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Chim Chim-ree

Mary PoppinsI always wanted to fly like Mary Poppins in my childhood (probably the desire still lies deep inside me :~))

I was truly truly happy to see an advert of Mary Poppins in The News yesterday… Yipeee!

As the Event on Facebook suggests:

Now for the audiences in Pakistan, Mary poppins’ is all set and flying her way to Islamabad club from 29th May to 10th of June. Be ready to be entertained with MAGIC, MUSIC, and DANCE. A story meant for old and young alike whether you are 5 or 85, it sends out a strong message to the spectators. It promises to be like none other, from fascinating sets to flying thrills. From totally expected to unexpected things happening around, expect to see it all.

If you’ve tried to fly like Mary Poppins too … then hook onto the event.

Watch Chim Chim-ree here :~)


Allah o Akbar: The Memories


The lights on Chaghi’s model near Faizabad fluover commemorating this day when Pakistan became nuclear power.

A decade down the lane already. I remember when the news arrived that Pakistan has successfully tested Nuclear Bombs; people were of two views. Happier lot and the ones fretting over deteriorating economy and condition of awaam.  Still, at large we were hopeful and happy. The next year Nawaz Sharif, the then prime minister, asked Pakistanis to take part in naming the day. Since online option existed too (and there was a good good prize money :~) ), I particpated too. Didnt get the prize, still got Nawaz Sharif’s signed letter of thanks. He was not in my good books then. Yaum e takbeer, it was named.

A decade gone and we haven’t moved much. Forward not at all; backward probably yes. When I look around I see frustration. People cannot feed their kids milk, eggs, meat, pulses, fruits and even vegetables. Wheat is already short. And in these circumstances if I get to read family suicidal news, I’m not shocked. Suicide is haraam in Islam. But Islam lead towards a welfare state … that is far-fetched dream still. And when I look further, I see on roads of Islamabad young boys holding cigars and cigarettes, thumping deck of their Porsche and Convertible BMWs. Obviously hard-earned by their fathers … the stark comparison STUNS me.  I can whine at heart; in act probably I’m part of this corrupt tale.

I hope teh end I’m seeing is not a dead-end. Inshah Allah!

and here comes the storm…

and here comes the storm…, originally uploaded by ahsan_.

Its dark, stormy and rainy here … Yayyyy!

PTCL launches new packages OR finds a new way to rip us off!

PTCL recently launched three brand new packages for its consumers. But where every other telco in the country is slashing its call rates and finding other ways to make money, PTCL has actually increased its rates! While almost brilliant in their design, the new packages can and will inflate your telephone bill quite a bit so be prepared for a hefty setback at the end of this month if you use your PTCL line at all.

Here’s how.

Before, each call used to cost Rs. 2. Even now, each call costs Rs. 2. But before, one call used to be for 5 minutes, before you were charged for another call. They have conveniently taken the call duration down to 2 minutes. Meaning that call charges per minute have increased by almost 150%! from 40 paisa’s per minute to 1 rupee.
And that’s not all. Sometime ago, off peak calls were metered at 1 hour! Meaning that you could talk for an hour for just Rs. 4. This went into effect after 4 PM all the way upto 7 AM. They’ve changed that, and now off peak calls are charged Rs. 2 again… but now only for 4 minutes and only between 9 PM to 8 AM.

This means an increase of 400% in per minute call charges, up from 0.06 paisa’s per minute to 0.25 paisas.

How’s that for a punch in the face? With electricity, wheat, oil and gas prices going up so.. basic telephony now follows suit.

By the way, the much criticized Pakistan package also got a little revamp, with its 5000 minutes monthly limit cut down down to 2500 minutes, essentially making these calls 100% more expensive. (You get half the value in Rs. 200 now than you did before).

Does this mean a new trend will start emerging in the telecom industry? Leading to higher call charges in the name of new packages?


All existing users have again been ’shifted’ to the new packages automatically. So much for having a say in how we want to be served…

Cross-Posted from Green & White

By Mansoor

Spotlight: A conversation with Tariq Ameen

Err.. forgot to mention about this event held yesterday … still there’s your chance to meet the style guru Tariq Amin today (4 PM) at NCA.

Tariq AminStylist and fashion guru, recently nominated ” the coolest person in Pakistan” (MTV), Tariq Ameen will share his creative processes in fashion and make-up design and showcase elements of his week-long workshop at NCA.


To attend please register in advance by email or phone 555 6838 (ext 118) / 5552746 (direct line)

National College of Arts’ Department of Theatre is striving to give audiences a sample of its in-house activities. To gain more experience from the esteemed faculty and visiting practitioners, enrollment to our training programmes in Puppetry and Animation, Acting, Storytelling through Mime and Movement and Devising through to Production are currently open. For more information, please contact the department.

Image Courtesy: Ameanj

Override the Rules

I was shocked to read this news piece today in Dawn. Probably I still have many hopes buried deep inside from the ones in power … Should I lay them to eternal rest?

Have a read yourself:

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari visited the headquarters of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) on Friday to attend a briefing on the security situation, sources told Dawn.

The presence of Mr Zardari, who is neither an elected lawmaker nor a government official, in the important briefing surprised observers here because such briefings are held exclusively for people under oath.


The sources said the prime minister and his team were briefed on the current situation in tribal areas and along the borders.

Such meetings are a routine matter and heads of intelligence agencies brief new government functionaries on the security situation to help them formulate future policies. The nature of such briefings is so sensitive that the president or the prime minister is required to go to the headquarters for first hand information, and non-government functionaries and low-grade intelligence officials are not invited.

No official handout was issued about the briefing and ministers belonging to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) were tight-lipped about Mr Zardari’s presence in the briefing.

Meanwhile, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, General Tariq Majeed and Director General Strategic Planning Division Lt-Gen (retd) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai visited the Prime Minister House and briefed Mr Gilani on the country’s strategic assets and various projects undertaken by the division to make the country’s defence impregnable.


On Political front a lot more is going on than we are thinking …!

God help the country!

Let the Dust Settle Down

It rains in Islamabad when the dust settles down … for the country we can’t be so sure.

Image Courtesy: Dawn

New Trends


In Islamabad a shopkeeper has unique way to shun borrowers off … we all don’t see restoration of judiciary any time soon. The crisis is still on =\

Image Courtesy: Khabrain

Double Park – Think Again


Spotted at blue area, just outside BankAl- Islami.

Every shopping area and road in Islamabad is crutinzed by a car lifter (exact term, anyone?) these days … so if you care to double park, think again =))

Picture/Post Courtesy: Mansoor (ex-IMB/KMB author)

Day Light Saving From 1st June


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