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Transformation: Project Islamabad

Daily Times printed this picture two days back. One of the most important road junction in Islamabad.


One can easily guess which place it is. Currently whole Islamabad looks like this brown and raw. Tree-Free.

I hope that’s not going to be the final face of my Green City.




Ok, I was having a post-lunch, lonesome walk outside my office yesterday when I spotted this accident.

I asked the people around, why don’t you guys shift the cab somewhere else so that further accidents can be avoided
since it’s a busy intersection of roads and things might turn from bad to worse and it will be bad to get out of frying pan into the fire.

But no one listened, and everyone started rumbling and so I had to leave…

But the question still remains, how long will we cause pains and horrifying bumps in others ways just for the heck of making an impression or something…

Had hai yar, what shit…


Where in Islamabad?



Startup Insiders # 5: Steaming Out

Backpacker informed about Startup Insiders Session # 5 coming to Islamabad for the second time last week. Mansoor’s review about the last session was equally enthralling.

Resultant: I ended up at Planet X on 23rd february. Whoa! there were definitely 100+ people sitting in the huge studio-like auditorium. An advertisemnet from Apple’s starting years was screening at that time. And then onwards, many other videos were shown alongwith a heated up (and at times cooled) discussion on Innovation and Creation. Agenda of the day circled around:

– Do I really need a killer product or service idea to be an entrepreneur?
– What is Innovation? Is innovation necessary for building a successful business?
— How do I think about building my product? How do I innovate in my business?

Having missed the previous session, I felt alientated towards a few things and terms (marketing and advertising centric). The only concept thoroughly liked and felt well-presented was the one by Faisal Qurishi. (In my personal opinion, why can’t we give due regard to our language, FQ did that in diamond cut :-))

I’m all for the promotion of such an excellent idea (not to forget the hard work done to do so in the background). But
what I felt missing from the session was:

a) Recap of key entrepreneurial queries.
b) Defining the boundaries of event & session strictly. Avoidance of patchyness at all costs.

Reviews from Organizers and Panelists after the jump :-)

Blast in Rawalpindi

There has been a blast in Rawalpindi – Saddar. It happened in front of NADRA office at Mall Road, opposite Mall Plaza. There has been reports of casualties and many injured. As per GEO TV, a vehicle loaded with gun-powder collided with another vehicle which caused the blast.

Three persons including Lt. General Mushtaq Baig (Army Medical Corps), his driver and guard died in the blast.

Gen. Mushtaq was principal of Army Medical College, Rawalpindi.

It seems the blast was targeted on General’s car.

[ GEO | BBC ]

King of His Own World

Brings a smile but comes with thoughts you can’t easily push off from your mind. Image Courtesy:I M R A N

The Next PM?

As All Things Pakistan raise a question about probable Next President … I still can’t figure out who is going to run for the Prime Minister’s presitigious chair.

Strong speculatons give way to Makhdoom Amin Fahim. He seems like a sensible sane person but not an assertive type. Will he be your choice?

Who do YOU (the awaam) see as Prospective Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Startup Insiders #5, Islamabad, 23rd Feb

Planet%20X.JPGIn a series of events to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan the next event, named Startup Insider #5, is being held at Planet X Entertainment Theater Islamabad. The event is open for all, so you can just drop by without any prior registration

The theme of this event is : How do I make sure my technology idea is linked with a business need and demand in the market?

Some the important questions that will be addressed in this event include.

Do I really need a killer product or service idea to be an entrepreneur?
What is Innovation? Is innovation necessary for building a successful business?
How do I think about building my product? How do I innovate in my business?


Low turnout at work today

All over the city, im hearing of low turnout at various offices. Even while on the streets, the number of cars on the roads were quite less than normal here.

Are people still waiting for election results and a answer to their uncertain future? Or are they looking for an excuse to slack off? What was the turn out at your workplace?

Aur Cycle puncture hogayi …

And as I listen to …

Too much love will kill you
Just as sure as none at all
It’ll drain the power that’s in you
Make you plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make you crazy
You’re the victim of your crime

Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore have seen a clean sweep of PML here. The bigwigs are paying here … ! An interesting thing I heard the other day, from Ch.Zahoor Ellahi Road (Lahore) free distribution of cycles for all (whoever comes) was arranged on 16-17. I hope unki cyclein salamat hain =)

Read more on Big Arm’s shedding, Election 2008 Newsroom, Lahore Election watch & Karachi Watch.

Keep coming back.

Image Courtesy:Daily Times

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