The Convent Model United Nations Part IV

So here is a “small” review of the talent show that took place last night. I liked the setting “yet again”. The social events team really did wonders with the place they call the “back ground”. The lights, the graffiti back drop and not to mention the chairs in circles with an “angeethi” in the middle.

The evening started off with a Traditional dance of The Philippines done by 4 ladies clad in white. The dance was “interesting”, not much going on, a little sway here, a little sway there. Then again, I guess it’s the cultural divide that forces us to laugh at everything that isn’t “us”.

After the dance, the delegations lined up to show the judges who were seated in front of the stage how much talent they actually had. There were people who did rap over backing tracks, a rather annoying mimic of “the shrimp” from Shark Tale done by the delegate of Iraq. Later I could hear/see her making fun of every act that did come on stage. Rather annoying if you ask me, considering that she herself did the corniest/lamest act. Interestingly enough, the delegation of India did an “improvised” song which had acoustic guitars ( The Gmaj and the Cmaj chords used heavily) and interesting lyrics. Yes, the only thing they sang was “ho ho marasi ho ho ho”. But then again, improvisation is interesting every time. The female delegate from China sat and beautifully sang “Saiyyan” by Kailash Kher. Very hard song to sing, specially without the help of any instruments. Good job done by China.

After China was done, the delegate of Japan came on stage to show the crowd exactly how much flex he has. And yes, he had lots of it (which is why I couldn’t get a picture :P ). Good job done by Japan as well. After Japan left the stage, the delegate of Israel along with his Misri Tabla came on stage to do some percussion work. Nice try, but timing issues, consistency issues and monotonous beats, but it DOES take guts to go on stage with just one instrument so good job done by the delegate of Israel as well. The North Korean delegate went on stage with his white warlock guitar and did some shred and a rather interesting version of “eruption” by Van Halen. I think the cold took it’s toll and one could easily tell he was feeling uncomfortable playing.

Other than the acts mentioned above, none of the acts were that good to be reviewed or maybe it was just me but it was the same boring rap/karaoke/rap again/dance/karaoke over and over again. I left early but it was an event that did go well. Again I’d like to stress on the point that these kids DID work with a lot of effort and commitment :)

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  1. ڈفرستان کا ڈفر (duffer) on January 1st, 2009 @ 10:07 am

    Happy New Year to everybody
    from me and from everybody :)

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