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Caption It!

I suggest:

** Shauq da koi mol nayin **

** Yah Aalam Shauq Ka … **

What comes to your mind?

As Shahab mentioned in his post: “Not everyone can be crooks” … I was amazed to see teh spirit of this old lady … Bravo :)

Image Courtesy: Hanif Khattak – He has a lot more to offer from the election day happenings.
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Election 2008 – so far

Elections were held yesterday throughout Pakistan. Polls were conducted for National Assembly(NA) and Provincial Assemblies on the same day. Quite contrary to what was being suggested by some politicians as well as by the public opinion at large, the day has been peaceful on the whole. There has been some tragedies; firing and a blast, claiming precious lives including those of the candidates as well. In some cities, where political rivalry is quite tense, e.g. Gujrat, there has been heavy firing, but on the whole, the day has been peaceful as compared to what we have seen in recent past.

Unofficial results have started poring in on TV channels. In capital, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) has the winning score so far in both NA constituencies NA-48, NA-49. In Rawalpindi, the twin city of capital, again its PML-N, with the highest bar so far. In NA-56, Hanif Abbasi (PML-N) is leading with Sardar Shoukat Hayat (PPP) at no 2. Sheikh Rashid (PML-Q), as expected, is no where in the top 2 as of now. In NA-54, Malik Abrar (PML-N), who is also contesting for provincial assembly for PP-10, and is contesting a NA seat for the first time, is leading with Zamorad Khan (PPP) at no 2. There has been no results so far for NA-55, where Makhdum Javed Hashmi (PML-N) is expected to give a tough time to Sheikh Rashid (PML-Q) (who is also contesting from NA-56) and Malik Aamir Fida Paracha (PPP).

Interestingly, in Gujrat, the home constituency of Chaudhary Brothers of PML-Q, Chaudhary Mukhtar (PPP), who is also a cousin, is winning so far. PML-N didn’t appoint any candidate in the constituency.

As per the results so far there are three names coming up, Pakistan Peoples Party / Parliamentarians from Sindh, PML-N from Punjab and Awami National Party (ANP) from NWFP and Balochistan. As the results are neither official nor complete as yet, so nothing can be said for sure. This is just an initial impression.

The results so far are aligned with the general public opinion before elections. And if it continues the same way, it is quite probable that these three parties will be forming a collation government.

We will update this post as soon as the results are complete.

Our sister blogs LMB & KMB have also covered the day.

Update (10:37 AM, February 19, 2008)

The results are complete for the capital city. PML-N did a clean sweep here:

Anjum Aqeel Khan (PML-N) has won,
with Dr. Syed Israr Shah (PPPP) at no 2.

Dr. Chaudhry Tariq Fazal (PML-N) has won
with Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari (PPPP) at no 2.

In Rawalpindi, again its a clean sweep:

Malik Abrar Ahmed (PML-N) has won
with Zamurd Khan (PPPP) at no 2.

Makhdoom Javed Hashmi (PML-N) has won
with Malik Amir Fida Paracha (PPPP) at no 2.

Mohommad Hanif Abbasi (PML-N) has won
with Sardar Shaukat Hayyat Khan (PPP) at no 2.

Update (06:25 PM, February 19, 2008)

Current Party Position


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Whistle Off

As election results are flooding in, my heart’s falling for a few candidates. Like this poor guy, who contested from NA 48 as independent candidate. Distributed cards, brochures (I hope not the whistles – His symbol in elections) [even web presence] in wide area of his constituency. And what did he got — Nil vote (I wonder he gave his precious vote to whom…) BTW, he’s the owner of CJ .

In the process of election campaign, he (like many other candidates) spent hundreds of thousands to straighten his path towards the constitution avenue.

At this point, I get even more confused: by contesting in election he played his part towards grand betterment of country or he wasted this money that could’ve been used for the betterment of people?

I’m going to vote. Who’s with me?

I’ve always had a unique fondness for elections. This is not due to my love and regard for democracy. Nor is it because of my confidence in our country’s electoral system. Far from it.

Parliament Watch

The 2008 elections are here, the heat is on, and you have something important to say…

This is where you take control of what is said about the candidates. Speak your mind, and see others reply to your comments. Rate the candidates on Candidate Desirability Index (CDI) and see which candidates are the most talked about.

Check out

Where in Islamabad – 10

Where is ISB 10

Image source: go2net @ Flickr.

Surviving …!

A scene that causes ripples of sadness & Thanks to ALmighty almost daily. Seeing dozens of laborers fighting the chill, clad in a chaddar and without any socks, daily on roads and sideways of Islamabad (Peshawar More being the largest hub). Living on the hope to get some work and be able to feed the families back home.

Will Pakistan ever be able to become a welfare state?? In near future?? I know things are not perfet in “rich and developed” countries but things are not this bad either. Buying power’s decreasing; of commodities increasing. Where will it end – doomsday :/

Image Courtesy: Hanif Khattak

Elections: Party Leaders VS Candidates

I started out about a month ago to determine why people would not vote. A lot of very interesting reasons came up, including the regular ‘im not represented’ to the more surprising ‘imran khan isnt running, so i wont vote’.

However, one concept which stood out was ‘voting for party’ vs ‘voting for candidates’. Much of the discussion on the posts were revolving around party and the ultimate party leaders. The actual candidates, the people who would be representing you the voter, were all but ignored.

The candidates are the people who would be responsible for raising your voice to the provincial and national assemblies and making sure your needs are taken care of. But will they actually raise your voice if they have no responsibility to you?

I urge you all to find out who are your local candidates (no longer a problem since doc is making it all public) and find out
who would best represent you. Next, go out and actually cast a vote!

Its Coming ….

Cupid’s arrows are growing in abundance in Pakistan lately. Don’t you feel so?? Even PTV‘s going to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day all day long tomorrow. Almost every shop and restaurant is painted RED in Islamabad for this day. *Sigh* Some glimpses later tonight =)

= ?

Toon Courtesy: Today’s News

Innovation Unnoted

I stumbled upon The View from Islamabad and it kept me tuned till I explored A-Z all posts on it. And the Ingenious Innovation came direct from here =)

Quoting the blog author:

Some two years back passengers complained that PIA were charging extra (Rs. 4.5k about $8) for people who requested a wheelchair. It was a big deal because it affects disabled and senior citizens who go on pilgrimages to Mecca. One even saw a passenger wheeling an old lady on a baggage trolley from the PIA check-in to departure area in Jeddah, the “gateway to Makkah and Madinah.” I can only assume that this is no longer true — who would pay that much for this wheelchair? PIA must have come up with this practical solution to buying more costly wheelchairs.

What is interesting is that the European budget airline Ryanair has been reported to charge a “universal wheelchair levy” for the cost of transporting disabled passengers. This came after the airline was sued by a passenger who was charged £18.

Now who can beat the highly innovative minds of Pakistanis?? =)

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