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Yellows, Reds and Blues around!

Just light night I saw a yellow one.

few days back a red one.

And here goes the blue one.

Ah ha.

I am Tired of Brown Islamabad

As if all those fluyovers and under-passes were not enough.

A few of them totally useless, needless to say now.

Instead of spending billions on Faisal Chowk flyover, I’m quite sure a roundabout would’ve done the job. I dont see a signal-free zone still.

I’m really tired of this brownish muddy face of islamabad. I want the green lush isloo back.

And yeah, Zero point’s interchange is on its way to some dig-dig already.

Ramzan Delicacies

Can you imagine the holy month of Ramzan without all these chatkharas? The desi chatkhara mood is in full swing around. In all commercial centers.


Sehri posts from previous Ramzan, Delight 1 and Delight 2 =)

Image Courtesy: DailyLife


Yesterday night I was taking olives out of the olive jar from my fridge when this short story came to my mind.

A monkey-trap.

Trapper puts hazelnuts in a jar with a top just big enough for the monkey to slip a hand into. The monkey puts his hand in it and gets a big handful. But now his hand is too big to get out of the jar. He can get away anytime he is willing to leave the nuts, but he cannot bring himself to let go. He will stay stuck there, chattering and shouting, and the trapper can pick him up at his leisure.

Then I thought of the current political situation of Pakistan, and then thought that maybe we – the citizens of Pakistan – have been playing the monkey at the hands of a very few while being in the delusion of being a Pure Patriotic Protagonist (pun intended).

I hope – I just hope that I am wrong…

Pakistan Paindabad (Perhaps) !!!

Our Celebration Style



Courtesy: BBC Urdu

So we get a new President

Asif Ali Zardari …. Argh ...

He just have to shift from PM House to Presidency now.

Wonder if the nation would be doing what he’s doing in the picture? =\

So, jiyyay Bhutto? Allah save te country now … I wonder how many months it’ll take to have the whole country sold .. you think it can be done in Days?

We get what we deserved. But I hope our doings dont wipe the efforts of our forefathers.

Ramadhan Mubarak

Ramadhan MubarakRamadhan moon’s been sighted in Pakistan and on 2nd we’ll have our first fast. May the month of Ramadhan brings to us Allah Almighty’s countless blessings and bounties. In faith.

Please remember us in your special prayers. And do pray for Pakistan too ~ Ramadhan commences in Pakistan the same day after years. I hope this proves to be a good sign in the bigger picture.

ps: In case you cant comprehend my post .. ramadhan = Ramzan.

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