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Sit belt the Seat belts…

Ok, one of the best thing that the traffic police in Islamabad has done lately is to put a fine on drivers not wearing seat-belts.

Being a big seat belt fan (it has saved my life in near fatal accidents, twice), I would recommend putting on the belt BEFORE starting the car, not after.


Have a safe drive, safe life.

P.S. Thanks to one of our avid readers (KABIRDAS) for pointing a logical mistake in this post!!!


Aisaa tu hota hay aisay kamon may.

The condition of Our Future President

Salaam Zardari

Images Courtesy:

Said Pur Village

Loved the pic … thought to share on Islamabad Metblogs.


Why Musharaf Resigned?

Thats how Musharraf resigned, originally uploaded by SajidIqbal.

Thats the reason:

Its says:

نگاہ مرد مومن سے بدل جاتی ہیں تقدیریں
پیر پنجر سرکار کی کامیاب چلہ کشی
صدر مشرف کی رخصتی کا باعث بنی
25اگست محفل شکرانہ
بروزسوموار 7 بجے تا 11 بجے تک
آستانہ عالیہ کوہ قاف شریف نزد
کامرس کالج نیو پھگواڑی راولپنڈی

I hope he starts prayingChilla for zardari’s anti-arrival too .. and SOON!

Broken Bond…

PML(N) and PPP coalition is now officially broken. The alliance that formed a major energy source that led stepping down of Musharraf as the President of Pakistan is now no more. Zardari is not in favor of getting the deposed/ disposed Judges back and Nawaz Sharif REALLY wanted the Judges to be back.

Economy is becoming slightly better (KESC) and the price of Gas will now be 44 Rs per kg. I wonder what will happen of the electricity issues.

Now that the political situation is entering another turmoil, what are your predictions – reader, dear reader?

Does a Broken Bond mean a Broken Promise?

In that case, can we really trust any of them – the leaders.

So speak out, readers – future leaders!!!

Hum dekhaingai, lazim hai kai hum bhi dekhaingai…

Ahmad Faraz died…

The legendary poet Ahmad Faraz died yesterday in PIMS hospital yesterday.

I can’t say more or better than what Adil Najam sahab has said here.




So Musharaf resigned.

Should Musharraf Resign?

Musharaf’s Address Today & Resignation(?)

News are Musharaf will address nation at 1 PM today and MAY announce his resignation. End of 9 years reign. Before the impeachment process begins.

Do you think he should step down? But then does his presence makes any difference? or his absence for that matter?

Who would YOU prefer as your next president? Zardari, nawaz Sharif? or some other newly transformed hunk (sigh).

Please tell why you say Musharraf should resign and why not.

ps: For some weird reason the poll i created is not getting embed in.

Aaata aur Chawal: Story of Today

This is what awaam is crying about today.

Let the Zardari (ooops, Janaab Zardari Sahab) make you fool … let his camp take the left over economy from Pakistan in their Dubai and London accounts.


Image Courtesy: Ammar

The Ride

Pakistan Day Biker, originally uploaded by go2net.

See the Mickey Mouse on our flag… Sigh.

Its interesting, nevertheless :)

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