No problems, no conflict, only glory

Fasi Zaka’s terse verses printed in today’s The News go very fine with this imagery.

Wanted to share with the readers of IMB.


Ed, Edd And Eddy of Pakistani PoliticsThe leader of the PML-N tries his hand at penning poetry once again by explaining his plans for Pakistan.

Now that I cannot be an MNA,

I know what it is you will say.

You will throw at me the finance bill,

And get some cheap insulting thrills.

I may be disqualified but I am not defeated,

I promise someday I will be thrice repeated.

I promise I will fight for the redundant judges,

Not just because of my recent personal grudges.

Please don’t say that I am a hypocrite,

Even if the PPP made me seem like a dim wit.

Was gone so long have become a bit of a novice,

I thought PCO meant Public Call Office.

MA Qayyum says PCO means Provisional Constitutional Order,/ But I say it means Please Cut Out Nawaz and Brother./ The courts made my candidacy brief,

All I am now is the party chief.

Since then I now seethe and leer,

Why is the Governor Salman Taseer?

There is now much for me fear,

Oh why did I drive the long march in low gear?

So you suspect that if I hadn’t been disqualified I would have sold out,

But you misunderstood, all I was doing then was contemplating a new route./ Maybe Aitzaz should be my lawyer because he is my new doyen,/ But I am afraid then he will make me listen to all his new poems.

Right now party workers wear nothing but a frown,

I shall start plotting my great comeback in Model Town.

Oh, if it hadn’t been for those who wear the gowns,

I would have been on my way to wear the crown.

I believe in justice, law and those clauses that are seminal,

Except those courts that think I am some kind of criminal.

My star has gone down too far,

Oh why am I one with Iftikhar?

Thank God I am not in the cabinet,

Or I would have to explain the deficit.

O’ thank God I am not in the cabinet,

Then no truths would be self evident.

Now that the government has the ISI fiasco and eats humble soup,/ It reminds me of a similar time due to Saif and the Schon group./ Just the other day me and Zardari decided to put a hold to Iftikhar,/ So we could concentrate on dimming Musharraf’s rising stars./ Yes, it is Musharraf because of whom the oil prices rise,

Me and Zardari say this when we are calm and wise.

Yes, it is Musharraf because of whom there is no flour,

Because he holds office still is what makes it all sour.

So once both me and Zardari go ahead to impeach,

We will manage to free our blood of the leech.

Then everything will be all hunky dory,

No problems, no conflict, only glory.

Then there will be no terrorism,

Or our own government’s chronic errorism.

Then there will not be prices inflating,

And the TV channels won’t be berating.

No matter what they say,

I know now that any day,

That Fazlullah, Omar and Mangal,

Will lay down arms and say they bungled.

That’s because what they have desired,

Is to see Musharraf retired.

No please don’t tell me otherwise,

This is the reasoning given by my mental exercise.

Both me and Zardari are now visionary,

I once wrote him a letter but he didn’t reply to me,

At Burj Ul Arab we recently had coffee and tea,

I am glad we are back again as chaddi buddies.

So please my countrymen worry not,

We are just striking while the iron is hot.

We are not going to create further turmoil,

Everything will be ok once we remove the gargoyle.

Please believe us because I and Zardari are always true,

What’s good for us should be good for you.

Don’t call us simple minded for our one point utopia,

We promise that when we are more powerful there will be no dystopia./ But there is still something that unease’s my austerity,/ Its when I go to deliberate in Dubai with my friend Zardari,/ He serves me with scallops, swordfish, and rare calamari,/ What’s wrong with good old nihari?

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  1. wkhang on August 22nd, 2008 @ 3:32 am

    These three fools r just trying to make conflict in Pakistan thats it……

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