Please police, have some mercy…

One of my acquaintances got a bad experience with Motor-way police on Lahore-Islamabad motorway.

I am quoting the letter to the editor that he wrote (which can also be found here).

(Motorway) Police State

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am a graduate of GIKI and presently working in a US-based oilfield services company in Islamabad. Please note that I am a heavy tax payer to Government of Pakistan. My brother, Ali Farooqi, is a second year student at GIKI.

I and my brother were travelling on the M-2 Motorway on September 24. We entered the Lahore interchange at around six am. The duty inspector, Malik Liaquat, in car with registration IDP 2337, asked me for a lift on behalf of his colleague/friend. I politely declined and parked my car near the motorway office at the Lahore interchange and went to the washroom. When I came back, my brother told me that inspector has taken away the entry card and wanted to see me. I did that and was told that my car was wrongly parked. I told him that there were several cars parked along side my car and that there was no “No parking” sign in front of the office. Thereafter, he told me that I have a sun shade on the back screen of the car which is illegal.

The sun shade is completely transparent and I also showed him at least three cars parked there with similar sun shades. Then, he asked me for my driving licence, for which I declined since I was not carrying it at that time. I asked him that he can fine me for that. By this time at least four other police officers also came to the scene. I was then accused of driving a stolen car but this was resolved after showing the vehicle’s registration papers. While processing the fine, Malik Liaqat started using disrespectful words. In response I asked him to be polite and behave appropriately but he paid no heed and continued in the same vein.

I told him that he was a civil servant and should at least show respect to common people. The police officer then proceeded to slap me on my face and abused me – while my sister was nearby. The other four policemen then held me and my brother physically while Malik Liaquat took off his police boots and hit both of us at least four to five times.

I was also accused of hitting Malik Liaquat and of tearing a button from his uniform. This was a false allegation since I had not even touched him. One of the police officers took me to aside and suggested that I shouldn’t stretch the issue since Inspector Malik Liaquat was “really angry” and had even called the nearby police to come and arrest me. I then went to my car. I telephoned my cousin who is a lawer. Meanwhile, the police also came but the officer who had taken me aside kept them at bay. I was then persuaded to write an apology letter clearly stating that I had used abusive language against the inspector and that I was sorry for that. Furthermore, I was told to write that Inspector Malik Liaquat had done no harm to me.

In the meantime, my lawyer cousin arrived at the scene. He told me to reject writing any such letter and advised me to take legal action. This worried the police officials and they then became engaged in discussions with my cousin. After some time, these discussions ended and the motorway police allowed me to leave.

This is a case of pure harassment case involving several uniformed motorway police officers. I was insulted and beaten up on the road side and I was pressurized to write (almost) an apology letter when I had done no wrong. This incident has put me in a state of mental shock and has shattered my image of a cooperative and helpful motorway police. If people like me are treated this way then what to talk of people who have no support from friends and family. Clearly, had my cousin not been a lawyer and had he not arrived at the scene in time I might have been sent behind bars or beaten further.

Omer Farooqi


What I am asking from you – reader – is that if you could give your feedback @ NHMP’s Website or email them.

With expectations of a positive feedback and the expectation of not having such incidence in the future.

That will be great.

Cheers all.

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  1. Aamir Waheed (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 12:53 am

    These police wala’s need to be told that they are serving the PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN.. not the other way around..! Ultimately, action taken against the culprits should happen as part of the system and not because we know someone who will get this inspector out.. if we use the brute force of authority against this guy then it will NOT fix the system.. so please all of you who know DIG’s, IG’s, SSP’s.. no need to get excited.. let this be taken care by the system.. bring it to their attention but don’t push for action.. that way we see what they do to improve the lives of its citizens

  2. Ablai (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 2:55 am

    Police have no right to touch unless it is in self defense. On the other hand please note that the victim was driving on the motorway without a driver’s license.

    Thats why it is important to have security camera’s installed on police cruisers to capture what happened. Also if you strongly feel that civil rights were violated, sue them and drag em to the court.

  3. ALLKNOWING (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 5:18 am

    Talha – Your cousin should use the proper avenues to lodge a complaint. In fact, you have provided a link for feedback to MP. I don’t think this forum will be able to resolve the issue. Rather than projecting this unfortunate incident, you may want to highlight the general attitude of police and public servants towards masses.

  4. BILAL (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 7:45 am

    And remember that you are in Pakistan. Where might is right! And everybody can be harassed – even Mian Nawaz Sharif.

    Sad that this all happened in Ramadan…

  5. DB9 (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 7:59 am

    Have you read the “Mission Statement” of the Highway Police on the HOME page of the link. This case becomes even more interesting after reading that.

  6. MB (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 10:37 am

    Tell MUSH to stick his good governance slogan up his ASS and his man danial aziz.

  7. mo0hamed ali (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 11:10 am

    its very simple
    if u r a pakistani then you and your whole family and friends are famous for being curupt
    we are a curupt nation
    live with it
    bribes thefts
    lies and cheatin is part of being a pakistani.
    so live with it and stop bitc**ing

  8. Hunter (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 1:49 pm

    I have sent the following letter to the feedback link posted above.

    Dear Sir,

    I am an engineer and have worked in Islamabad for about 7 years and commuted to Lahore frequently during that time via motorway (M2). I always found the motorway police to be polite and honest.

    These days I am working abroad so I do not have any direct interaction with the motorway police. However, an incident that I read about on the following two locations has greatly distressed me.

    In my view, the motorway police was the one institution that I, as a Pakistani, could take pride in due to their honest dealing, great level of public service and polite attitude.

    Please stop the slide into mediocrity right here or it may not be too long before you lose the respect of the people and be treated like the ordinary corrupt police. Please punish the errant officer to the full extent of the Law for harassing the citizens.

  9. Paidagir (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 4:10 pm

    why the hell is everything about MUSH and his team .. do you people have any slightest idea of how things work ???
    kal ko aager kissi k gutter band hoo gaye ja tu woh bc bhi mush ko gaaliyan dey ga …

  10. thanos (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 5:31 pm

    Some police are terrible — they spend their life chasing minor traffic infractions and strutting about rather than chase real criminals,that would be too much work for them. Where I live now the police are great, but in the city I came from they were awful.

  11. Kamran (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 6:54 pm

    Wake up! You are in Pakistan

  12. M J I C (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 8:11 pm

    When somebody feels that nobody is going to question him about the acts and things they are doing then this sort of situation normally occurs!!!’
    As POLICE is suffering from this DISEASE so what can we do??
    Is there anyone who is responsible for answering these questions?
    This is just because lack of system and the stability in that system

  13. A A (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 11:36 pm

    I would like to draw your attention towards the behaviour of Motarway Police.
    I would like to narrate the incident happened on Saturday 22nd September,2007 at around 9 o’clock.
    I took bus(Kohistan) heading towards Islamabad from Faislabad. I wanted to drop at Balkasar Interchange and inquired the conductor for it and he agreed upon along with 200 rupees as fair. I took bus on the way to motorway so conductor asked to be seated and will collect the fair.
    As we entered Motorway none of Inspectors got video.
    The conductor started collecting the fair when he approached me I gave him 200 rupees as agreed but he denied and demanded more. I said that we agreed and you should now accept it. He started arguing that he didn’t know when I steped in and after a while he tried to snatch my pursue. I warned him but he never listened and tried to hold of my shirt. I stopped him and tried to call Motorway Help Line (130) and explained the situation and asked for help as I was mid the way between Faisalabad and Pindi Bhattian, in the mean while the conductor tried to snatch my mobile also. Finally I was able to explain my situation to them and they called up inspector who stopped the bus just before Pindi Bhattian.
    When we stepped out the conductor immediatly rushed to inspector saying that I have beaten him and is not giving the fair instead I had paid him off. Inspector inquired me and I explained everything happened to me.
    He responded, “Motorway Police Help Line is not for this purpose”. I was astonished to hear that response from such a responsible person. Secondly he said that your clothes doesn’t show any wrinkle and now should I take you people to police station for the matter.
    Are these the ways to solve the problems?

  14. A for [pine]apple (unregistered) on September 29th, 2007 @ 3:49 am

    For All telling us again and again that we are in Pakistan and we should accept things as it is.

    Exactly this attitude of ours lead to things that we face and complain of later. Not rightfully performing our own duties, the social duties, in the large interest of this land, we call our home.

    At least raise a voice against wrong doings, claim your right, if we’ll start working on our selves – things can become better. Generations to come can breathe in a better Pakistan … but for that stop ridiculing others who raise voice, stand with them.

    Thanks & Cheers !

  15. Junaid Lashari (unregistered) on September 29th, 2007 @ 6:24 pm

    We had a very good notion that motorway police personnel are polite and well groomed. But this incident has shattered the image of motorway police. This man must be punished accordingly because he has put on stake the creadibility of whole department. A prompt action is need of hour.

  16. binary-zero (unregistered) on October 1st, 2007 @ 8:24 am

    why every thing is regarding Mush ?

    man its the trigger down affect and top to bottom approach; the attitude towards general public and masses is coming via higher levels to lower levels.

  17. Kamran (unregistered) on October 2nd, 2007 @ 12:33 pm

    I am sorry to put the current political scenario in this discussion. But when such total lawlessness is shown by “responsible” and “educated” people, you would be wasting your time. Pakistan has only gone downhill since it creation. And please don’t tell me the KSE index and, tall buidlings are signs of progress.

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