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Supersonic Jets Over Islamabad Skies – May be?

Today Islamabad and Rawalpindi got quite some scare of the explosions. Speculations are they could be some supersonic jets.

As geo reports:

Police officials in Rawalpindi say there is no evidence of any actual explosion having taken place. A senior police official in Rawalpindi told he was unaware of any actual explosion, and suggested the sound may have been from jets breaking the sound barrier. However officials at the Pakistan Air Force said that none of its jets had broken the sound barrier today.

If I remember accurately back in 96-97, an Indian jet flied in airs of Islamabad breaking the sound barriers. Ironically, our air forces woke up hours after the incident.

Nothing concrete yet.

Explosions Heard

Reasons Unknown

As Dawn reports:

An explosion was heard in Islamabad Monday, residents said. The cause of the blast was not clear. Police in Islamabad said they had no immediate information about it. A private television channel reported two explosions were heard in the nearby city of Rawalpindi, about seven miles from Islamabad. It was not clear if the report related to the same incident. 

Still no idea what’s happening in here.

The explosion that I heard was HUGE even miles and miles away from Airport :S

Still no updates from any front :S Things going fishy :S

Monsoons: Caption It

Cuteness =))

Yeah Monsoons are here …  its raining raining raining some humidity and then again raining :)

I found this cute shot having five policemen under one umbrella :~)

Caption it please !


Shauq Da Koi Mol Nayii’n

Crowd at Long March

The much fussed Long March to Islamabad ended without any concrete changes. Though it left behind many speculations, good, bad and a few worst.
I was flickring through pictures when this picture sent me in a fit of laughter. Irony and Spirit: All Together.

Apart from the brilliant idea to get a clear and uninterrupted view of the dais/stage, I wonder how they managed to climb the huge signboard – that too with flags.

Waqayi: “Shauq daa koi mol nayii’n.”

Image Credits: Sajjad Ali Qureshi

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Renaming: Pakistani Culture

When someone dies, someone important actually I and you are of no value, what is the first step taken??


Almost there – yes rename some famous place in honour of that Martyred (by no means I’m trying to ridicule someone who is dead but Get Some Life, No?). Here the Govt is hers truly too … I wonder why they waited for 21st june (Pinky’s bday to do this mass-scale renamings).

Benazir BhuttoSo to date the order of lord is to rename Islamabad Airport, Rawalpindi general Hospital (RGH)  and the-oh-so-famous-and-pindi’s Murree road after Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto.

You may be thinking why am I having problems on this decision. To me its kind of obscene to change the decades old names to suddenly a new name. Well, we are in the process of building new roads and avenues … why not name them after her or anyone of your choice?? Huh? You say what?

I wonder how long it’d take the next govt to take these orders back….!

Read more on BBC and DT.

Manual Indicators

143, originally uploaded by sazain.
Modes of transportation are upgrading in Pakistan ~ courtesy: The fuel prices :~)

When cop catches a COP

islamabad traffic police catching criminal police, originally uploaded by

Lovely scene, ain’t aye?

Long March Ends: Tu Phir Mulk Bach Gaya?

Ok thousands gathered … burning up fuel of even more thousands … coming / flocking from all over Pakistan.

Result: ? I’m not very sure. Are you??

The pictures below (Courtesy: Khabrain) tells me a story of few tired organizers and teh health department now in-charge of fumigating the parade avenue. Sigh.

 Hum Mulk Bachanay Niklay Hain??

The question is: Bach Gaya???

tired-judiciry-freedom.jpg   fumigation-from-lawyers.jpg

Click on images for enlargement. 

Long March Approaches: In Pictures & Questions

Long MarchWe are out to save the judiciary. We are out to save the country.

Lawyers country-wide are approaching Islamabad, alongwith political leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, to stage anti-Musharaf protests and reinstating of CJ and SC judges.

Musharaf’s entrapment is increasing day-by-day BUT don’t you think the judiciary is going political too. In present circumstances what do you think is good for Pakistan?

  • Musharaf leaving his seat?
  • CJ and other judges reinstated.
  • Zardari’s CO-PM status.
  • Nawaz Sharif coming in Parliament and a to-be PM.
  • “Azaaad Adliya” or Free Judiciary.

Do you think like shedding of uniform … Musharaf’s leaving the seat will bing any good to the nation and country?

Do you think reinstatement of judiciary is a bigger problem for awaam of Pakistan (a common Pakistani) or is it price hikes in daily commodities, Fuel, loadsheddings, etc.?

Who do you see as the perfect leader from the present clan of leaders?

The freedom of judiciary will ever be able to bring us free and fast judiciary too? Dowe have men of faith and just in abundance now?

I hope the answers to all these queries are not just rants of me and you. I hope that they be heard. In present circumstances I’m not very hopeful.

Pictures after the jump.


Long March in Islamabad

Islamabad Ttraffic Police has issued this traffic plan for the Awaam and Lawyers …. courtesy Dawn for your reference.traffic-plan-for-long-march.jpg

See a container … go back to home =))

Containers Blockade


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