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Benazir Bhutto: No More

Unconfirmed reports say Benazir Bhutto is killed after a suicide Bombing attack on PPP’s campaign rally in Liaqat bagh this evening.

PPP spokesman Farahtullah Babar said Ms Bhutto was only some 50 metres away when the bomb exploded, the Associated Press news agency reports. “She had just crossed the gate when we heard a deafening sound.” She was said to be leaving after addressing the rally when explosion occured.

Was taken to RGH where she died in Operation Theatre. BBC reports as well. News is officially confirmed now.

MSN in its Most Influential Women of 2007 list ranked Benazir Bhutto at second position; she couldn’t live to see the light of 2008 though.

BTW, It reminds me of these verses in Punjabi …

سدا نہ باغ وِچ بُلبُل بولے سدا نہ رہن بہاراں

دشمن مرے تے خوشی نہ کريئے سجناں وی ٹُر جانا

Pakistan on High-Alert …!

ps: Please show some respect towards the dead while commenting.

Is it even Justifiable?

I read the following story in today’s Dawn and it left me sour. Can anyone justify this act?? The nation was assured that VVIP culture will end.

A taxi driver rushing his expecting wife to a hospital here last week was blessed with a son but ended up in jail for his pains. His crime? He got into an altercation with a policeman who wouldn’t let him enter a road sealed off for “VVIP movement”.

Rashid Mehmood, the taxi driver, was in great hurry because his wife was having labour pains. But his pleas did not budge the policeman who was guarding the Islamabad Highway as President Pervez Musharraf’s convoy was to pass through it.


Millat ka Paasban hay – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Apart from Christmas, Pakistan celebrates 25th December as Quaid e Azam Day. Praying not only for the progress, peace, and solidarity of our beloved homeland on this day … we pray for eternal peace and blessings of Allah on Quaid too, also knows as Babaa e Qaum (Father of the Nation). We may have still been fighing; it was his astuteness that blessed us with a piece of land we pollute call our home.

I’d like to share the words written by Dr. Adil Najam on All Things Pakistan last year … a profound thought, said by Quaid decades ago, yet we are dismissing it for decades – needs to be injected in our bloods.

“You are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any caste or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the state.”

Of course, his vision was not always followed. But on this, the eve of Pakistan’s Independence Day, there could not be a more timely moment to remind ourselves what the vision was.

Pakistan is a Pakistan for all Pakistanis. Equally.

Image Courtesy: Dr. Ghulam Nabi Kazi on Flickr – You can view many historical and unseen pics of Jinnah – The Quaid in Dr. Ghulam Nabi Kazi’s photostream.

Pre-XMas Fever

With many foreign missions residing in Islamabad and diplomats roaming around, Christmas feels at home in here. Just give a visit to Kohsar in F-6/3 and you’ll find yourself surrounded by merry christmas signs, red-clad Santas and interesting christmas trees.

If you’ve to select some interesting jingle bells for your home or want to give a nice xmas presnt to a friend – Kohsar’s your destination.

I even found a Santa broom hanging around ;-)

Jump to the complete post for more pics :>

Zibahkhana Opens at Cinepax


Don’t you just love that a movie called Zibahkhana would choose to open on Eid-ul-Azha? It certainly appeals to my sensibilities, as did the film itself when I watched its premiere at the Islamabad Club this summer.

Eid Mubarak & Geo Mubarak

Geo TV and AAG TV back on cable in Islamabad but Geo News and Geo super still at large, any way I believe this is a positive step form government side and hope in future they will be more tolerant about media

Eid Kay Rang: Men & Women

For men on eid

Where men are busy in animal selection, buying, feeding, and slaughtering chores ….

Women are selecting chooriyaan, mehndi, and dresses for the whole family.

Bakra Byte-by-Byte

hassle%20free%20bakra.JPG As Eid-ul-Adhaa is approaching, bakra mandi is becoming more and more inacessible ~ thanks to the heavy traffic. If you are not a big fan of going and selecting the animal yourself, you can always book it online. Remember its E-Bakra Era …!

Unfortunately, couldn’t find any Online Bakra delivery service in Islamabad but I found Online Qurbani. The site’s has some interesting FAQs that can arm you with the right questions to ask from a bakray wala during selection and bargain.

The price range is as usual HIGH as we noticed last year. You’ll go prepared but beware of pickpockets too … !!

I’m pasting below a few Bakra-related terms I learnt last year. May help you :)

Rudolph? Is That You?


Santa Claus is a man who believes in going local wherever he may be. During the Christmas season in Australia, for example, you’ll find him at a barbecue on the beach, wearing bermuda shorts and flipflops.

And in Islamabad, you might see him riding a camel down the street.

China Town is no more…

For all those who, like me, have been a fan of Chinese food.

China Town – Rana Market – the Chinese restaurant is no more.

I don’t know whether it will reincarnate from its ashes like a Phoenix :D, but I sure do hope so.

If not – RIP, my love!!!

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