visit Lal Masjid on Thursday to inspect the renovation work of the mosque and formally announce the appointment of its new khateeb.

The prime minister will also announce construction of an Islamic Centre at the site of Jamia Hafsa which is being demolished, the centre would have a library, an auditorium, a marriage hall and a mini sports gymnasium.

Khotay Humaray Mulk Kay

This beautiful animal most cruelly treated by the homosapiens, is said to have played the biggest role in construction of Islamabad.

I, actually, feel saddened at the general mal-treatment of such animals in Pakistan. Though, in Islamabad You’ll rarely find these animals known as “Gaddha” or more popularly amongst punjabis as “Khota” (I’m not name-calling).

Is he basking in sun enjoying the greenery or shyed-away of something??

ps: I know Khottas are IT and not HE; but still we can have this much mercy naa … fate of it and he are usually same ;-)

pps: and yeah I’m a khota-lover ;-)

Act now…

If you have a flair for acting, do try this opportunity.

Who knows you might end up there on stage?


hOld youR horSes, Buddy

Hold Your Horses

So now speed of HORSE-cartS is on check too … we’re progressing pretty fast ;-)

I wonder what was the speed caught by the GUN ~_^

Courtesy: Daily Times

Fatigued Islamabad drew to a persevering Peshawar

190px-Football_sialkot.jpgLyari Stadium Karachi was the venue where the 2nd match of the Super Football League was played between Islamabad United and Peshawar’s Tribe FC. From the looks of it, the entire league will be played in that stadium :( Anyways, the match ended in a draw, sadly for Islamabad as they were the more domination team in the first half with a 70% possession and a goal ahead. Their fatigue showed after the second half and Peshawar’s perseverance paid off in the second half as they equalized against a sleeping Islamabad defense. The match was slightly better than the Karachi Lahore game in terms of passing and vision.

Tribe FC Peshawar 1-1 Islamabad United

Read the whole match review in my match report. The picture on the right however is of the football industry in Sialkot.

GEO Super’s football league kicks off!

What more could a football fan in Pakistan for. A televised local league. A daring investment by GEO Super who look to revive, or so to say revitalize the near dead sport of football in Pakistan.

league-11.jpgGEO Super was launched in September 2006 to primarily show live boxing and cricket matches on their channel. With the Cricket World Cup coming, they had their fans glue to GEO Super through out spring.

This is the same league we talked about a few weeks ago.

In their opening ceremony and press conference, the project directors outlined the ambitions and desires behind the Super Football League (SFL). With them were Minister of Sports, and heads from Pakistan Football Federation (PFF). All the parties showed a desire to take the league to utmost international level along the lines of Spanish Primiera Liga, English Premier League and the Italian Serie A.

While the league does not have a web presence at all, you can find on the GEO TV’s web site a mention of the event and beginning of the league matches on 20th July. This is what they had to say,

Besides Lahore and Karachi, the country’s top teams Islamabad United, Quetta Zorawar and Peshawar FC Tribe are featuring in the double league competition.

The basic objective of conducting the championship was to raise the overall standard of the game across the country. Entry into the stadium will be free, the organizers said.

Program of the league:

20 July Karachi v Lahore.
21 July Peshawar v Islamabad.
26 July Quetta v Peshawar.
27 July Islamabad v Karachi.
28 July Peshawar v Lahore.
2 August Karachi v Quetta.
3 August Islamabad v Peshawar.
4 August Lahore v Quetta.
9 August Quetta v Islamabad.
10 August Peshawar v Karachi.
11 August Islamabad v Lahore.
16 August Lahore v Peshawar.
17 August Karachi v Islamabad.
18 August Quetta v Lahore.
23 August Karachi v Peshawar.
24 August Lahore v Islamabad.
25 August Quetta v Karachi.
30 August Islamabad v Quetta.
31 August Lahore v Karachi.
1 September Peshawar v Quetta.
6-7 September Semifinals.
9 September Final.

All matches will start at 9.00pm.

The cities that appear first in a fixture are the home teams, and the ones following them in a fixture are the away team.

Since I will be bucking the Islamabad team, I have highlighted the 8 matches Islamabad team will have over the course of next 2 months. Many of my friends are from Lahore, and I will be anticipating those matches with Lahore like any derby match!

Today’s match, Karachi vs Lahore was a slight preview of what was on offer. But as other matches are held one then can one have a better idea of the talent pool in Pakistan. Today, Karachi won 1-0 to Lahore. As said in the Press Release, the entry to the stadiums is free!

Read the complete post on my blog for my views on the match, the cheerleaders and the match setup!

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