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A Display or/of Laziness??

Any hints on what this tank is doing on G.T. Road?

May be we have too many to spare for such displays? or may be our junk yard, which is quite nearby, is too small to keep this in? Please don’t tell me that this is some kind of a monument.


You are coming from Taxila to Islamabad and a little before Islamabad/Motorway turning, there you go with this somewhat lousy display of our Armed Force.

Startup Insiders #3, Islamabad, 31st Jan!

Startup InsidersIn what we can call a who’s who of Islamabad Rawalpindi and Pakistan in general would be attending a one of it’s kind event being held for and by people in the local startup community.

It is a good opportunity for investors and prospective new comers in this field to familiarize themselves with the few names that are there in this field, and learn of ways and paths of making a their work a success.

You must be living under a rock or in a cave not to know that Pakistan today is a hotbed for foreign and local investment in IT and software development market. Projects like Brightspyre, Scybe,, and many other companies working in the development sector are poised and ready to receive investment through their projects.

The list of speakers for Islamabad is as follows:

  • Ovais Ashraf, CEO, Trivor Software / Trango
  • Faisal Chohan, CEO Cogilent Systems / Brightspyre ; possibly also Atif Mumtaz
  • Faizan Buzdar – CEO, Scrybe Corp.
  • Osama Hashmi, CEO, CDF Software – (Green & White)
  • Zahid Mirza, Netsol Technologies
  • Saeed Qadri, CEO, Voxel Communications
  • Faisal Qureshi, CEO, Kolachi Advanced Technologies
  • Jehan Ara, President, PASHA

It will be a 3 hour session, like the one held in Karachi with PixSense and the one planned for Lahore.

Date: Thursday, January 31.
Time: 6pm to 9pm.
Venue: LMK Resources, ETC beside Marriot Islamabad.
Organizers: LMK Resources, P@SHA, Green and White.
Courtesy: Green & White
Link: [Green & White Post]
Investor? Info for you.

Islamabad – The first pakistani green city!

According to the country’s Federal Minister for Environment Syed Wajid
Hussain Bukhari, the plan is being developed in consultations with all
the stakeholders and would enable Pakistan to declare Islamabad as a
green city.

He further said that Islamabad green city action plan, provides for
energy conservation strategies, solid waste reduction and management,
water conservation and quality management, wastewater management
and urban design.
It also provides for air quality management, seasonal fumigation,
maintenance of parks and gardens, enhancement of tree plantation and
grass cover, launching of public awareness campaigns, introduction of
environmentally friendly transport and the introduction of green
journalist awards.

A very good initiative, if i do say so myself. Islamabad Traffic Police became a beacon of hope and a viable solution for the rest of the country (with the Lahore City Traffic Police and hopefully in Karachi soon too), lets hope this new program brings fruit as well. Lets make a pact to ensure we play our part in making Islamabad a green city!

Quit playing games with my heart

IESCO is playing the game with us every day, every night.

The load shedding is happening for 5+ hours in Islamabad. That is very unlikely from what happens in Lahore or other similar cities. What’s the point to switch off lights from 1-2 AM or 3-4 AM?

Aye IESCO! Please take pity on us. Can’t it be possible to seclude the electricity of all markazs and void them compulsorily of light from 8 PM onwards. Anything?? Anything???

Toon courtesy: Maxim

It’s all about the ShoeS…

There is an upto 51% discount on all shoes at STylo in the month of February.

Shop till you drop, that’s what they say?

Go girls, go go go…

Wateen goes green with Google Earth

I was visiting Wateen franchise today in order to get a couple of things for my recently purchased Wateen WiMAX package, when I heard the lady behind the big glass-table asking the customer, “This is the road you are talking about, now tell me which street is your house in?” I was thinking if are they keeping some detailed map of the city or what? She turned the face of her LCD towards the customer to give him a better view of the map or whatever she was talking about. Out of curiosity I got closer to the screen. And she was actually pointing on a satellite image of the city hosted in Google Earth. I was like, woww!!!.

Before this, for me at least, Google Earth was just a cool application used by people to look at different places in the world from upside, at a distance of few kilometers, just for fun. E.g. I remember when it was launched how excited I was on locating a blurred image of my own house and then my school and my university and my workplace and ….
But it was all fun.

And today I just realized that apart from fun, how useful it can be for some serious business as well.

The guys at Wateen actually locate your house on Google Earth, get the coordinates (longitude/latitude), provide these coordinates to their own system, which then maps these coords to the their signal-strength map, and they are able to tell you if the your house is in their operating radius or not, and if it is, what is the strength of signal in that area. Also on receiving some complaint, they get your coords from their db, and check if something is wrong with the signals in your area.

Good use of technology Wateen guys. Keep it up.

P.S. Although my experience with the staff at franchise was not that pleasant as I expected it to be, and also if you call their call center they put you on an unusually long wait before somebody picks your call, but the connection is quite good. So if you are thinking about trying it, you can safely go ahead. I am using it for a month now, and I had no issues with it, AS OF NOW. Who knows about tomorrow :)

The Electricity Shortage: How We Can Help At Home

Those magical city lights: If you’ve been up in the hills at night, you know just how lovely Islamabad can look from above. (Disclaimer: This photo is not mine. Click here to go to the page from where I ripped it off.)

We human beings are terrible at conserving things. Water, forests, food, electricity – we are wasteful of all the things we most need to save. But that’s not something about ourselves we can’t change. And change it we ought, because the people of Pakistan are among those nations of the world that are all too familiar with the finite nature of all things on earth.

Just one of the most current examples of this is the electricity shortage in our country, and the resulting routine of loadshedding in our daily lives. Our government says that citizens must do all they can to conserve electricity. It neglects, as it always does, to apologize for not doing its own job – for it is the responsibility of the state to ensure its citizens have all the basic resources they need. Loadshedding aside, how frightening it is that in this day and age there are villages in Pakistan that do not have any electricity at all.

So yes, we are victims of really lousy administration. But even if we were not, we would still have our own civic duties to fulfill. We owe it to ourselves, to each other, and to the Earth, to do our part for electricity conservation. And there’s really no better time to start than now.

Now, I’ve developed some pretty bad habits, with regards to electricity consumption. But lately I’ve really been trying to mend my ways at home, and I’d like to share a few simple things on here for you to consider as well. Most are obvious, others are novel, but nearly all of them are things that need to be nurtured as habits – for a more energy-efficient lifestyle. Here they are:

Welcome To The Stone Age

candle.jpgIt seems as if Pakistan is officially on road to wining the race to stone age. The latest crises hitting Islamabad is the outrageous load shedding. Scheduled and unscheduled power outages for long hours have forced every business and household to suffer. Can anyone imagine that in an age of the so called “economic prosperity” with “highest GDP” in the region we have a shortage of 3000 megawatts. The government has failed to come up with any notable power projects in the past eight years. But who do we have to complain to when we have rulers who are not answerable to their people for their incapability as opposed to an elected government representatives. Pakistan requires around 11,000 megawatts per day, while the per day availability is around 8,000 megawatts. The officials said that the shortfall might increase to 5,000 megawatts during the upcoming summer.

Geo Musharraf

An SMS that was circulating today – couldn’t help sharing in light of fatima’s post on Aata Crisis.

Though, I do feel its not justified to put the WHOLE BLAME on musharraf alone.

What do you think the policies made in this city affect us or the ones abroad?

no candidate fit for my vote!

That seem’s to be the dominant answer to the question “why wont you vote”. However, it brings up an interesting question. Who is the candidate?

From the previous discussion we’ve had on why wont you vote, it appears the ‘candidate’ is the leader on top of each political party. However, i ask you this. Who *is* the actual candidate? The leader on top might go ahead to be Prime Minister and make decisions for the functioning of this country, but s/he is not determined by you. They do not represent you, they do not even know you exist for the large part, and they are not the ones asking for your vote.

You vote for your local candidate. The one who’ll be representing your constituency, the one who’ll be fighting for or against laws which directly affect the people in their area, so that they can get another term. They will have an agenda, which i agree largely follows the party agenda which is nothing currently but ‘continue the policies set forth by the previous government’ in most cases, but still, there’s is a more localized one. Your local candidate is the one who ‘should’ care about you, should care about getting your vote and should care about getting your voice heard in the assembly. They will not do it, unless you make them realize that your vote is not free, and they’ll have to work towards it.

To all the readers, i put forth this one question, which constituency do you belong to? And who are your candidates?

This post in part of a series of posts to understand the current apathy our visitors feel towards elections and democracy.

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