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Moon Last Night

While flickring through photo-streams of PhotoBloggers, I found this information that I didnt knew on Raja Islam’s Picture.

Sky gazers can enjoy the “biggest and brightest” full moon of this year on Thursday and Friday due to its closeness to the earth. “This week’s full moon (October 25/26) will be biggest full moon of 2007,” NASA experts said, BBC reported. Experts cautioned against viewing the full moon through telescope without an appropriate filter as it would affect the eyes. “Some full moons are genuinely larger than others and Thursday night’s will be as much as 14 per cent wider and 30 per cent brighter than lesser full moons we’ve seen earlier this year,” one of the NASA’s alert web sites said.

Undoubtedly, the moon last night was very beautiful and bright too. You saw??

Image Courtesy: JalalsPages

What? No CNG…

I was getting late to work despite the fact that I woke up 30 minutes earlier than my regular wake-up hours.

Reason being that my brother woke up late and I have to drop him to work on my way to work.

And then this bright idea struck to me that why not go get the car fueled up with cng.

When I went to the gas station, I got to know that there is no CNG in Islamabad. And a friend told me that this will remain like this till 7 am tomorrow morning.

Sigh, so much for economic travel of the day. I switched my car to Patrol.

Peter Gabriel was right…”Life carries on, and on, an on…”

The Good Doctor’s Coming

‘The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration.’

Pearl S. Buck

Orlando Bloom of metro-theatrical scene, Osman Khalid Butt, is coming to rock you again with a new flick: The Good Doctor.

In papers and elsewhere, for a month, teasers were in circulation .. some stating The Pain is Love and others You Shouldn’t Let Love Get to Your Head.


Misleadingly leading to the story :-) … how, go figure and that too very soon.

In a Daily Times report, published just recently, the theme telling goes like this:

Filled with passion, gut-wrenching drama and intrigue, the theatrical play, The Good Doctor, is set to enthrall the audience as it traces its macabre tale of ambition, explosive jealousies and a most powerful love.

The love story will be unveiled from 26th of October to 8th of November in Islamabad Club Auditorium. Tickets can be bought from Illusions or Islamabad Club.


On Look for New Authors

Islamabad Metroblog is Hiring and Looking for New authors.

You Love Islamabad; You Love the sights & sounds of this lush city; You have a flare to express; You capture the moods of Islamabad’s life; You’re about Events & Activities here; Cuisine & Couture attracts you …

If the lines above reminds you of YOU, may be you can write for Islamabad Metroblog too. To qualify as an IMB author, you should be:

* A Blogger.
* Living in Islamabad.
* Committed to blog at least 3 times a week and be regular in it.
* City-Specific while posting.

Sounds appealing?? We’d love to hear from you, drop us a mail at Latest by 1st November’07. Mention any queries, concerns along with a brief intro, blog URL, preferred email, & any ideas you’ve for IMB.

Send-in your emails quickly & we’ll get back to you asap.

Hoping to have a great flight with the aspirants for job :-)

Image Credits: Ahsan Rashid

Crime and Poetry…

Obviously, the title is inspired from the Novel. But it has been aesthetically chosen, and excellently advertised.

If you have a knack for acting, try out!

I will definitely be among your audience if you get chosen!

And I WILL write about you on Islamabad metblogs. You have my word for it…

Go ahead, give it your best shot!!!
[Click on the image for a better resolution, full-size image]

Book Fair at IIU

Three-day book fair is being organized at International Islamic University, H-10 campus. A number of stalls have been set up at the fair where books on history, science, computer and biographies are on display.

Tomorrow is the Last Day, if you are a book lover HURRY

Daily Times also reported today about it with more tint of Tariq Azeem :|

So What’s Next?!?

Musharaf Crockery, Musharaf Hoiseries, or Musharaf Capsules?!? Take your pick.Mushi%20Jewellers.jpg

A Chat With Ludovic

Ludovic.JPG Recently I posted about arrival of French traveler who is hitchhiking around the world. I had a chance to chat with him for a while, and it was an interesting meet up.

I reached his place on time as agreed by us on the previous day. I rang the door bell and a soft spoken voice with French accent replied, “I will be right there”. I had earlier looked at pictures of Ludovic on the web, but I was still curious about what he would look like in real life. A few moments later, the door opened and a 6′-4″ figure was standing infront of me. He had grown slight beard, probably out of respect to local customs and cultures (that was confirmed later as well). We walked through the car porch, and into a room which had a table at the center. Ludovic left the room for a while and returned with his laptop and documents. We immediately got down to business.

Melancholy Engulfs My Pakistan

This distracting image is becoming part of my and your life in Pakistan of today. We are peaceful people then who is the culprit designing such bloody ways?? Insane killings. Even though, killings are never sane. Innocent lives of these loyal simpletons is the food to the fire-and-blood-crackers.

A fellow blogger, unaiza, quotes Faiz who wrote many years back …

Is daur-e-bejunoon ki kahani koi likho
Jismon ko barf, Khoon ko paanii koi likho

Koi kaho key haath qalam kis tarah huay
Kyun ruk gai qalam kii ravaani koi likho

Haan taazaa saanehon kaa karay kaun intazaar
Haan dil kii vaaradaat puraani koi likho

Accusations are made. Government as usual will see into the details of this great tragedy that caused lives of 140 and injured 350+. Pakistan is burning slowly and we are rightfully playing our part to drop kerosene over the burning coal drop-by-drop.

Nothing will change; history tells nothing will change. May Allah have mercy on us, and may we have mercy on ourselves too. Get over it to get ready for another. 2007 brought tragedies we can’t encompass.

Karachi, we are with you, we share the grief. Islamabad also saw this year what you were seeing for ages. Fellow bloggers at Karachi Metroblog and Lahore Metroblog tells in detail about the tragic incident of 18 Oct 07 on BB’s procession.

Also Read:
My City Burns ..!, Road Situation: The Morning After …, Daughter of East Returns Home …, Pakistaniat reports too.

Beggars are Scary

Since the start of Ramdhan, the very first thing that you’ll notice “en abundance” in Islamabad roads and markets are beggars. A day before Eid I had the chance to visit Jinnah Super. Even before the car is parked, beggars in all sizes are already by the window. Not only the sizes vary, the tactics and begging techniques are different too. The most common are the white-collared beggars (no offence; white-collar is an act that they play); dressed nicely and asking for some financial “help” after a long narration of sufferings.

Anyhow, I experienced a completely new thing in the world of begging on Saturday. In the Chen One enclosure of Jinnah, a woman clad in a malang-ish dress, with lots of beaded strings around her neck … acting as if mute and dribbling a lot too, was literally clutching every passer-by’s arm. If not that, she would just enter in a shop, supposedly asking for money through her gestures. The sketch of her appearance may sound not-so-bad, but she certainly had some scary aura.

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