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Upcoming Event – NIMS Fashion Show 2007


The NUST Institute of Management Sciences is organizing its largest fashion show ever on November 26th, 2007. The show is called Schism, and its theme is the merging of two contrasts to make a whole – the Angel and the Demon within every man. According to the organizers, it will consist of a series of segments taking the audience through various stages of a man’s life: the teenager, the man, the innocent, the dark – an exploration of all his hidden facets, all those sides of him that few ever get to see. The tagline of the show is, ‘Know the secrets of life.’

As he comes home …

he gets greeted by many.

Lahore Metroblog is covering full details of Imran Khan’s detention, the protests, and likewise incidents.

4 Man Show

This for all those who are missing Bolta Pakistan, I believe this the best show ever


Maps, lots of maps…

I posted about Islamabad Maps earlier.

This time, I would like to tell about a better option.

Check it out, folks!!!

And do email them appreciating their effort if you find the site worthy of your time, else a little positive criticism won’t harm too!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday, IMB

Happy Birthday IMB
Seems like just yesterday when we announced the completion of ONE YEAR here. Time really flies. Here we are again celebrating the completion of second year and entrance in third :-)

~~ Happy 2nd Birthday IMB … lalaalaala ~~

A few old leaves sticking together, still some who are lost in this huge world, and the recent additions … wow … it’s the e-life afterall!!!

With all our readers, the journey was delightful … wishing for the same cold and hot relationship between us in future too ;-)

Last but not the least, a warm BRAVO to all the co-authors of for bringing the islooitte-metro life in the e-world … thanks dudes and dudettes & Keep going up and up ;-) !!!

Cheers & Celebrate!!!
Special thanks to a dear friend, Hina, for creating this delightful image :-)


“Enlightened” City

“Stunning”, as somebody very rightly described in comments:


“Enlightened” City – A merged Image of Islamabad City

Its not just a great site, but a great eye (and a great camera too) needed for a great snap. Bukhari sb seems to have all the three.

Yeah, you can take the quotation marks the way you desire :)

And look at this :


Where Have All The Good Men Gone?


Like most of my compatriots, I am deeply saddened by the government’s persecution of the media. The shameful tragedy that was the shutting down of the entire Geo Network is earning the most vehement protests of all, and deservedly so. (I was glad to read in The News yesterday, though, that Geo is planning to launch itself from a new location very soon – jiyo, Geo!)

On a personal level though, what has contributed most greatly to my own heartbreak over the media’s situation is the fact that Aaj TV has stopped airing Live With Talat. Aaj TV, as you probably know, has been allowed to resume transmission. However, the government’s conditions for its resumption included the cancellation of two of Aaj’s leading current affairs programs: Live With Talat and Bolta Pakistan. Both programs have been off the air since Aaj’s return to the screen, thus depriving Pakistan of the broadcasting brilliance of Talat Hussain, Nusrat Javed, and Mushtaq Minhas.

Children Day??

Can any Children’s Day be vital enough to promise this child a bright future???

How Mobilink Makes a Killing on Blackberry

The nice glossy ads with Shan and “beautiful wife at home”, the great PR and marketing strategy, shiny white teeth, smiling and laughter – all this is the indigo world of Mobilink – but beneath the shiny, glossy world of Shan & Co is a deep dark sinister underbelly that is the corporate scams of Mobilink.
I recently took my blackberry phone to get it activated from the Mobilink HQ in Roshan Plaza (downstairs is the Merc showroom…. tooooo expensive). I got into their trendy lift up to the 3rd floor to meet a Ms Annie (?) who was going to activate my Vodafone Blackberry so I could receive my emails without loss of further hair… she agreed that I could activate the Blackberry on the Mobilink service, all I had to do was take out a postpaid connection – easy I thought – but then we were rudely interrupted by an underling from the next cubicle who warned her that she could lose her job if she did that !…. how? well this is how Mobilink make an absolute fortune from you and I who just want to use thier Blackberry to get emails..
It transpired that even if she gave me a connection and activated my existing phone, Mobilink carries out a monthly scan of IMEI numbers (that ridiculous long number stored in your handset which only phone geeks can remember by heart) to check if all the activated units using their Blackberry service have been BOUGHT FROM MOBILINK… if they find the handset was not bought from Mobilink they will cancel your connection – what a ripp off I thought… So they make sure they sell you THIER Blackberry handsets and make loads of money in the process…. now I understand why they have their HQ on top of a Merc showroom, they can go downstairs and buy one.

Wanna take a break … ?

Orienteering is an outdoor sport enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. It is a form of land navigation in which ‘orienteers’ use an accurate, detailed map and a compass to find points in the landscape. It can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods or as a competitive sport. It provides the suspense and excitement of a treasure hunt.

In collaboration with Adventure Foundation Pakistan (AFP) , Asian Study Group (ASG) has designed an introductory course to help you to learn rough and find skills of land navigation, use of map and compass, pacing and using attack points. By the end of this weekend course you will be changed from an enthusiastic beginner to an eager competitor.

The course is physically challenging but not strenuous. It is not beyond the reach or ability of any person from age 12 and above.

We will drive to Abbottabad in a Hiace Van in the afternoon (at 3:00 pm from United Bakery front) on 24th November (Saturday). At Abbottabad we will stay in the camping site of Adventure Training Centre of AFP. We will be back in Islamabad on the evening of 25th November (Sunday). Coaching, equipment for orienteering, simple boarding and lodging with meals and transport will be provided.

For more information contact ASG office @ (051) 287 5891 or you may talk to backpacker.

PS: No, I didn’t forget to mention, its Rs. 2500/- per head.

Update (2:52 PM, November 19, 2007)
The course has been postponed till further notice :( for some unknown reason.

@ Shahab, IUnknown
Dekha !! laga di na nazar :)

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