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can you feel th misery in this kid’s eyes? And the packet it’s holding is symbol of neglect from our side, No?

Polluting at large … !

Image Credits: Citizen of Two Worlds @ Maragallas

ps: Do read the comments posted on this pic … interesting point of views (clickety on the image).

Spotting Funkiness

Customizing the drive :-)

Visit Illusions @ Jinnah Super and you’ll get to meet her :-)

I’ve noticed in each visit to JS of mine, one or two striking cars you can spot down around the gol market.

Fear of the dark…

I am the man who walks alone…

Ok, my post isn’t about this song.

I did a post on Cinepax some time ago.

Yesterday night, I was getting bored and wanted to go see a movie in cinepax, but didn’t really go. Because one of the fear in my mind was what if some suicide attack takes place since it’s close to the residence of many Army men and lately there have been many such attacks on Armed forces personnels. The latest one was this one in Lahore.

Ok, suddenly I was taken back about fifteen to twenty years in the Islamabad of my childhood when we used to stay inside our houses at night but back then we had no place to go at nights to hang out. That was not an option because of unavailability of places, these days it’s because of fear.

It’s a shame, God help Islamabad.

God, help Pakistan.

Peace on you, Peace on me…Peace on Humanity…

P.S. I like the new look and feel of Islamabad metblogs. :D

Rozee Job Fair


You can register at Rozee’s website.

Metroblogging Experience

As mansoor already announced about the New Look. I’d like to mention a few more things here :-)

1. You need to log in to comment. So hurry up make an account with us. This account will be valid to comment on all metroblogging sites.

2. Plz report any bugs you encounter. Share user experience in this post.

3. Links in old posts are currently broken. Its a known issue and we are working on it :-)

About the new look, LA says.

ps: Due to DNS propagation, you may have difficulties in seeing updated MBs of some cities.

the new look is up!

hey everyone! the new islamabad metblogs look is up (as well as all the other sites in the network), courtesy of the guys who run this thing.

whats your take on the new look? love it? hate it? tell us about it!

Its not all about money

I remember receiving a promotional text message on my cell from NAB, somewhere in Dec 2007. It was Anti Corruption Day, I think. The sender showed a name “NAB”, and the message preview in my cell was only able to show two words “Corruption You …”. I, like anybody else, got a bit amazed on receiving a text message from NAB starting with the word “Corruption” :) Anyway, I went on to read the message, and it was something on the lines of, “Corruption, your NO counts … “. I was like, “Where did these NAB guys got my number from?” with no obvious answer.

Then it was Jan 2008 when I received a promotional text message from Bonanza, telling that SALE on Bonanza Sweaters was on, and I should not miss this opportunity etc. This time it was from some Warid number.

And a couple of days back it was some web portal using GEO in their name (and they were not GEO TV), advertising their website, right on my cell.

I was wondering that how come such spammers get my, or anybody’s for that matter, cell number. It can’t be easy- load guys, as I don’t remember any such instance when I did easy-load on this number. The first thing that struck my mind was “banks”.

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