Aaata aur Chawal: Story of Today

This is what awaam is crying about today.

Let the Zardari (ooops, Janaab Zardari Sahab) make you fool … let his camp take the left over economy from Pakistan in their Dubai and London accounts.


Image Courtesy: Ammar

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  1. sceptic on August 18th, 2008 @ 11:38 am

    Uncalled for criticism. I think food shortage and the resultant food inflation is a worldwide phenomenon and started much before the PPP-ANP-PML-N, JUI-F coalition took over the government.

    Your right to write at a public forum comes with the responsibility of objectivity and fairness.

  2. A for [pine]Apple (asmamirza) on August 18th, 2008 @ 11:49 am

    Yeah sure. Lets all be blindfolded.

  3. saint on August 24th, 2008 @ 3:48 am

    Indeed, when the government was handed over to the coalition, it wasn’t a bed of roses, the food shortages where there due to many reasons linked to the previous government. but now when i see things going on these days and incidents unfolding rapidly, they don’t portray a very lovely picture of the future to me.


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