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Kaheen duur jab din dhal jaayay ….

Sky splashed with color,
At dusk.
Soft hues blend together
To create a silent painting.
A crescendo of golden rays
Sweep the sky.
Subtle expressions;
Fade behind the distant clouds.
Nature holds its breath,
As the sun,
Slowly and silently,
Slinks below the horizon,
And the sky is left;
Featureless and dark.

Isn’t it so …!

Begging or Art?

I’ve seen this man plenty of times enthralling (and annoying a few too*) by playing harmonium in Islamabad. He has an art and he want to live by playing his art for people around. Can you guess the place??

It’s the corridor adjacent to MCB in Melody Market. I saw the picture and liked it instantly … for many amongst us, it’s just another begging tactic … but he plays well and you can feel the purity of his skills deeply if you stand for a few minutes and listen to what he has to offer. Begging, may be, but I personally feel he’s better off than those who’ll roam around and will annoy you so much that you hand over few coins just to shun them off – give something and here comes another. Poverty is prevalent, I know, but not once or twice many a time, I’ve felt that for road beggars it’s more about asking and not doing any physical work at all. Offer them work they’ll move to next person.

The asterisked annoying in first line is for people who think he’s just another beggar.

What do you think?? Is he just another beggar?? Or you see him in different light??


Pakistaniat packed in Cuteness

Isn’t it utterly cute :-)

National Art Gallery Opens !

As we discussed here and here about the National Art Gallery of Islamabad – PNCA; first the dates of NAG’s inauguration were set to be in march’s end, President was not available; Islamabad saw some redness around and not to forget the CJ cases … finally Peace comes back and NAG’s inaugurated. Rs.456 Million were consumed to make NAG the reality …!

The previous art gallery of PNCA in F-7/4 was not appropriately located; pieces of gold laid in shambles. Brick structure again but it looks appropriate to host L’Arte Grandeur.

Quoting from the website:

National Art Gallery at Islamabad is the only one of its kind in Pakistan where works of art representing prominent artists are displayed permanently for viewing of public. The significant collection of these treasures of art is being collected in small rooms being turned into National Art Gallery. Almost 423 art pieces are in our permanent collection, purchased or gifted by the artists for National Art Gallery.

You can view the complete Architectural plan of NAG here, it’s located in F-5/1 near the Constitution avenue, next to Awami Markaz and PTA building.

News reports in detail about NAG.

It’s open for visitors now … Bang in to enjoy the lovely creations of our own artisans.

DT a Bad Request?

Daily Times is a Bad Request Now.

Thanos commented early morning about the hacking here … it worked in the morning but now it’s again gone. KMB reports too.

Another coup in making??
No rumors intended ;-)

Doctor for Pakistan’s President ??

A very interesting news piece grabbed my attention in today’s paper where a PIMS professor has approached ECP as a candidate for president.

News says:

A professor at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences has approached the chief election commissioner with the aim to contest the forthcoming election for the president. Prof Dr Anwar ul Haque, who has been heading the PIMS Department of Pathology for the last 10 years, told The News by the telephone on Thursday that if Musharraf could contest the polls while in service, he could also do so. In a letter to the CEC, the professor demanded provision of forms for filing his nomination for the post of president.

Supreme Court Is At The Center Of Everything

scp.jpgIn one of the recent developments in Islamabad, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, a key rival to President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, can return to Pakistan from exile under a Supreme Court ruling earlier today , Sharif and Benazir Bhutto, another banished ex-premier, are vowing to return and lead a growing campaign to restore democracy, increasing the pressure on Musharraf to end eight years of military rule during which he has struggled to contain extremism.

On another front lawyers have moved the Supreme Court to restrain President Pervez Musharraf from getting himself re-elected as the head of the state for another five-year term. In an application to the apex court, the Pakistan Lawyers’ Forum (PLF) has pleaded that Musharraf’s is not eligible to contest any poll as “he suffers from inherent pre-election disqualification”, the ‘Dawn’ reported on Thursday. In fact, the lawyers made the plea citing a recent ruling of an 11-member bench of the Supreme Court in the case of former exiled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif versus the President of Pakistan.

What do our visitors see this heading towards? It’s life in the fast lane for the present regime. In a recent stream of events the supreme court has taken many suo moto actions, including some of the missing person cases. Does this mean it’s a step in the right direction for the law to be accessible to a common man of Pakistan? Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

Effects of Lal Masjid “Red Mosque”, controversy on young generation!

The on-going conflict between the liberalism and fundamentalism in the country following the Lal Masjid issue and the demolishing of mosques in Islamabad has affected the young generation at large.

The students in different colleges and universities, in Islamabad, are fighting for the acceptance of their perceptions on the contemporary matters.

Female students who prefer wearing ‘Hijjab’ and religious students with flowing beards are often offended by students who are under no such compulsion and come from modern families.

Such students also do not like to be friends with the so-called fundamentalists and keep themselves away from them most of the time.

After the Lal Masjid siege, students who thought it was a plot hatched by the government against the innocent people became a target of hatred.

In certain colleges and universities, where co-education is offered, it has been seen that there are different groups of students that comprise liberalists and fundamentalists. (Sometimes I wonder why a person’s perception about life has been given such names).

The way we say that all Muslims are not terrorists, in the same manner people who consider Hijjab and Beard as a part of their sanctity should not be considered aliens. It is their prerogative and no one has the right to offend them for this unless it is harming someone.

The students who are victims of this controversy have been abused by fellow students who called them “Ninjas and dirty Mullahs,” (I used to pass such comments but within my circle of friends).
This makes me wonder that then why such students call them Liberalists when they act like fundamentalists.

This fire of hatred within the young generation for each other is not a healthy sign for the development of a young mind. This is bringing a communication gap between students because of different point of views about Islam and society. The reason I understood is the lack of tolerance and inability to listen to others’ point of view.

Now to deal with this problem, which has always been an issue but is on the rise for the last few months, proper counseling to the students in colleges and universities is needed. (Which I think has not been provided in any, or is it?)

The interaction between students and teachers on different issues could bring them close to each other which should help them understand the point of view of their fellow students. Media could be another platform for educating the young generation and help them get out of it in this time of turmoil.

A Diamond In The Rough

F-6_playGround.jpgA few days back, on one of my midnight walks in the streets of the capital. I saw this diamond in the rough lying right in the heart of Islamabad near F-6 super market. Yes this is a picture of a play ground in Islamabad not some western european welfare state. The facility has two tennis courts, a hockey ground, and a basketball field. It used be an old rugged playground that hardly had any grass, and where children from the nearby F-6 slum across the road used to play cricket. Now we see a world class facility for the citizens. Another%20view.jpgThe area is still under construction and would take a while to complete, but I hope there are more playgrounds such as these being developed in and around Islamabad because our youth is in serious needs of sports facilities.

Suggest The Caption

Telecom Boom is on; such sights are not a rare occurence anymore. But controlling traffic while attending a call, Fair Enough??

Want to caption the image??

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