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Finally I caught a thief!…(Part 3)

After waiting for few days I decided to go to the police station one more time to get the answers of my questions, which were: why they let go of him that easily and why they mislead me in case proceedings?

When I got there, the officer who arrested the boy from my home was present there. He gave me the number of acting SHO Shareef Abbasi, who was not present at the moment, and Mr. Istiaaq Shah assistant sub inspector (ASI), who misleads me in regard to boy’s legal proceedings.

Then Mr. Istiaaq (ASI) called me and I asked him why and on what basis they release the kid and on false information, as in an application to Edhi Homes it was written that the boy was caught from MBA chowk, roaming around at 2 am however, he was arrested from my home, He again gave me an excuse like the boy was very poor and bla bla, as if now police has started working as an NGO activists whose work is not to eliminate crime.
Anyways later when I called the other ASI Mr. Akhter Abass with a fake name and identity, so that I know what is cooking in his mind, he said that the victim had not lodged any complaint against the boy so the police had to release him. This was again a pile of lies.

From here we can well imagine the credibility of our police department which is on stake at the moment.

Now what I did is that I went to the office of Daily Times newspaper and tell the reporter my story and it is published in today’s issue by the name of “Purse-snatchers and robbers let loose on city”. And I am also planning on lodging a complaint against the Margallah Police Station Officers who are responsible.

Daily Times

Part 1 & Part 2

ICT personnel, Police directed to check violation of anti-smoking law

The Interior Ministry has directed all the patrolling unit officers of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police and the District Administration to strictly check violation of ‘Prohibition of smoking and Protection of Non Smokers Health Ordinance 2002’ in public places and publictransport.

They have been directed to take necessary action against violators of the anti smoking law. Transport unions, transport managers and representatives of trade unions have been directed to implement the ordinance in their respective areas. ICT Police has been briefed to devise a strategy for the implementation of the ordinance. The ordinance was framed to improve public health, but was never implemented completely. Sources claim that only one case was registered under this law against a violator in 2006.

Following the directions, the ICT administration is organising a public health advocacy seminar on the hazards of smoking on August 22 at the Rural Health Centre, Tarlai from 10 am to 1 pm. Acting District Health Officer Dr Amir Zada Khan will supervise the seminar while Advocate High Court Chaudhry Ishtiaq Maharban will be chief guest on the occasion.


Pirwadhai, Secretariat bus service to start on August 21

The formal inauguration of the Pirwadhai-Secretariat air-conditioned bus service will be held on August 21. Islamabad Chief Commissioner Khalid Pervaiz will inaugurate the bus service. A private company, Al-Shahbaz Travel Company, will initially run 20 air-conditioned buses on the said route. The fare of these buses from Pirwadhai to Secretariat will be Rs 16, while the fare from one stop to the other will be Rs 6.

Al-Shahbaz Travel Company will soon start air-conditioned bus service along a number of other routes in the city as well.


Faisal Chowk – Flyover View

The Faisal Chowk flyover view that’s in process of building up in beginning of blue area right next to the Mighty Centaurus :)

Looks Good, eh ??

See no evil

An Islamabad Model Traffic policeman walks past cars parked in a no-parking zone along the boundary wall of the Islamabad Traffic Police head office. online

Paani Paani kar gayi …

Tress everywhere, uprooted and branches broken – pits filled in with brown water …!

Paani Paani ray

My city, my lovely city ^_^

Colors of Independence – Revisited

14th August, a DAY of celebration, wishful thinking and the day ends … life resumes but is it only a holiday that actually ends for us?

Colors of life on 14th august are re-gathered here, rain too tried to intervene every night … BUT the main point being should we stop thinking of ways to make the progress colorful too?

Today we say Happy Independence Day to our brethren in India too :-)

Mehndi art on independence day is something unique but isn’t it beautiful :-)

Singing milli naghmay and all readied up to represent varied Pakistani cultures


Finally I caught a thief… (Part 2)

Yesterday, because of my readers request and order, I went to Edhi Homes to see how the kid is.

Happy In-Dependence day to you all…


Faiz wrote about his feelings for 1947 some years ago.

Keeping in mind the latest Siege and other events, I believe that not much has changed over time.

The Britishers divided us and conquered us, our rulers are devoid-ing us of our basic rights and making us concur.

It’s a shame, but still [looking at the bright side of the picture]…Happy Independence day to you :-)

PTCL sets it FREE

Oh yes PTCL with its new and revamped look sets you free to call local or nationwide for free today … 12 am to 12 am .. are you enjoying the service :-)

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