Fire !

A year ago I saw a very disturbing scene: A fire truck blaring its horns (sirens, whatever), stuck in traffic at Blue Area’s main chowk. The unrelenting commuters of our dear city may have been responsible for someone’s house being burned down. Does it bother anyone else that we live in a city that is growing at the speed of light (I’m full of clich├ęs) and yet has only one fire brigade station? And this is in a country that relies on open fire for heating and cooking (and no fire extinguishers). Located in G-7/1, the old fire brigade station is just not enough to cover an entire city. What if there is a fire somewhere in E-11? Now you don’t call the fire brigade unless it’s serious, right? So its serious, and someone calls 15 and after what seems like ages, they answer your call, tell the fire brigade, they do their whole macho getting ready bit (do they slide down poles in Pakistan?) and at least 15 minutes later they are on their way. If your really unlucky, its rush hour and the traffic jams from hell are here. And just to make things worse, His Highness decides to go somewhere, so the traffic gets worse. So taking all this into consideration it will take at least 45 minutes for the fire truck to get to E-11 and start putting the fire out. At this point it’s not about saving the house, but about stopping the fire from spreading. So this “planned” piece of heaven of ours isn’t all that planned after all.

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  1. Talha (unregistered) on November 13th, 2007 @ 11:52 am

    We’ve a fire-concerning person on block.

    Nice, thanks!!!

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