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Olympics Torch to Touch Islamabad

Beijing Olympics TorchThe Beijing Olympics 2008 torch will reach Islamabad on 16th of april – 2 days down the lane :)

Supposedly Islamabad will be decorated for the event … Let’s see what the two-day wait brings in here.

Islamabad is one of the 22 venues selected around the world for the Beijing 2008 Olympics Torch Relay, said Pakistan Olympics Association (POA) Chairman. Six Olympic Torch Bearers who would represent the sposnors during the torch relay in the country were also announced. The six individuals have been selected for their contributions towards the uplift of the society.

Nominated were Syed Babar Ali, a noted business icon, philanthropist, environmentalist and the chairman Coca Cola Pakistan; Dr Yasmin Rashid who is the founder of Pani Pakistan; former world squash champion and currently president of World Squash Federation Jahangir Khan; Hassan Sardar, renowned former national hockey player and 1984 Olympics gold medalist; Ali Hassan Habib, president WWF-Pakistan; and CARE chairperson Seema Aziz.

One of the three ‘concepts’ of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is the “Green Olympics”.

Information Courtesy: Dawn

Image Courtesy: Pro Pakistan

What Am I …?

Yesterday was 10th April. 20 Years down the Ojri Camp incident. And I’m so tempted to re-post this post here :)  Previously it was posted in Dec’ 05

Life is full of events … tragic … happy … alarming …. monumental …. all sorts of … in different phases and times …!

OK … wait a minute … I was about to write some flashback moments here … Let’s have a small quiz first … Can you tell me what is this thing … any idea into its history ????

Ciao …!

Update [7th Dec 06 – 11:15 PM]

So some of you were quite correct – some funnier :-)

It’s a small-sized Rocket’s propeller (see the fan like thing on which it is standing) – it had a shell on it with gunpowder – the cylindrical shape also contains gunpowder (to the best of my knowledge) …!

A little history of this Rocket now … but first the INCIDENT … It dates back to 10th April 1988 … another day (apart from 8-10-2005) when Islamabad and Rawalpindi were almost shook by rockets and missiles flying in the air … falling here and there … rumors in the air that Islamabad is invaded by India (and even some said Russia) … it was all due to Ojri Camp incident.

Ojri Camp was basically army depot with ammunition (I’m not sure … anyone??? I guess it was abandoned by 1988 and people didn’t even knew that it do have LIVE AMMUNITION) … and then something (what?? Ummm I don’t remember … don’t BLAME me … I was just 4 then) happened and taraah … the rumors outside Pindi-Islamabad is all finished … it’s no more … since telephone lines also suffered … few rockets hit the exchange too … !

My father incidentally went to work on (my beloved) Vespa and not on car … so while coming from Pindi to Islamabad at around 11 … (this incident happened between 10-11) … he had 2-3 rockets with him :D as “his collection” … hence a Live Masterpiece no Re-Collection from POF or anywhere … we only painted it golden laters… En route he narrates that there were missiles of lamp post size and man they were real huge … the incident was tragic with lots and lots of stories to tell …!

One of our acquaintances had a missile hit their home in satellite town such that it perfectly drilled on wall, ten next room and perfect drilling of wall … such wise it drilled 3 walls perfectly and then hit off 4th wall … that brought all energy game to an end …!

I vaguely (READ it CLEARLY … because Even Now I seem to have it in my memory) remember when rockets were really flying off in air, with everyone worried about their kids and men out on work … everyone praying and talking if it is an invasion or Allah’s wrath ..!

So it was kind of brief flashback from Islamabad’s life … with this rocket memoir … by the way the other two bigger (and my mom told us that the shell was much beautiful :>) rockets we gave back since the chances of it be LIVE were always there … !

Hidden Treasures

Bamyans in Golra

Flickring through Islamabad MB group on Flickr, I ended up looking at the serene beauty of Golra’s century old Bamyans Banyans (aka bargad ~ century old is purely my own assumption).

Have you been tO Golra Railway Station ever? If no ~ wake up, pack up and get going. Its a MUST visit. The picture above seems familiar? If you closely watched vital Signs singing their tunes in early 90’s … you can recognize it :) Remember Islamabad’s 5th gift to world?

The News published a fine article almost an year back on Golra Railways station and it’s heritage museum … citing:

… All said and done, it is a gem of a museum and well worth a visit, especially if you remember the good old days Golra's Treasureswhen traveling by train was an exciting prospect — something to look forward to as you packed your bags; a hamper with food and books and magazines to read when it became too dark to look outside. A paratha and an omelet never tasted as good as when you had them cold with a nice hot cup of tea bought from the vendor on the platform. The strident voices of other vendors as they called out their wares — most of these to titillate pangs of hunger that are somehow intensified during travel — each trying to outdo the other so he could be heard and be the one to make the first sale, the thrill of travelling on a ‘choo-choo’; or ‘chook chook’, as we say in this part of the world; the clouds of hissing steam coming out of the wood and coal fired engine; the hustle bustle of passengers and porters and the “All aboard”, call of the guard as he waved his green flag, are all part of childhood memories a visit to Golra Station brings back — a nostalgic hour or two well spent!

That’s just TOO Much



First (Dr.) Arbab Ghulam Rahim’s shoe beating and then just yesterday (Dr.) Sher Afghan’s beating and thrashing in Lahore.

Nothing commendable. Brutality to show your emotions is never commendable.

Yesterday while watching the video of incident, many a times I thought this man’s going to die coz of a heart failure. If you talk about justice … then adopt proper ways to do justice. If he’s criminal in your eyes, bring him in to teh courts and not THRASH an aged guy with hundreds of hands.

Its high time that we use our wisdom (if any) and start thinking intelligently. Emotional intelligence may be good, pure emotionalism – No.

بین المدارس کرکٹ ٹورنامنٹ

Inter Madaris Cricket Tournament
A step that should be encouraged and applauded…!


The banner tells:

Raining ….

distant rain at rawal dam, originally uploaded by umayr masud.

Startup Insiders

NUST Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) along with BrightSpyre & P@sha is going to host an exciting startup session on April 4, 2008 in the premises of NIIT. The purpose of this session is to provide a platform to motivated and brilliant people, who are thinking of launching a startup, get a handle on really what they’ve got and way to make it a success- an idea, a feature, a product, or a business and what not. This session will feature a panel of serial entrepreneurs with remarkable business experience. They will lead the audience through a series of evaluations critical to success. The theme for the session is “Startups”. You are encouraged to avail this fruitful opportunity to become a successful Leader of Tomorrow!!!! Following is the list of panelists for the session:

– Rana Saad ( PI Sigma)
-Jehan Ara, President, PASHA
– Murad Akhtar (Tintash)
– Mansoor Salim (Jin Technologies)
– Atif Mumtaz & Faisal Chohan (CEO BrightSpyre)
– Babar Khan (Ikonmai) (Outsourcing software house)
– Adnan Shaukat (CEO, Classic Entertainment, Internet Radio)
– Amir Jahangir (Consultant CSF and Social media entrepreneur)
– Osama Hashmi (Green and White)
– 2 NIIT Alumni

For more information and registration check this link:

Metro Comes to Isloo

Metro Comes to Isloo METRO Cash & Carry comes to Islamabad today in I-11/4. Opens at 2 PM …!

METRO is an international modern wholesaler offering a mix of food and non-food products to its registered card-holding customers through a national network of cash and carry outlets. This concept offers a wholesale solution to professional business needs. For more …!

Exact Location.

Law Application?


Helmet in Hands, eh?

And just the other day, I heard a traffic constable saying to a biker: “Tumhay helmet pahna kar hi chorrooon ga may” :-)

May the day come when we start caring about ourselves too !!

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

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