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A lot is being said about how “change” has come to the United States of America. How an African American of Kenyan descent made it to the White house. How his motto of “Change we need” struck the hearts of all the people who voted for him. And we, we sit here “waiting for change to come to us”. We want everything to be done for us. We curse our government; we curse everyone who says “something” nice was done. We hate people who are happy, and we try our level best to make them sulk so that they too, can be just like us. The founder of our beloved land of Pakistan, Mr Mohammad Ali Jinnah told us to follow three simple words. Unity, Faith, and discipline. And if you ask me, we’re very far off from any of these three words. What good are these three words if we can’t apply them? What good is any theory if we can’t practically see its results? Have we ever been united? Have we ever laid faith on ourselves? We hold our hands up, and expect miracles to happen. Miracles I ask?! What miracles? That someday some angel from the heavens will come and solve all our problems? We are in a state of denial and nothing else. Allah helped those people who helped themselves first. In order to expect victory in a war via a miracle or a prayer, you need to get in the battle field first no?! But we, we think that just by sitting at the corner and spending all our time in prayers we will somehow be given super powers and we shall raise our hand to crush all evil. That sadly, doesn’t happen. One more thing that we do lack is faith. Unity has always been an issue. If you ask me, if these words are re-arranged they form a pattern that IF we follow, may lead to something fruitful. “Disciplinary faith unified”. We can’t stand the sight of someone being successful then how can we expect to be unified. I laud the lawyer’s movement for whatever motive they are fighting for, at least they stand united, they get beaten up together and they don’t give up. Set the judiciary on a side, set democracy on a side, and take insanity up. Do we really think that by claiming to be “sane” we really come across as being “sane”?

I think “change we need” was for the Americans. I’d rephrase it to “Change we are”. We are the change, we never look inside ourselves, and we never weigh the fact that if WE as individuals set our mind to something we really can achieve it. We never think ONCE that the “revolution” we so eagerly await will not be e-mailed to us. We vote for the “lesser evil” and expect to be on track to victory? 4 thieves, 3 robbed a bank, 1 picked a pocket, so let’s just vote for the pick pocket. At least he was nice enough not to rob the bank we say. Attitudes like this and we expect “change”?

We need to make up our minds. Do we really want change? Or do we just want to be spoon-fed everything that’s nice and the rest can go to hell. One CANNOT change anything if he/she doesn’t change him/her self. That’s a fact that we have to digest, we need to bring change in ourselves before we tell people that by wearing a black suit they’re promoting death.

We can change the world with our own two hands, provided we use them. We can be who we’ve always dreamt of being, provided we try. We can be free, provided our hunger for freedom is properly manoeuvred. We can be us, if we just try.


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  1. wkhang on December 5th, 2008 @ 4:57 pm
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  3. Monazza Talha (montaleast13) on December 9th, 2008 @ 1:20 am

    I 100% agree to what you said about first bringing a change in ourselves and then trying to change other things. We surely can never bring about a change unless we set out ourselves on the right path. Changing ourselves for the better may actually be one of the most difficult things to do, but that is where we have to start. If we don’t practice something ourselves, how can we even think of snubbing others on not doing it?

    I believe that if one brings some good changes in oneself and practices those as well, then the people around that person notice this. They not only notice this but try to imitate this as well. And thus the true spirit of conveying the message of ‘good change’ gets conveyed and implemented automatically.

    We do need to ‘move’ and take action in order to see the type of change that we want to see. And starting to move one’s own body instead of just the ‘preaching tongue’ is the best one can do (for a start). :-)


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