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(An empty classroom)

What I am about to write is how I look at the education system as a whole. Coming from a Matric to FSC background I have had hands on experience regarding what the education system portrays. I’m going to lay it down over here, the education system does NOT encourage creativity, diversity or anything remotely associated with the word ” unique”. They expect us to cram a few books that have been in the curriculum for as long as anyone can remember and reinact the same exact words in the exams and then get good marks. So to be successful, all you have to do is, take a book, read it from start to finish around 7-8 times, and make sure you write all of it in the exam *a few extra answer sheets ALWAYS help*. So if you write ” This said paragraph depicts apathy” you probably will get say 1/10 and if you write “this paragraph is the poets view written in the text  book” chances are you’d get 8/10.

Such is the difference between someone who uses his mind and someone who just uses it for the sole purpose of learning by heart, a few things, preferably from the “guide books”. Apparent books written by the masters in the field. I don’t know WHY this happens but then again, it’s the system as a whole. A syllabus revision usually consists of :-

1) Change the color of the cover
2) Instead of black and white pictures, use colored ones usually copied from some O-levels or A-levels textbook.
3) Examples with wrong answers (Apparently incorrectly copied off)

If you people have had the chance to see the video for the Pink Floyd song “Another brick in the wall”, there’s a scene in which all the students are lined up on a manufacture tail going inside a chopper and they come out as minced meat. If you openly look at it, unless you work on personal grooming, you end up being just like your class fellows. The same opinions, the same objectives, the same motives, nothing creative. Clones so to speak, robots speaking what they’ve been taught to speak. Speak something else and you get a spark. With an education system that promotes cramming rather than creative thinking, how can we expect to “progress”.

Now I being an ACCA student, see that they encourage creative thinking A LOT. Say, if you have to reduce the cost of a product, what would you do?! Use plastic instead of metal? Instead of an alarm clock just have a clock that displays time. It opens your mind, I’m not saying Accounting is interesting, but the people at ACCA time and time again emphasise on the point that “knowledge should be APPLIED rather than just written”. And that’s the way it should be. People coming from an FSC background have a lot of problems applying knowledge. And I’m not blaming the students, I blame the system. I blame the teachers who shove students down who have a point of view that is different from his or from the book.

We don’t need no education,
We don’t need no thought control,
no dark sarcasm in the classroom,

Hey teacher, leave them kids alone.

(Another brick in the wall- Pink Floyd)

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  1. sufiblade on December 18th, 2008 @ 11:32 am

    Think of it this way: If they mended the system to create brighter individuals from the students, then the joblessness would create even more depressed folk

  2. MB (kar_munib) on December 27th, 2008 @ 5:14 pm

    well written
    Thanks for the thoughts

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