"Rainbows apologize for angry skies"

After the clearing of the storm

Rawal Lake, just after a storm

One thing I love about this city is that the best spots are least crowded in good weather. By good weather, I mean bad weather, which is potentially good for photography. The hills and the lake (especially the dam section with the outrageous 15Rs entry) provide opportunity for breathtaking photography on a partially rainy day. All you have to do is predict when the skies may open up, and be at the right spot in time.

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  1. A for [pine]Apple (asmamirza) on November 21st, 2008 @ 1:21 pm

    the city is too photogenic, innit?

  2. A for [pine]Apple (asmamirza) on November 21st, 2008 @ 1:22 pm

    welcome to Islamabad Metblogs BTW!

  3. sufiblade on November 21st, 2008 @ 2:06 pm

    Thanks, its nervously good to be here. *shivers*not one who likes to talk in public*

    Yeah, it’s great, even though we lost the blue skies and a lot of wonderful trees over the past decade. SubhanAllah

  4. sceptic on November 21st, 2008 @ 7:03 pm

    May I know why you find the Rs 15 entry charge outrageous? I personally think the users pay system helps in the maintenance of public parks.

  5. sufiblade on November 21st, 2008 @ 7:29 pm

    Because there is rarely space there to park (and I assume its parking fee they charge). There seems to be little maintenance there as well, compared to the lush Daman-e-Koh area charges only 1/3rd the amount.

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