Startup Insiders # 5: Steaming Out

Backpacker informed about Startup Insiders Session # 5 coming to Islamabad for the second time last week. Mansoor’s review about the last session was equally enthralling.

Resultant: I ended up at Planet X on 23rd february. Whoa! there were definitely 100+ people sitting in the huge studio-like auditorium. An advertisemnet from Apple’s starting years was screening at that time. And then onwards, many other videos were shown alongwith a heated up (and at times cooled) discussion on Innovation and Creation. Agenda of the day circled around:

– Do I really need a killer product or service idea to be an entrepreneur?
– What is Innovation? Is innovation necessary for building a successful business?
— How do I think about building my product? How do I innovate in my business?

Having missed the previous session, I felt alientated towards a few things and terms (marketing and advertising centric). The only concept thoroughly liked and felt well-presented was the one by Faisal Qurishi. (In my personal opinion, why can’t we give due regard to our language, FQ did that in diamond cut :-))

I’m all for the promotion of such an excellent idea (not to forget the hard work done to do so in the background). But
what I felt missing from the session was:

a) Recap of key entrepreneurial queries.
b) Defining the boundaries of event & session strictly. Avoidance of patchyness at all costs.

Reviews from Organizers and Panelists after the jump :-)

Seems like the organizers themselves were not very happy about the way things go ahead in SI 5. Osama specially was very upset about the bump in SI 5. Quoting him:

We convened at a fairly decent venue – great lighting, projection and great catering – but then I dont know what happened next.

I still dont quite understand why there were so many disconnects at the event; why the entrepreneurs who visited felt disenfranchised; why the SI regular panelists felt insulted; and why there was so much discussion about topics that have no relevance within the spirit and format of SI; why everyone came with such a self-centered agenda; why no one in that room gave a *bleep* about entrepreneurship.

All I know is that 10-minutes into it, I lost interest – I sat in the back and enjoyed the food, wishing I was actually back in the office catching up with work.

Faisal says on 15 minutes of Glory & Fame:

In my experience as a TV anchor, we often come across personalities, some politicians in particular, who want to use their 15 minutes of TV glory to rapidly and very aggressively say what they feel they have been longing to say forever. The moment one gets an opportunity they spread their peacock feathers, and break into a mating dance, with a complete disregard of their audience. The lady peakcocks in the audience may find the mating dance very attractive, but other males of the same species, and animals from other species have no interest in the call, and at times even find it very offensive and insulting.

With that quick lesson and cross-post to my Relationship Quotient, let’s move on and try to form a coalition government in the better interest of our audience.

Jawaad’s even more furious over doing event with Telenor:

For SI Fans who showed up it was a disaster. An event that was meant to inspire and motivate, turned into a mutual butt kissing contest between the team from Telenor and the National ICT R&D Fund.

For me, personally, it was not THAT bad :-) By the end of three hour session, I only gained and lost nothing. But the point is how much effective it was for my personal goals towards a startup! I’m confused here.

I’m going to expect lot more in the next session here. Expectations raise to brilliance !!!

ps: By the way, around 5-6 Islamabad Metrobloggers graced the occassion with their good-selves :D It was good meeting some of you !

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