Ruthlessness ?

Last evening I was walking by The Mall in pindi. I was a little behind the Army Stadium Bike Wheelingchowk, when I heard the sound of a smash. I looked forward and all I could see in the dark was an Army jeep backing off and then moving forward on The Mall with a bit of pace. I was frowned on this. As I was a little far from the incident, so all I could think of from this was: this jeep hit somebody, and the guy just backed off, and ran away. Ruthlessness, isn’t it, was all I could think.

Literally pissed off, I moved a bit quickly to the place of incident. There were two guys, quite young, sitting by roadside and a black motor bike, with all that bichu stuff painted on its tank. They were rubbing their arms and the stuff. I just got near to them and asked if they were fine? and if they need any help?, to which they said “No thanks”. A traffic police guy, yeah the new generation, was around and was sort of scolding them which surprised me. On my amusement he told, that the signal was red, and these two guys tried to cross the chowk, and as they thought the road is empty, because of red-signal, they were driving on the backwheel only. Yeah they were wheeling as you say it. And as they were wheeling, they smashed into the army jeep coming from the other side. And it was the Good Lord who saved them, otherwise this could have been as tragic as you may think off.

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

Ruthlessness, isn’t it? Yeah I was thinking the same, but from the other side now. That Army guy might be in hurry or something so he left otherwise this was a case. And these bikers, they give a damn to what could have been the consequences, had they got hit seriously or something. I mean its good to be adventurous, but we should be able to distinguish stupidity from adventure. Wheeling on main city roads, and that too at rush hours, is mare stupidity. If you don’t care about yourself, please learn to care for your parents, who suffer the most in case you get yourself damaged.

A cousin of mine has just recently recovered from injuries that he sustained in a road accident, after spending more than 3 months in hospital, although he was not wheeling or something rather was on duty. And these 3-4 months; don’t ask how the family couped, particularly being outside the city of their residence.

And some part is on the government end as well, as to provide these youngsters proper tracks for this kind of activities. They should be able to do this at a safe place, if they have to. And traffic police should make sure this does not happen on the main roads, and anybody found guilty of this should be fined a handsome amount.

May be we can save some lives?

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  1. crazymonkey on April 27th, 2008 @ 4:39 pm

    I have an idea. I think there should be some policy which would give the hospital full right to use the organs of the dead boy who died while wheeling, to save the lives of others, whether the families of the boy like it or not. The kidneys, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, everything would be used! And his brain can be used to make katakat in Lahore gawalmandi! Think of all the goodness! Hehehe.

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