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Viking comes …

Viking of our Era

As the elders enjoy their meal at back drop of this picture … the kid takes the liberty to try the beautiful artifacts spread on the tables …!

Isn’t it cute?? Slap yourself if NO comes out :-\

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

Entrepreneur Rises …

WHEN he started his software company, Faizan Buzdar and three friends worked from a spare bedroom in the home of another friend. Their view was inspiring: the lovely house of an entrepreneur who had made a mint from his own start-up. “We would look at it and say we would buy it when we succeeded,” Mr. Buzdar said last week.

We may have read similar tales, again and again, in forwarded emails and various articles. The success stories of Gates and Jobs aspires me and many alike amongst us … around us. But what makes you actually proud? Yes, when you achieve something sound, after reading the success lines of great names, whether it is a step towards major life goal or firmness of faith on thy capabilities. There’s one another thing, we Pakistanis, take pride in. YES, when the mere alphabets P.A.K.I.S.T.A.N get associated with the high fliers of this world – giving an identity to the country and rejuvenating the aims and targets of our youth. Moe Importantly, when the words get into real action.

Faizan Buzdar is the CEO of much heard Scrybe Corporation (Blog), which developed a personal information manager. Nurtured in soil of Islamabad, just recently it has received venture funding from Adobe Systems and L.M.K.R., an information technology services company based in Dubai and Pakistan.

Scrybe might have seemed a long shot to get even this far. Mr. Buzdar, 31, is based in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, hardly known as a haven for software entrepreneurs. And Scrybe is trying to enter a well-established market dominated by Microsoft Outlook in the business world and by Google, Yahoo and a host of smaller companies on the Web. But Mr. Buzdar’s product, which is also called Scrybe and made its debut in a seven-minute YouTube video in October 2006, has drawn sustained interest. The reasons suggest he has figured out something fundamental about how we want access to schedules and related information.

I hereby finish off, en anticipation to find more and more Pakistani names crossing the threshold of pre-dominant western world. All skills and hard work; success written eternally.

Thanks to New York Times for the post summary. And Arsalan Haleem for suggesting the story.

Next Time You Take A Walk..

7th%20Ave.jpgDon’t forget to check out the lights. The roads in Islamabad are beginning to give a different view than it used be be perhaps a year ago. Most of the roads in the sectors have been dualized brightly lit into the wee hours of the night. Sometimes you just feel like going for a walk in the night and enjoy the serenity and the calm under the bright orange street lights.

New Semester Starts ….


And it shows :-D

Sehri Delights -Badaam waala Dhoodh

Fasts in Islamabad stretch on a duration of almost 1 hours … though today teh weather turned really good after rains and night is chilly … with sun blazing in days; nourished Sehri is a must.

Most of us drink a few cups of tea and coffee, to stir our minds up, for the day … forgetting MILK intake as we grow up. So just to address the nourishment needs of our body … why don’t you try Almonds in Milk or Badaam Waala Dhoodh in sehri tomorrow?? Almonds are good in zillions of ways for your mind and body … adding milk to it brighten the scene …!

Though making Almonds in Milk is not difficult or complex at all but still providing you with a good recipe :-)

Hope you’ll try and enjoy it … and may it leave your day even more aspiring, useful and rejuvenated :-)

ECS comes to Islamabad :-)

Yes ladies … Ehsan Chappal Store aka ECS is at last in Islamabad. For first three days, they are giving 10% off … (1 day is left now).

It’s located in F-10 Markaz, on the main double road … in the plaza next to Bakewell.

If you are tired of metro, stiletto, and stylo then go for it … I’m at least happy :-)

No Shoe problems now …!

Sehri Delights – Stuffed Egg Paratha

Sehri is maybe more delightful than the Iftaartime, mainly because families are together … no one invited to any iftaar parties (no, I haven’t been to any Sehri party ever) … and then what’s more fun than eating parathas in the wee hours of day :-)

Yes, when it comes to sahar time – there’s nothing more yummier, tasty and appealing than a crispy paratha … but that’s my choice … I’ve known people gulping the Rabrri Dhoodh Fajar Wellay … and some calorie-conscious buddies may suffice upon A Glass of Juice with a toast only Any variety to add to the list??

Hasan of Lahore Metroblog has started this very interesting series in ramadhan … stepping on his footsteps … here’s any interesting Recipe I tried today taken from Khana Khazana

Stuffed Egg Paratha


1 cup Flour (Whole wheat)
1 no. Egg
1 tsp. Red Chili Powder
1 tbsp. Vegetable Oil
Salt to taste
Black Pepper powder

Recipe’s go in detail – in the post :-)

Ramadhan Cravings …. I

These days , you’ll spot Pakoray, Samosay, Jalebiiyan, and all the oilly delicacies, whose name may pop up in your mind, in every nook and corner of Islamabad … taking the ramadhan cravings further up …!

As the Iftaar time approaches, I want more and more items on the table … How about you??

What are YOUR IFTAAR CRAVINGS … do yo prefer it light or otherwise??Share your Iftaar secrets with us … any special dish or drink you can’t survive without??

Image Courtesy: Dawn

Ramadan Time Table

Here’s a copy of the time table giving the Sehri and Iftar Timings for Islamabad as seen in The Daily Jang on Friday, September 14 2007.

Wishing everybody a wonderful Ramadan ul Mubarak. May the Almighty allow us to understand the true spirit of fasting and give us the fortitude to offer supplications as they are meant to. I pray that the blessings of the Almighty Allah stay with us all, allowing us to be thankful for all that has been granted to us and giving us some peace in the chaotic routines of our lives. Ameen.

20 commandos killed in Tarbela mess blast…

Pakistan is bleeding since the last some months and yesterday, about twenty Commandos were killed in what seems like a suicide attack.

Full details can be read here.

But all of you, who are praying well this Ramadan, please pray for our country.

Pray that peace shadows us from all the internal and external threats and that salvation be dawned upon us.


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