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History Lesson


This plaque on the wall of the lobby at the Islamabad Club is always good for refreshing one’s memory of the list of heads of state Pakistan has had from Ayub Khan onwards. And a useful illustration of the fact that half of them have been military men.

Hopefully, Gen. Zia-ul-Haq will remain the record-holder for longest-standing patron – even though Gen. Musharraf seems to be trying his utmost to surpass him.

Electronic Speed Detectors


Now people would probably slow down at the said spot to see their speeds .. I hope it gives birth to traffic mayhem on highway, Not!

Immortal Beloved: Auditions Tomorrow


Shah Sharabeel hits the city again, this time with a musical tale to tell. The city has seen Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, You only Merry Twice , and Bombay dreams.

The group on Facebook reveals:

A love story which will sweep you of your feet… you will remember it not for days, weeks or months you will remember it for ages.. A grand Musical directed by SHAH SHARAHBEEL.

A musical you must not miss, It will lift the art of Entertainment to new Heights.

So if you feel you can act, dance, choreograph, design sets, costumes, direct … probably you can jump in to Islamabad Club at 1600 on May 11 for auditions.

More Info.

For Auditions call Tepu: 0345 589 6070

ps: Nay I wasnt paid for this post =\  If you are thinking about that … see if shah sharabeel is reading :~)


ADMIROR, originally uploaded by Citizen of Two Worlds.

Ah han =)))

Meet Mr. Sharky

Like dinosaurs, when it comes to Marine life … the only thing that sounds ferociously appealing to me is SHARK. And I definitely never thought that I’ll buy 1 kg of shark for Rs. 195 ;-)

Well not so fast we can now. Metro (yup Metro fever’s now down yet :~)) is letting you do that. last weekend when I went there the fish standing lying tall on the ice was definitely not Shark. When I passed the Marine corner today, wooohooo… Shark … a big big  shark was so aesthetically displayed. I  almost jumped at the sight and a pic of him (or her :D) with the kids was inevitable…. !

So here’s it for ya ….

Meet Mr. Shark and His Kids 




I hope selling Sharks is not violating any rules … shark’s a shark … I dont think its a FARM FISH … any idea if its selling is legally just?

Meat & Metro

You definitely have read Fatima’s Marine experience a few days earlier. Finally, I ot the chance to visit Metro too … its huge and its interesting.

The bakery is lucratively enticing  … but then meat section is no less.  Its chilly considering the loadsheddings country-wide … seem like a heaven =)

The Goat and Cow anatomical charts a lot  looked amazing … nicely displayed … ideal for Eid ul Adhaa (Azhaa … if you wana read so).  So now you can know whats a Bong and whats Puth.
Clean, hygienic and  wrapped bakray were  a delight to watch =))  see for yourself…!




Your Negligence: My Loss


Even more tragic that all this happened in a Hospital.

Will He Make it This Time?

The Punjabi hero

News are Sheikh Rasheed is trying his best for a return in NA. He has already obtained the nomination papers for contesting the forthcoming by-elections from NA-55 constituency.

“Ferzand-e-Rawalpindi” Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has been winning election from the constituency of NA-55 since 1985. However, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PML-N) candidates Makhdoom Syed Javaid Hashmi and Muhammad Hanif Abbasi crushed King’s Party candidate Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed with capacious margin in 2008 general elections from the constituencies of NA-55 and NA-56 respectively. Makhdoom Javaid Hashmi vacated the NA-55.

Sheikh Rasheed will contest eighth consecutive election from the constituency of NA-55.
The by-election will be held on June 18, 2008.

Good Luck Sheikh Sahab :~P

Courtesy: The Nation

Labor’s Day: Mazdoor, Kids & Us

Like every 1st May, posts are made and news pieces are written all over the globe to share the care we have for the labor class.

Regardless of the fact that do we pay any heed to their needs or the simple fact they are all-human-just-like-us on other 364 days of the year; the picture below can cause anyone to feel instantly en grief for the poor kid who’s working when he’s still a youngling. But in today’s soaring dearness what more to expect?? Be it an adult or a kid … both have to work hard to earn a few bucks only. That hardly helps in meeting the two ends.

I read a few articles today and ‘am for many days crying out about CHILD LABOR at large. The situation seems similar to those earthquake days when, oblivious of the difficult terrain of Kashmir, western media was saying Pakistani army is not just trying hard.


Child labor is an issue that needs to be healed deep. When their are mouths to fed, they dont care about age. And for that matter should they be?? With milk, oil, flour, meat, chicken, eggs, vegetables, rice … all out of one’s reach … you can do two things. Either Steal/Beg or Earn. And they are earning.

What do you think?? Will we be able to eradicate this … will we ever be prosperous enough to give books in these beautiful lil’ hands. About knowledge, they are gaining it though the hard way.

As for US, we are enjoying yet another off-day … sad it doesn’t collide in with the weekend.

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