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QAU Relief Fund for Balochistan Quake

Students at Quaid-e-Azam University have organized a relief fund for the victims of the earthquake in Balochistan. For more information, contact any of the following numbers:


Earthquake Relief for Balochistan

A powerful earthquake has hit different parts of Balochistan this morning. The current confirmed death toll is 165 and thousands of people have been injured who have been shifted to local hospitals. Thousands of homes have been completely destroyed leaving at least 15,000 people homeless in extremely harsh cold weather.

According to Ziarat’s mayor:

“There is great destruction. Not a single house is intact.”

Our duty to our brothers and sisters in Balochistan calls us. We did whatever we could for the victims of October 08, 2005 Earthquake and our efforts didn’t go in waste. We make an appeal to unite again and show a greater level of unity, enthusiasm and love for our Muslim brothers and sisters in pain.

Karachi’s FAST come up with instant plan for relief. You can view details here to be a part of the relief program.

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Golra Sharif – A chapter from our history

Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A)

Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A)

Situated near Margalla Hills, Islamabad, Golra Sharif is a shrine of the Sufi Saint Pir Meher Ali Shah.

Prior to the arrival of Hazrat’s ancestors Golra Sharif was just a small village in the suburbs of Rawalpindi.

The area extending from Hasan Abdal to the neighborhood of Taxila, a settlement traced back to 2000 years, is custodian of a rich cultural heritage of pre-Islamic period. Even today the archaeological remains dotting the area furnish evidence of the splendid cultural and religious traditions of Buddhist era. Eminent historians of the world agree that it was here that Greek wisdom and Indian civilization meshed together to bring about a synthesis which influenced cultures and art movements everywhere.

With the passage of time, it was overrun by many foreign invaders, such as Greeks, Persians, Afghans, White Huns, Mughals, Sikhs and the British.

With his rule extending from 1747 to 1773, Ahmad Shah Abdali emerged as one of its last period rulers. After his death his son Taimur Shah ruled the area till 1793. he had to face tremendous pressure from the Marhattas and Sikhs, and by the British at river Sutlaj. when the Afghan ruler, Ahmed Shah Abdali, died and his subedar in Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, took advantage of the power vacuum and proclaimed his autonomy, it became a part of Sikh Kingdom. From 1818 to 1849, the area remained under the Sikhs till it was annexed by the British.

This was the period of great political upheaval and instability. Some of the communities, known as marauding tribes, were addicted to violent crime and internecine warfare. They levied black-mail tax on the roads south of the Margalla Pass. Morality and virtue were on a rapid decline. Absence of values had created a social abyss – a spiritual “waste land”, and the government too was based on injustice and tyranny. In such a holocaust, God in His Divine Mercy deputed Muslim saints to guide the people and to show them the path of righteousness.

A celebrated Punjabi Naat of Hazrat (R.A)

The following Naat is the most well-known of Hazrat’s writings in verse. It has a grandeur equalled by few other Naats in any language. It’s concluding verse in particular is unmatched in it’s beauty and emotional appeal.


Fingerprints Data Cell for Begggars?

Now that’s an interesting thing.

Every nook and corner of Islamabad is full of beggar families these days. They usually come to the city from Punjab and elsewhere during the two eid seasons.

Let’s see how the scheme goes … if it ever happens i.e.

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No Left Turn, originally uploaded by SajidIqbal.

Die with care ;-)

Is it Really Our War?

Since we are about to inaugurate a giant wall around the Kings palace, and all those kings helpers who feel they are insecure, I thought it would be good to gauge whether we all think that that the current troubles which have spilled over from across the border into our peaceful city are actually Our War – as the govt has defined it – or are we fighting Someone Else’s War…. if so then how do we fare as citizens of Islamabad and Pakistan. Your 1rupee please..

Presenting you with the Wall Hangings Now!

BB wall hanging, originally uploaded by tango 48.

Aiwan E Sadar Shaadi Hall


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Blast near Police Lines

Islamabad Police Complex

An explosives-laden vehicle blew up an anti-terrorist squad building and injured at least four people on Thursday in a heavily guarded police complex in Pakistan’s capital, officials and a witness said.
‘It seems to be a suicide attack,’ said Islamabad police official Mohammed Sadiq.
The incident occurred as lawmakers gathered for a security briefing. Islamabad has been under tight security because of the private session.
Ambulances streamed into the smoke-filled Police Lines neighborhood after the blast.
The front section of the three-story, red-brick building was destroyed and a staircase had collapsed. Shoes were strewn among the rubble. Police officer Suhail Iqbal said the building housed an anti-terror squad. It stood fairly deep inside the complex.
Police commando Gulshan Iqbal told The Associated Press he was sitting at a nearby barrack when a ‘Suzuki car hit the anti-terror squad barrack and exploded with a big bang.’
He said because many officers were guarding the parliament building and other areas of Islamabad, the main building was largely empty. ‘About 10 people were inside at the time, and we saw six or seven injured,’ he said.
Concrete barriers and barbed wire ringed a wide perimeter around Parliament. Members of the media were not allowed in.

Courtesy: Dawn

Sensational Reporting


Now that’s something I call reporting. Sensationalizing the whole experience.

Sleepy nights of  Isloo turns into coma.


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