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Energy Savers to Light the Streets of Islamabad?

This sight caught my eyes and I gasped in amazement.

Energy Savers on Streets

Energy Savers on Streets

Are we now so “advanced” that we are using energy savers to light our streets? Or have we transformed into such “responsible citizens” that let alone our homes, we are lighting our streets with energy savers to “conserve energy”?

PS: I could be the biggest fool who does not know the difference between an energy saver and the original bulb for such sockets. ;-) If somebody can clarify, please do.

Ik ‘Cars’ ka Darya Hai…

For the past couple of days I have been passing through these mini ‘cars kay darya’ (rivers of cars). Traffic jams are now a part of my life but these new mini jam-like formations were a bit annoying.

Cars Ka Darya

Cars Ka Darya

The first day was the toughest I guess. When I approached to plunge the first mini jam, I was wondering what was causing it (I passed through two more on my way to office). I tried using up all my grey cells thinking about the reason but failed (both at using up all the grey cells as well as finding the clue to the problem). Then I uttered this a bit loudly. My confusions were instantly removed by my father. Here’s what was causing the ‘problem’:

Yello Bump

Yello Bump

These yellow speed breakers were tiny but were seemingly causing massive halts to the raging traffic. At first I was annoyed as well as furious on seeing these speed breaking, jam causing yellow elements on the Expressway. But soon I realized the purpose and calmed down.

The Expressway is not passing through far off unpopulated lands. It passes through very richly populated areas. And when this is the case, people on both sides of the divide need to cross to the other side from time to time. Generally the cars on that road are speeding and rarely ever slow down to allow the pedestrians to walk across. If that continued, it would have become a bigger ‘hell’ for the people on foot to cross the road (since the road is not better and wider, it results in more speeding cars).

So I am now welcoming these yellow speed breakers as a positive change. What about the rest of you?

Islamabad to have two more dams

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has decided to construct two dams in order to check the silting in Rawal Lake.

Rawal Dam, Islamabad

Rawal Dam, Islamabad

Chief Commissioner Islamabad Kamran Lashari has directed all the concerned departments to take concrete and effective steps for the conservation of Rawal Lake, protection of environment and improving the quality of water of Rawal Lake and making the surrounding and catchment areas of Rawal Lake pollution free.

The task has been assigned to the concerned officials to select the targets groups in the catchment areas of Rawal Lake for creating awareness among them regarding protection of the environment and improving the climatic and ecological conditions of the area.

Kamran Lashari has also stressed that beauty of Rawal Lake View Park should also be maintained with proper cleanliness arrangements in place.

CDA has been also asked by ICT to immediately start construction of two sewerage treatment plants, one in Noor Pur Shahan and other at Bani Gala to collect and treat the sewerage water generated from Noor Pur Shahan, Malpur, Bani Gala and Bhara Kau.

Solid waste management sites in the catchment areas had been identified and arrangements were being made by each agency for proper disposal of waste and garbages.

A model solid waste management system had been introduced in Bhara Kau by the ICT Administration and big containers had been placed at different places in the area for collection of garbage and its safe disposal.

It has been also decided that Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency would restart legal action against those causing pollution in the catchment and surrounding areas of Rawal Lake and regular monitoring would be carried out in area so that Rawal Lake and its tributaries remain pollution free.

Source: Pakistan Times

Rainbow in Islamabad

Rainbow in Islamabad, originally uploaded by MobeenAnsari.

the prettiest thing that I’ve seen this season :)


Prof. Ahmad H. Dani died yesterday.

This certainly marks one of the saddest day in the history of our beloved city – Islamabad.

Sir – You made us proud by living within us.

May Almighty forgive his sins, bless his soul, give his family the patience to accept God’s will and us – the residents of the city he chose to live in – the capacity to propagate what he stood for all his life – knowledge and exploration.


Soup, anyone?

Another inexpensive and tasty winter temptation on my way back from work: The corn soup with ‘anda’ from F-10 markaz.


I was busy working (ok i was surfing a bit too) when i heard a mob like noise that was coming from outside. I got up, went up to the window and looked outside to find out what was going on. I saw a group of people walking walking on Jinnah Avenue and chanting some slogans. I could not find out what the rally was about. Even though i hung myself out of the window (as much as i could without falling) to catch a glimpse of the writings on the banners, but i failed. Today i tried finding about the rally by scanning the newspapers but failed yet again. If anyone knows, do let me know. Meanwhile check out the snap i took by putting my life at risk by hanging out of the window. ;-)

Rally on Jinnah Avenue

Rally on Jinnah Avenue

PS: I didn’t really put my life in danger so please be at ease. ;-)

Some Tap

water tap, originally uploaded by tango 48.

Reminds me of british era … Jab Atish Jawan Tha…~

A long december

A long december,
and theres reason to believe,
maybe this year will be better than the last.

I cant remember the last thing that you said,
as you were leaving.
Now the days go by so fast.
And its one more day up in the canyons,
and its one more night in hollywood.

If you think that I could be forgiven.
I wish you would.

(Long December- Counting Crows)

Cloudy Friday

Yesterday (Friday) the weather in Islamabad was rainy and cloudy. In other words it was really lovely and romantic. I was having a hard time keeping myself glued to the seat working and not going up the window more frequently to catch a glimpse of the fluffy friends in the sky. I did manage to enjoy the weather on first contact basis (and not from the window) during my lunch time. The plan was to walk up to Mr Cod, have a meal and walk back. The ‘walking to’ part could not be fulfilled as the drizzle got heavy that time and we had to get a taxi. But the rest was successfully accomplished. Woo hoo!

Here’s how the clouds looked through the lens of my cam and the window of my office:

View of the Clouds from Green Trust Tower (My Office)

View of the Clouds from Green Trust Tower (My Office)

The ‘towers’ of Islamabad looked really cool under the white candy floss (read clouds):

Islamabad 'Towers' Standing Tall Looking Cool

Islamabad 'Towers' Standing Tall Looking Cool

I have one last shot from yesterday to share. Took it from the wooden rail of China Chowk underpass. Aren’t the clouds hovering over Margalla Hills amazing? I know they don’t look half as good in the picture as the real thing, but at least they do look good:

Clouds Over the Margalla Hills

Clouds Over the Margalla Hills

Looking forward to seeing more such clouds on Monday. :-D

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