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Brave PAF Instructor dies saving lives in a plane crash in GIKI!

In a bizarre and uneventful happening in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) of Topi, Swabi, an instructor of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) dies while guiding his subject aircraft (a Karakorum 8 – K8 trainer) into a clear area and the trainee ejecting. The airplane seems to have hit a mali (gardener) on it’s way down, who lost his life.

A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jet T-37 (correction: K-8) has crashed near Swabi in NWFP province, the preliminary reports said Tuesday.

The PAF jet crashed in the compound of the Gulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science and Technology in Tobi area of Swabi District according to the PAF.

The pilot is dead and a gardener on the ground is also feared to have expired in the crash, the sources said. (GEO)

Watch this space for pictures and more updates.

Inna lilahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon!

Nayatel Broadband in town

nayaLogo.jpgI was browsing the newspaper this morning when I found out an exciting offer by a new broadband ISP, Nayatel. Nayatel offers internet, television (cable) and telephony. Tripleplay, as they call it, seems to be the new thing with the up-coming telecommunications companies.

The most attractive part of the offer was their unlimited download timings. Their package offers 512 Kbps speed for 6GB, and unlimited downloads from 8:00 p.m to 8:00 a.m & on Sundays, all at Rs. 1,199/-. Which is Rs. 200 I pay for this wretched connection, at a slower speed, lesser download/upload limit and that can’t even get Blogger for me to open. I hope someone at Dancom listens, and listens in on their competitors in the market too…

Anyone who’s started using Nayatel? I wonder what their services are like.

How To Start An Aata Crisis

If you remember your Pak Studies textbook from school, you probably don’t remember much besides the colour of its jacket, and that Raja Dahir was a very bad man indeed.

But one of the other things you probably do remember is that you learned that wheat is Pakistan’s staple crop. Pakistan’s super crop. Wheat is to Pakistan what chocolate is to Willy Wonka. Well, kind of. At any rate, Pakistan’s average production of wheat over many years has been 21.5 million metric tons, making it the 9th largest producer of wheat in the world. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reported that in 2005 Pakistan produced over 21.6 million metric tons of wheat, more than all of Africa (20.3 million metric tons) and nearly as much as all of South America (24.5 million metric tons).

And then in January 2007, the government of Pakistan predicted a bumper crop of 23.5 million tons – the highest ever production of wheat in Pakistan’s history.

Of course, this estimate was being made two months earlier than such estimates are usually made, but at the time we didn’t really think about that. 23.5 million tons of wheat were coming!

Winter Chill, Nights & Peanuts

The best part about winters in here is the munching of roasted peanuts when light is gone, heaters blazing full and the chill’s increasing outside :-)

Ain’t aye??

Let the heat come in :-)

why wont you cast a vote?

From the poll that we ran recently, 37 people voted, out of which 48% said you will NOT cast a vote, while 30% said they will. The rest of the visitors were not from Islamabad, hence not eligible.

All the reasons you guys have NOT to vote in the upcoming
elections. The most logical reasons, i’ll make a poll of and we’ll see
how many people share your view.

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Who’d Have Thought 1989 Would Become So Braggably Ancient?


Only today did I notice that Pappasallis prints the words ‘Since 1989’ on its pizza boxes.

And all at once, I felt like the year 2008 is a really long way away from the first time I ate out with my family at this fancy Italian restaurant and ordered asparagus soup, much to the disgust of my cousins.

Man. ‘Since 1989.’

Will you vote in the upcoming Elections?

Have your say! Would you in Islamabad go out and vote on Feb 18?

rule of law?

Everybody screams about having the rule of the law enacted to counter rampant lawlessness we’re witnessing in the country. But when it comes to their own backyards, these people are the first to say “to hell with it, i’ll do it MY way!”

Take building codes for example. There’s a reason different area’s are zoned as either commercial, residential or industrial, so that necessary utility services and amenities can be given to them. Consider parking issues, supply of gas, water and electricity and so forth to these areas, and you’ll understand what i mean. E.g. commercial zones are normally closer to transport networks, have provisions for parking, and are easier to get utilities in. While residential zones are farther away, and generally built to have a sense of quiet, calmness, and recreational areas. However, that doesn’t stop people in our part of the world to denounce these zones and build up whatever they wish, where ever they wish!

Residential zones are the first to be converted, which have relatively larger areas and lower rentals, these properties are the first to be commercialized in the form of offices, embassies and schools, creating havoc not only for the residents of these areas, but to the thousands who must commute here everyday.

And when the authorities do step in , what happens? Fines are disregarded and business continues as normal. Where are the proponents of justice now? Where are the enforcers of law now? And more importantly, if no one gives a damn about laws, why scream in the first place?

Flour Crisis: In Continution

Do we need to say more after seeing expression of Joy and Helplessness on this old fellow’s face.

Image courtesy: Dawn

long lines at the pump!

When you thought of Islamabad a couple of years back, you thought of a sleepy little town, with an elitist population, tucked away in a corner of the country with little or no care in the world.

Then things changed, and the sleepy little town started booming. Now you travel here and you find all the trappings of an upcoming modern city! Flyovers, underpasses, construction everywhere, filled shopping centers, and finally long lines at the pumps!

Today, i had to run my car on petrol, because the four pumps i visited, had lines of upto 20 cars deep waiting for CNG!!

Islamabad is truly waking up!

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