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Islamabad the Educated

Dead or alive, I’ve always loved Islamabad for what it is. I love the greens of the city (which are not to green now). The clean roads, the Clouds Mountains, people who would go by if your tire is busted (unless you’re from the fair gender). So like little things you know, how we like to drive real fast near a pool of water with people passing by, how everyone think he’s royalty in front of every other  person, how much we love to tell the cop who our father/uncle is,  it’s all the little sweet things that make Islamabad Islamabad.

Like the other day my mom was coming back from dropping my sister to school (yes I don’t wake up and drop and I’m a lousy son) on her way back (near 9th avenue, H-8 parallel road). There was a kid around 8 years old with a donkey cart when the donkey slipped and fell and the stuff on the cart fell over it, keeping the poor thing down. If that wasn’t enough the ‘nakel’ was strangling the little fellow. The kid was screaming and asking out for everyone to help him and crying on the top of his voice. The things were too heavy for him to lift them alone, while the poor creature struggled to breath. Mom dropped to help the child but just couldn’t while everyone just passed by late for work I presume.

So ya, I just love Islamabad for its fancy schools and its fancy education, let’s bring justice walks and save the world parades. So welcome all, to Islamabad the Educated!

Sweetness Overflow!

SQuoted from an olden Herald issue:

Despite its location in the heart of Islamabad’s commercial zone, the Blue Area, Shahida Ahmed’s Tiramisu manages to be cosy and intimate. Shrouded in greenery, the restaurant is immune to the chaos of traffic just a few dozen feet away. The noise fails to penetrate the atmosphere or punctuate the conversations of Tiramisu’s many diners. After gaining a reputation as one of the capital city’s premier caterers, Shahida recently opened the doors to her eatery. The decision to set up shop was a natural offshoot of her love of good food. Of course, Shahida’s delectable dishes have long been enjoyed at the banquet tables of Islamabad’s elite. But now indulgence has become more egalitarian. One no longer has to be a society aunty or a power uncle in order to pamper one’s taste buds. (ROFL ~ author)

daSh of sWeetness

These days I’m totally addicted to Tiramisu’s sweet delicacies …. do try ’em out!

ps: its in same vicinity as Cave restaurant.

pps: Is it just me or the bakery is really built on pavement … illegal construction ~_^

Details on the Bakery & Restaurant courtesy Taaza Nan.

picture courtesy: Me ;)

Stuck in a Traffic Jam on Islamabad Expressway

Yesterday I left Islamabad to go to Rawalpindi around 6:45 pm. It normally takes me 35-40 minutes (before the Expressway it used to take me 40-45 minutes) to get home. The journey was smooth. We covered the distance till the ‘Unity Discipline Faith’ hill fine. But then came the big jam. Traffic was blocked from there all the way to the ‘chowk’ from where one turns towards the airport. My Dad was driving but I was the one having a headache. Those few kilometers were covered in about an hour. I was wondering why in the world were we stuck in a traffic jam on such a ‘wide’ road (Expressway). Nothing came to mind and nor could we find a reason when we finally got out of that jumble of cars. I reached home at 8:15 pm.

Time to go home is near once again and I am having jitters just by thinking about yesterday’s traffic jam. I don’t want to meet the same fate again and I don’t want that dreadful headache. I want the Expressway to be ‘free’ of such bottlenecks. Let’s see how the Expressway treats me on today’s journey home. I am keeping my fingers crossed. :-D

Trivia: Guess The Place – Marvi Road

This is a test of your knowledge and observation power. This is a challenge. This is a chance to shake your grey cells and dazzle the rest. This is …. umm I guess i better stop with this and get to the point. Well this is a sign board that says ‘Marvi Road’. Many of us would have passed by it some time in our life (if we are in Islamabad or visit it frequently). Many of us probably pass by it every day. So who can tell the whereabouts of this board (and off course the road)? Can you tell of any nearby landmarks as well? ;-)

Marvi Road

Marvi Road

PS: If your answer is wrong, you will not be judged or banished from here. Give it a try! ;-)


The other day I was driving back from office to home and was listening to this song on radio.

While driving along peshawar mor, I saw this old man with his wife and a daughter crossing the road.

And although the speed of the car or the volume of my car speakers wasn’t extremely high, I saw that the old man pulled his wife with one hand close to him and his daughter with the other hand and just stood there and there was fear in his eyes.

I wonder if I should feel guilty about being the source of the fear in his mind that was evident in his eyes.

I wonder if developed countries feel the same ways about under-developed nations!


Iqbal said:

Qatal-e-Hussain asal main marg-e-Yazeed hai
Islam zinda hota hai har Karbala kai bad

Josh said:

Insaan ko baidar to ho lenai do
Har qaum pukarai gi, Hamarai hain Hussain

There’s not much left to say.

May Almighty Allah help us – Humanity – learn the value of truth, salvation, sacrifice and prosperity.

The easy way.


Update: I learned from RR’s blog that the piece of poetry that I associated with Iqbal was not his, but Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar. I apologize for the mistake!

Getting Chillier

A Khattak02Jan4, originally uploaded by khattakphotos.

Makes me Crazy

President Asif Ali Zardari shakes hands with US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher after conferring the Hilal-e-Quaid-i-Azam award on him during an ceremony at the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Monday. A statement issued by the Presidency said that Boucher had been instrumental in promoting a stable, broad-based and long-term Pak-US relationship.

Yeah Right!

THIS makes me completely crazy. Americans are now awarded with hilals and deceased looters are printed on coins.

Few days back I read on a blog omething that reflected voice of a common Pakistani … quoting here:



Today i.e the 4th of January’2009 was my first Metblog meetup. It was cold, rainy, but it was fun. Nice people and lots of knowledge going around here and there.

The Food

The Metblog Family

Money, so much Money!!!


Yup I thought the quake would be of around 6.0 magnitude … it was 5.9.

For a good few seconds it shook me …. but then everything came to a still.

Looking at crises around .. I think it shook more than the mere things around.  Third January it was and I already see chaos around. Electricity and gas crisis in the country … strikes at Gaza …  Pakistan/India tension … tsunami warnings in Indonesia!

And it reminded me of 8th october again =(

I wonder why I still feel shaken … mid-night rants over!

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