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Hello Shivers and Chill

Long awaited chilly rains and winds, at last, comes to my city :-) And man they came with a big bang. By 5-45 pm in the evening, the winds broke all barriers and were chilly and speedy :-)

So winter finally arrives in here; this first spell of rains sound promoising to end the dry spell, causing influenzas, in town :\ Sun’s losing its bite day by day, warm clothings out, geysers turned to HOT, people enjoying their evenings alongwith nuts (not crazy).

So, Enjoy the Winters, Shiver and feel at home with Heaters … become a heater junkie!

Image Courtesy: Suhail (Flickr)

Over to Gen. Kiyani


General Pervez Musharraf, who happens to be the President of Pakistan, will get done with his service as Chief of Army Staff (COAS) today morning. He will hand over the command of Pakistan Army to Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani in a ceremony to be held in GHQ. He will resign as army chief and then will take oath of the office of President of Pakistan.

Its quite interesting to note that “President of Pakistan” will take oath of the office of “President of Pakistan” on Thursday, November 29, 2007. Attorney General of Pakistan has been quoted as saying that the oath will be taken under 1973 constitution. Again its interesting to note that although PCO (2007) has put the 1973 constitution in abeyance, yet the oath will be taken under 1973 constitution.

Pampered Food ;-)

An archaic definition of Pampered is indulging in rich food … so do you really want to indulge in rich food served like this??? ;-)

Taken at Jinnah Super – Though it’s just the carton of Pampers being utilized but STILL the yucky feeling can stay. Next time see and ensure what you are eating in :>

Image courtesy: Awahid

PS: For details on Nawaz Sharif’s Return, Stay tuned to Lahore Metroblog.

Care for the Salmon or Tuna Steak?

I mean either way you go, its a win win situation… well that is if the cook knows whats up…

Well boys and girls, the following post is definitely for those who enjoy having fun, so if you do not fall into this category of individuals, please take your eyes elsewhere… you might even require some psychiatric evaluations… but hey I’m just Mr. Islamabad… not your shrink or pharmacist…

A walk in the…

One of the most joyous thing to do in Islamabad is to visit Faisal Mosque. For both religious and aesthetic reasons. The beauty of the mosque is that whenever and in whatever season you visit it, you will get a different aesthetic value. It’s a feeling beyond words.


You may get a glimpse of the latest beauty in the following pictures.


P.S. You do remember it being one of the gifts too, don’t you?

2F.jpg 1F.jpg

Comparing apples with apples this time…

Update: It gives me immense pleasure to tell that we did get noticed by Hasan Mubarak of Metroblogging Lahore here.

Thanks Hasan.


I did review Cinepax for you earlier.

This time it’s DHA Cinema Lahore.

I watched the movie “The Bourne Ultimatum” on both the cinemas, so my opinion wouldn’t be totally biased. Although Einstein did say that “Common sense is all the biases collected that a person has by the age of 18”. But still I will try to be fair and square.

As you can see for yourself in the following pictures, no doubt that the quality of cinema, seats, washrooms :D, et al is a lot better in Cinepax Islamabad in comparison to DHA Cinema Lahore. What’s not so evident in these pictures is the fact that the quality of sound is better in DHA Cinema Lahore.

But the fact still remains is that if you have been to Cinepax, DHA Cinema will not be able to impress or entertain you to it’s fullest.

Rest is just your own opinion, go there and form your very own.

You might as well like to share it over here.

Best, cheers!!!











Hole in the soul, sole, road…

For all those who have been hunting for bridal wears for any of their family members in Islamabad/Pindi, you would know Mohsin Sons, Popular, Fashion ka Ghar et al.

You would also know how rushy an area that is. The following is a picture just outside Mohsin Sons.

The hole would be at-least 15 feet deep.

It’s a pity!!!


When Eagles Dare

hope your ready to read this….

Are you sitting? what you stand while using your PC/Laptop, quite a talent… back to me.

Its those little things that you might notice, that make everything all soooo much better…

So I wake up today…

of course to the crisp golden sun, 8:30 am not so bad considering I was up till 4 am… its that natural time clock thing…

I’m pretty sure I looked outside my window and saw a flock of 40 golden eagles circling outside my window…

ok no it wasn’t like that classic flick called “The Birds”… they hadn’t gone insane, they were chillin, might be an early mating season thing… They were in a group so I assumed they were vultures, but I got a good look at em, they had characteristics of birds of prey

I got some sweet footage on my cell phone, a few of the eagles flew about 20 yards away from me (I got football on my mind), but they look tiny and extremely distant… which reminds me of wanting to post some vlogs (video logs)

I’ve already seen some wild boars, now all I gotta do is catch a glimpse of that rare margala mountain leopard.

Its just nice to live in a large city and still be able to enjoy wildlife from your bedroom…

This ends our transmission: Stay tuned for some night life reviews coming sooner than later!

Twin Bomb Blasts Kill Many

Twin suicide blasts killed at least 16 people in the Pakistani garrison town of Rawalpindi adjoining Islamabad early on Saturday, the military said, including 15 aboard a defence ministry bus.

A suicide bomber rammed a car into the back of the bus outside an intelligence service office carrying ISI personel. Another bomber blew up his car at a checkpoint outside army headquarters. The death toll is expected to rise, as some news agencies are quoting atleast 35 to be dead.

IMB in Urdu too ;-)

V posted on LMB, LMB in Urdu, and its so funny I couldn’t resist posting it here.

There’s this website,, enter a website address and view it all in Urdu (unicode). I did so with Islamabad Metroblog and here are a few things it came up with …. Click here to view Islamabad Metroblog in Urdu. ((For some fun into Authors profile :>))

_____>>> More bad news = مزید گھٹیا خبر

_____>>> I am a Pakistani = میں ایک پاکستان کا باشندہ ہوں

_____>>> Enlightened City (:P) = ہدایات دیا شہر

_____>>> A for [pine] Apple (a hit to my ego) = ایک کیلئے[بیماری سے گھل]سیب :

Go Figure :-P

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