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Allah o Akbar

Some people’s idea of fun is plain sick!!

While being out tonight, i was browsing through a used bookshop in Ayub Market (F-8) when this guy, wearing all black, ran up to the doorway. With arms outstretched and something in his hands he screamed, in the most terrifying tone i have ever heard, “Allah o Akbar”.

Before any of in the shop had a chance to react, he lowered his arms and ran away. It was a couple of seconds before i realized i had just witnessed a precursor to a suicide bombing. Only, that it was done as a prank or a dare (thankfully).

Moments later, a car was screeching away with boys laughing at the top of their voices.

Some people… are just plain sick!

Cat House WAS Fishy then…

cat-house.jpg In late June ’07, I made a post on Islamabad Metblogs about a seemingly-suspicious club in F-10/3. Some real interesting comments came up on the post … and woohoo my suspicions were right.

Interestingly the club originated during the same period when Lal Masjid students raided an acupuncture clinic and kidnapped 9 people: 5 Chinese included.

When police raided the said club, almost 53 people were taken into custody including 19 men and 34 women. They were sent to jails under court bound … excluding obviously the ex-MNA and his friends.

ps: So the investigative report was not so bad, huh!

News Sources:

The News

Daily Times

Big Wigs … Part of the club

Car Grafiti

car Grafiti captured in Islamabad

” My Friends Think That I’m Their ATM”

Captured in Monal … Your friends think so too ;-)

Or is it just you :-)

Pakistan day Parade

While the nation was(barely celebrating) the Pakistan’s day this last Sunday, I for the first time in my life got a chance to see the Parade live ( although I lived in the air force community for over 20 years now).
For the past several years I had started to get disinterested in the show but theres always something about this showcasing of the ceremonial aspect of this military which is very inspiring and brings out the patriotic spirit in almost everyone, including me.
I had wished to see the parade live for several years and it was this year that my wish was granted.The president of Pakistan himself invited me to the Parade so I just had to go!!! :P (See pic below).


The whole ceremony was just awesome from the entrance of the president, the fly past of the Air Chief with afterburners on his F-16, to the skydiving and then the folding of the flag.
Although many of us may not like the military but you cant deny that they are the most disciplined unit in the country. And discipline is what we need the most in our chaotic lives. The aircraft acrobatic team of T-37 Shirdils displayed some awesome skill on their aircraft while working as a team and performing each move with accuracy and to perfection.
The parade not only shows the military might of the country but it also shows that we are becoming self-reliant and are making advanced military products. Which not only serve our purpose but can also help us in earning foreign exchange.
Missiles like Shaheen II, Tanks like Babar and the newly developed aircraft JF-17 clearly shows the forward thinking of the country and its quest for making its self stand on its own feet.

Power Breakdown Hits

According to news sources:
A 500 KV power transmission line has been tripped in Gati area of Muzzafargarh this morning. Resulting in shut down of Tarbela, Mangla and Ghazi Brotha power houses. Power supply to several cities of Punjab and Islamabad has been suspended.

Wapda says they are trying to resolve this breakdown in few hours time.

Shali – Aseer Shahzadi: Comes to Town

SHANAAKHT – A Nomad Forum for the Arts brings you SHALI a telefilm from the powerful series Aseer Shahzadi produced by HUM Television.
Written by Attiya Dawood, well knownwriter, activist and poet, SHALI will move your hearts and make you think and hopefully do something for these distressed and troubled souls.

A touching story pertaining to abuse against women in our male dominated society with regard to child marriages. The issues presented in these plays are of universal concern, with women being the victims of these evil practices. Sensitive issues are brought forward to make people realize the severity of the prevailing injustices to females. Shali, the 14 year old protagonist, a mere child living in the city’s slums, has no clue what it entails to be married.

Cast includes Suhaee Abro, Shazia Qamar, Rashida Yaqub, and Aslam Shaikh. Directed by Danish Nawaz.


Date: Tuesday, March 25 – 2008
Time: 6.30pm (doors will close at 6.15 sharp)
Duration: 50 minutes
Donation: Rs. 100 (Shanaakht members) Rs. 200 (non-members)
Venue: Nomad Gallery – 383, 8th Avenue, F-8/3, Islamabad

Note: There are a limited number of seats available…kindly call/ mail or visit to book your seat.

Nomad timing: 10am – 6pm (Monday closed)

Shanaakht membership is open, contact the Nomad reception for details.

Nageen Hyat
Director, Nomad Gallery
# 383, Eighth Avenue, F-8/3, Islamabad. Tel: 051 – 2262502

Shali in Islamabad on 25/3/08 @ NOMAD, originally uploaded by *abro*.

Refer to the original picture for more by the print media.

Happy Pakistan Day


It was the decisive day of March 23, 1940, when Pakistan Resolution (Lahore Resolution originally) was passed in general session of Muslim League at Iqbal Park (Manto Park originally), Lahore. It was this day that provided a direction to thousands of Muslims of sub-continent to move into. And it was this resolution that translated into creation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

Keeping the current state of affairs in our beloved country in view, the day happens to be a saddening one. What it was meant to be, and what we have got it into?


CNG Prices – Pumps stealing money from us!

Sometimes, the capital really doesn’t seem part of the country afterall. Yesterday, i filled up my CNG tank, paying Rs. 38.50 per litre. When i inquired the at pump since when did the price jump come into effect, i was told its been a couple of days. (I was out of city for almost a week and it happened sometime when i was gone).

Today i read an article saying that CNG prices have been increased as of 12:00 AM today by Rs. 1. I thought, great! yet another price increase, when i read the article and it said the price has gone upto Rs. 37 per litre.

All this, while the Chairman of the CNG Dealers Association denies that the prices in Islamabad have increased by Rs. 2.50!

I wonder if he’ll give me back my Rs. 10 which PSO apparently stole?

Aur bhi Gham hain zamanay may ….


I was going through my picture archives when I stumbled upon this one^^. Taken on the Valentine’s day (as the picture suggests itself). Ironically, the long queue of people are not stuck by Cupid’s arrow. It’s the subsidized flour and oil, from utility store, they are after.

What a Contrast ….!

It’s taken in one of those posh localities of Islamabad where people to this side of board had to be queued up for basic food necessities of life and on the other side of shaped board they were enjoying luxurious food … spending thousands with no fear of tomorrow.

Reminds me of this I read couple of years back …

ہم  کو  میسر   نہیں    مٹی   کا   دیا     بھی

گھر پیرکا بجلی کے چراغوں سے ہے روشن

Eid Milad un Nabbi & Us

Kamran Channa shared this picture on TrekEarth. Citing:

My wife and I were visiting the National Monument at Shakarparian in Islamabad. Just as it was time for the ‘Maghrib’ prayer and we could hear the Adhan (call for prayer), this gentleman who was previously sitting on the bench and enjoying the lights at the monument, got up and started saying his prayer on the bench while facing west.

I was quite amazed by the devotion of that man. Hope you like the shot.

Today the sun to 12th Rabbi ul Awal dawns (aka Eid Milad u Nabbi). The day … Hadhrat Muhammad SAWW arrived in this world. The day the cause of this world’s creation arrived. Apart from the usual festivities and lightened up buildings … How far are we going to follow his Sunnah; the path to righteous peace!

Should be a day of thinking and prayers … May we stay put on right path in our doings. Day to day doings.

And Happy Good Friday, Holi and Probably Nauroze to our Christian, Hindu and Parsi brethern.



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