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Fat and Saltish

Jharoka chef

Jharoka chef spinning his magic

Does anyone know how this fellow does what he does? I’m talking about the Saltish Mutton Karahi at Jharoka (and Bolan, Shinwari etc.) that just melts in your mouth. It’s the stuff that will have you full and wanting more.

I was surprised not to find this Northern Pakistan specialty anywhere in Lahore or Karachi. Perhaps I didn’t look hard enough? Another selling point for the capital ;)

The beauty that is…







(Taken on the bridge crossing between f-7 and f-6 over the 7th avenue)





This world is full of beauty. All of a matter of where we look for it :)

The sun decides to set

(The sunset from the roof of the SKANS campus, Blue Area)

It’s often envisioned that when the sun comes out, a new day starts. Very often it is compared to a new beginning, brand new life, new start etc. But not many people talk about the sunset. Glorified, dignified, the sun leaves the sky and makes way for the moon. The sky changes colours. Orange, golden yellow. And as the light leaves the horizon, traces of black start to seap through. Majestic farewell. Farewell to the king of the day, making way for the prince of the night.

The sunset is inspiring, the sunset is amazing, and last but not the least, a treat to watch. I’ve been to a lot of different places in Pakistan, but the sunset that can be seen in Islamabad, takes my vote. Cloud covered mountains stand witness to it. The trees stand witness to it. And as often as I can, I stand witness to it. One of the reasons I love my college, is because of the view. You can see Saudi Pak tower through the classroom window, and when you go to the roof, you can see the sunset. The sun going behind the under-construction high-rise stock exchange building towards the mountains and in the end it just goes where it has to.

Islamabad has a very distinct aura. An aura that I could not find in Lahore or Karachi or Peshawar. Karachi is amazing, it has the sea, the sun setting over the sea is a breathtaking view BUT I might be biased when I say. It’s not AS good as seeing the sunset from the Hiking Track-3, or say when you’re driving on the Margalla road. It’s just not the same. This is my first post, and many of you “might” wonder why I started from a post on sunsets. The sole reason which I also mentioned earlier is that sunsets teach alot. They teach that even though the sun does go down one day. It still rises the other day. If you take that as an analogy, your life may seem to be like a sunset, slowly vanishing, but there’s always a new day. Sunsets are an ode to the fact that life can seem dark, but there’s always a new day. There’s always the hope that a sunset brings to me. A hope that eventhough I won’t see the sun for say, the next ten hours. It will come out. Pinnacle points in a day, the sun rising, and the sun setting. Lots can be written on this, but i’d limit myself here.

If you get a chance, do get on the roof of any building in Blue Area and watch the sunset. It’s BREATHTAKING :)



Such an aesthetic installment, isn’t it?

Image Courtesy: Hanif Khattak

3 Years of Metroblogging

Islamabad MB is 3 years Old

The baby who ventured off in 2005’s one cold morning has already started kicking arms and legs now. Yup the baby is old enough to give you a severe headache ;)

Islamabad Meblogs is celebrating Third Birthday.

Oh my gosh … time is flying real fast.

Wishing you a long long post-ful journey ahead.

Keep Kicking.

We love all of you who keep on making us post more and more.


Islamabad MB’s authors

My Life Journey:

"Rainbows apologize for angry skies"

After the clearing of the storm

Rawal Lake, just after a storm

One thing I love about this city is that the best spots are least crowded in good weather. By good weather, I mean bad weather, which is potentially good for photography. The hills and the lake (especially the dam section with the outrageous 15Rs entry) provide opportunity for breathtaking photography on a partially rainy day. All you have to do is predict when the skies may open up, and be at the right spot in time.

The Stream

IMG_4600, originally uploaded by waqar1187.

A stream behind Quaid-e-Azam University, one of the only few streams still void of waste water in Islamabad.

Pretty, innit?

Awe-Inspiring Tale

Few months back, I saw a wonderful insightful post on Social Bridges. I immediately thought to share it on Islamabad Metroblog as well but thanks to my short-term memory retention, I forgot. Thanks to my link saving habit though ;) I remember now.

Quoting what Osama wrote:

When I was visiting Quaid-e-Azam university a month ago for a seminar, I stopped in my tracks to notice this very interesting custom-modified motorcycle parked in the garage. The students with me started telling me the story of this gentleman who drives this highly modified vehicle that helps him overcome his physical challenges.

I think this is a highly inspiring example of overcoming any personal challenge with innovation, even if it doesn’t relate to physical disability. I also think this vehicles like these can tap into an amazing new niche market.

Atlas Honda – why are you guys missing this opportunity? It just requires one new mechanical harness at the back and you can create these niche bikes and make good money selling them. We wont blame you for earning profits from your product, rather we’ll recognize you for your socially aware product design.

I was genuinely happy to read this. Do you know of any such examples nearby?

New face of Marghzar?

Marghzar park

Only through this picture taken from Aaj Kal I come to know of renovated Marghzar park. Yup along Islamabad’s zoo. After Daman e Koh’s exuberant renovation … this looks interesting too.

Any one been there yet? Any news to tell? :)

Please Share.

ps: I always used to think its MURGHZAAR from murgha :s

Silent Walk

On dry leaves.

Isn’t it pretty :D

Courtesy: Daily Times

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